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Medusa announced her engagement, inviting various members of the mansion and Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs to the engagement party on Attilan. Illyana Rasputin and Amanda Sefton took steps to bury the long-standing issues between them, with Illyana disclosing the truth of what had happened to her in Limbo. Forge and Garrison Kane visited Canada and Forge found himself impressed by the operations of Department H, as well as offered a job. Alex Summers and Shiro Yoshida's relationship took a blow when Shiro caught a transgendered Lorna Dane and Alex kissing, with the rift not being mended for several weeks. Shiro attended Japan for the anniversary of Mariko's death and discovered that upon reaching 20 he had become a very wealthy young man. And Crystal Amaquelin discovered a talent for pranking, when she had Forge's car removed to the barn and covered in peelable decals. Theresa Cassidy finished her finals and went to join Bobby Drake at Cassidy Keep and Lorna went to join a dig after her graduation. Sarah Morlocke and Logan began a relationship.

Barely two days after the chaos of the gender swap, which ended after the prom, Kyle Gibney, Jennie Stavros, Marius Laverne and Crystal were attacked by a group of unknown mutants whilst in the city. Crystal managed to escape, although with a broken leg, but the other three were taken and turned over to Rory Campbell, now completely insane and calling himself Ahab. Using techniques taken from Essex' research for Project Tearaway, her succeeded in splicing the genetic traits of all three onto each other and then had them psychically conditioned, turning them into his Hounds. Investigations by X-Force and the X-Men turned up the connection between Campbell and the mercenaries, one of whom Gorgeous George, was known to Pete Wisdom and who agreed to help the team get the students back. It was a tough mission, with many of those who went in suffering varying degrees of trauma as their former students turned on them, but ultimately a successful one. As a result, the three students decided to take control of their lives and become X-Men trainees. Forge, too, asked for training, in order to make himself less of a liability in his position as adjunct.

As the school slowly began to recover from the upheaval of the students' disappearance, which traumatised many of the residents, Nathan Dayspring discovered that a German politician was causing problems for a mutant-related NGO that had been working cooperatively with Elpis. Death threats against the man and a request from Prime Minister Barath, against whom Wagner had been campaigning, led to the team being asked to protect the Baron from Magnetic North. They successfully neutralized Magnetic North's threat to Wagner's rally, only to discover they faced a greater threat - members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, including a new member, Nimrod. Kurt Sefton, upon taking the Baron to safety, found himself facing his mother, Mystique, who attempted to kill the Baron and revealed that the man was in fact Kurt's father.

Jean Grey and Scott Summers came across a philanthropist Robert Haverford, who initially seemed to be hitting on Jean, but later, when she mentioned she was married, invited the pair to dinner to discuss donations to the school. It turned out to be a set up, with the two X-Men being drugged and interrogated about the Rose, later having no memory of the incident and blaming bad sushi. Nathan had his own mysterious encounter with a woman by the name of Tara Trask at a charity function, when he was left a note written in Askani. He made no mention of the incident to anyone.

At the end of the month, there was an incident involving rampaging monkeys at a fair's petting zoo which did much to relieve the tension. Sam Guthrie won a contest with a travel agent, and invited a group from the mansion to take advantage of the cheap fares and accommodation offered and join him in Las Vegas. Many of the school accepted the offer, with some others making plans for their own vacations and others remaining at home.


May 1 - Remix: Rahne reflects on the changes and makes food; Kurt asks the staff if anyone has an athletic bra; Mark posts a series of links about transgender issues; Tabitha and Kurt discuss their night out via email; Terry and Marie encounter each other in the gym and end up in a physical fight; Amanda visits her 'sister' and finds nothing really has changed; Cain Marko|Cain and Haller have family time; Julio meets the female Haller and has cope failure; Clarice borrows clothes from Shiro; Doug and Marie-Ange work out the issues with their relationship given the changes; Scott and Lorna train and notice the difference in her powers; female Logan gets into a bar fight at Harry's while Cain watches. Laurie overdoses on Captain Planet. Nathan and Sooraya make alternative plans for prom. Crystal plans a prank on Forge.

May 2 - The invitations for Medusa's engagement party are sent out. John invites Marie out for coffee. Amanda emails Illyana and asks about what happened in Limbo. Remix: Shiro is dragged out shopping for a prom dress by his 'girlfriend' Alex'; Doug and Marie-Ange have breakfast after she stays for the night; Angelo continues life as normal despite the gender swap; Doug has to go to martial arts training as a girl. Forge meets James MacDonald-Hudson and Director Malcolm Colcord and is offered a job. Terry posts about a musical code being deciphered in a church. Wanda gives Yvette something to distract her from confusing life at Xavier's and she is very excited about her new project. Pietro RSVPs to the wedding invitation. Lorna invites Davey over to watch movies.

May 3 - Remix: Ororo emails Remy about her 'condition' and he takes it remarkably well; Amanda offers Angelo a dress for prom and sends him the pink frilly one left in her closet as a prank; Jennie goes down to the medlab for painkillers and is freaked by Scott and Jean; Pietro asks Wanda for help; Jean takes Scott shopping for prom wear; Marie and Cyndi go to Silver and confuse Mark; Wanda asks Alex if he wants help with makeup for the prom. Mark announces he has been hired as the DJ for prom. Crystal meets Remy on Muir and they talk about various things, including her doing powers training with Sofia.

May 4 - Laurie espouses the joys of British television. Remix: Marie-Ange asks for someone to convince Doug to get a manicure before prom; Jean comes across Nathan taking out his frustrations over the German politician problem out on the punching bag and they work out together.

May 5 - Xavier's Prom. Remix: Logan attempts to have some fun at the Prom, but after being rejected by Ororo, gets drunk and calls Sarah; the two of them end up in bed; Alex and Lorna kiss, and the incident is witnessed by Shiro, who is understandably upset; various genderswapped staff attend prom as chaperones. Garrison asks Forge for a certain favour on the way back from Canada.

May 6 - Remix: Garrison returns from Canada to discover a strange man in Marie's room, who then turns into Marie as the effect wears off. Forge discovers his car in the barn, covered in brightly-coloured decals which peel off; John helps him and the two make a deal. Logan emails Sarah and the two meet to discuss things, and they wind up agreeing to the mutual attraction. Rahne has an unpleasant encounter at the animal shelter she volunteers at, and needs rabies shots. Pietro emails Crystal, congratulating her on her prank prowess.

May 7 - Angel trains with Forge on her microwave powers. Terry posts about being deep in finals. Nathan and Medusa discuss her engagement. Ahab: Kyle is curious about tapas and an outing is arranged; on the way back from the restaurant, Kyle, Jennie, Marius and Crystal are attacked by strange mutants; Jennie, Kyle and Marius are teleported away, leaving behind Crystal with a broken leg, who raises the alarm and is brought back by Pietro; the X-Men begin investigating and the school is locked down; the kids' captor reveals himself - Rory Campbell, now calling himself 'Ahab' and quite insane.

May 8 - Illyana tells Amanda about what happened to her in Limbo. Ahab: Pete alerts Snow Valley and they begin their own investigations; Scott checks on Crystal; a mysterious letter arrives for Moira and goes unnoticed; the remaining students react in various ways and the staff discuss ways of dealing with the situation. Illyana and Mark discuss music.

May 9 - Yvette's RSVP to the engagement party arrives. Clarice moves back to the school. Ahab: Amanda's attempt to find the missing students with her location spell fails; another letter for Moira arrives; Ahab begins putting the students through his Hound process; Nathan finds the letters and recognises the handwriting as Rory's; the letters are passed onto Pete and another level of investigation begins; Jan discovers Kyle is missing and requests permission to become an X-Man trainee.

May 10 - Amanda gives Illyana the keys to where various magic books are kept Ahab: Pete sets Snow Valley investigating Rory and his doings; a final letter arrives for Moira; Illyana emails Monet, checking on her; Nate brings Moira and Rachel back to the mansion for safety's sake; the staff suggest laser tag as a way to distract the kids from events; Pietro visits Crystal; Sofia asks Garrison to use his FBI connections to try and track the students.

May 11 - Ahab: Nathan and Angelo discuss methods to deal with things; Pete gets a lead, and Nathan and Ororo follow it up to a broker who deals in mercenaries; Nathan passes on the names of the potential mercenaries to Pete; the staff organise laser tag in the Danger Room; George, one of the mercenaries, watches the Hounds being fed and begins to have doubts. Yvette and Jan talk about the X-Men. Mondo and Garrison discuss being helpless and ways to cope.

May 12 - Ahab - Pete recognises one of the names and calls his old acquaintance, 'Gorgeous George' to discover a ready-made double agent as he is prepared to give Ahab up; Pete notifies Snow Valley of what he's found; the X-Men leaders plot strategy and sound the alert; Nathan prepares an explosive for George's role in the plan; the X-Men go in ; a lucksnap breaks the mental conditioning of the Hounds and they attack Ahab and the Nasty Boys instead; the X-Men have to tranq their students to bring them back; Kyle bites off Ahab's ear and Nathan finishes the job by beating Ahab; a shocked X-Men team finishes the cleanup and bring the students back for treatment. Kurt tries to distract Monet. Terry emails Bobby, counting down the days until she is at Cassidy Keep.

May 13 - Ahab: Kurt and Nathan discuss the ethics of leaving Ahab alive; Forge goes to see Pete and gets in touch with Essex through him; Essex, with Jean and Forge supervising, reverses Ahab's Hounding process; announcements are made that the students are safe and will recover. Remy posts from Muir, outlining what he has found - that it appears Essex may not have been responsible for the Proteus (plot) incident. Shiro asks Clarice for a 'lift' to Japan for the anniversary of Mariko's death.

May 14 - Tabitha encounters a frozen Monet in the kitchen. Laurie asks for permission to be a medlab helper. Nathan and Moira's anniversary - Cain makes sure they spend some time together. Ahab: Charles announces the students are back, and may look somewhat altered; Haller and Charles go into the students' minds and begins the work of repairing the damage; Forge visits Kyle; Marius and Jennie announce they're not ready for visitors. Lorna announces a picnic lunch. Amanda and Sarah talk, and the relationship with Logan is revealed. Forge and Crystal talk about the car prank.

May 15 - Laurie announces pancakes for breakfast and Lorna invites her to join the advanced cooking class. In the wake of the kidnappings, Forge asks Jean for advice on ways to protect himself. Ahab: The three kidnappees are released from medlab and are glad to go back to their rooms; Pete and Nathan discuss the events; Ororo checks up on Jennie; Monet checks up on Marius. Remy invites Ororo out and they get away for a day or two. Remy gives Sofia a trenchcoat, following her actions in Uganda. Crystal emails Sofia about training. Scott and Sooraya discuss living at the mansion and danger. Mondo discovers a new facet of his powers when he absorbs his Kermit doll and goes to Forge for help. Mondo and Yvette watch television together and talk about their futures. Logan talks to Terry about her training whilst she's at Cassidy Keep. Jan and Terry discuss Tommy and how to get him out of his room more. Terry leaves her harp in Pietro's care.

May 16 - Forge emails Kyle, Marius, Jennie and Crystal asking them how they found the courage to fight back. Terry visits Jennie before leaving for Cassidy Keep. Jean pushes Nathan to go see his therapist. Mark posts a music link on his journal. Lorna and Scott talk about the team and the school.

May 17 - Logan emails Jean with his concerns about the Hound process and his own weaponising. Monet sends a belated response to Illyana's email. Medusa emails Crystal, Monet and Terry from Attilan, where she is battling wedding planners. Lorna throws Haller in the lake for no apparent reason. Forge finishes finals. Angelo invites Amanda out to an Elpis fundraiser. Haller realises he missed not only his own birthday, but Betsy's as well, and emails Lorna with predictions of his death. Kurt and Yvette meet in the woods and talk about various things. Jennie and Rahne run into each other and manage to resolve their outstanding issues from the bombings. Yvette volunteers to help Tabitha with the cataloging.

May 18 - Jan anticipates her birthday in two weeks. Amanda asks Marie-Ange, Sofia and Wanda for help with a dress for the Elpis dinner. Angelo discovers Nathan has been avoiding Jack's calls. Ahab: Jennie and Marius talk about what happened, and she goads him into reacting; later, Marie finds them napping together. Jan visits Kyle and reassures herself he's all right. Haller attempts to apologise for forgetting his and Betsy's birthdays, realises he forgot their first year anniversary, and then they discover they have an accidental psychic link, which makes things even more awkward.

May 19 - Forge requests training from Scott and Ororo. Yvette runs into Kyle by the lake and is glad to see her friend again. Marius announces a return to mansion life. Scott and Kurt go shopping for gym equipment and discuss Kurt teaching the team in taking falls. New Renaissance Man: Jean meets someone at an Amnesty International event who seems overly curious about her, but who is interested in funding the school, so lunch is arranged. Laurie posts about frogs and apple pies. Laurie is late back to the bus and Amanda sends Remy to get her, worried she has been abducted; Laurie is very contrite.

May 20 - Angelo and Amanda go to the Elpis fundraiser and she sees him in 'working' mode. Doug realises he forgot his birthday as well. Nathan trains Jack, and there's some taunting about Nathan's lack of coping; later Haller emails various people about what was said. Jan emails Pietro about helping Tommy with his guitar lessons in Terry's absence. Garrison takes Marie out to celebrate her birthday. Yvette comes across Des the cat, out of Scott's suite, and returns the runaway to her owner; they talk about the X-Men and Yvette's interest in joining when old enough. New Renaissance Man: Jean meets Haverford for lunch, and he backs off when she mentions a husband, inviting them both for dinner to discuss support the school; Jean tells Scott about her lunch and he gets overprotective. Nathan considers going back to Tel Aviv for a few days, but doesn't. Jennie and Crystal talk about Crystal moving back into the suite, and about the kidnapping jinx.

May 21 - Jean and Des have another confrontation in their ongoing war. Laurie chooses Aliens as the suite movie and scares Yvette. Scott suggests whitewater rafting as a possible summer activity, later expressing doubts about the wisdom of that to Ororo. Jennie calls Kyle on the Ahab-induced submissive behaviour and manages to break him of it on the journals; later, she confronts Nathan about avoiding them, a little less successfully. Monet celebrates end of finals with food and arranges to meet with Illyana. Jennie emails Illyana with signs of life.

May 22 - Laurie posts about fish nibbling her toes. Sofia emails Nathan to see if he's alive and they arrange lunch. Ororo mentions predictions of a busier-than-usual hurricane season expected. Mondo meets Jan and discovers he does actually have hormones.

May 23 - Marius is gleeful about the State of Origin rugby game in Australia. Lorna misplaces her parents for her graduation and Alex steps in to help. Mark discusses his mixing plans for the week's gig at Silver. Lorna tells Scott and Ororo of her intention to be absent for a month whilst on a dig. New Renaissance Man: Scott and Jean meet Haverford for dinner, but are drugged and questioned about the Rose and its whereabouts; they remember nothing of the questioning and think they have food poisoning. Nathan takes Ororo rockclimbing in the Danger Room. Julio is invited to a family wedding in Washington in a week or two.

May 24 - Laurie has her first day as a medlab helper and Jean gives her the tour and the rundown. Scott gets revenge on Pietro for mocking his food poisoning with a Danger Room scenario. Monet runs into Nathan whilst she is bored and asks questions about Elpis. Doug posts a math geek link. Laurie climbs trees with Kyle and finds out just how sensitive his nose is; the embarrassment makes her fall out of the tree and they decide to blame the squirrels. Laurie posts a Star Wars naming meme on her journal.

May 25 - An amused Jean emails Nathan about the Great Squirrel Conspiracy. Clarice brings Shiro back from Japan and they take further steps towards burying the hatchet. Litmus: Scott announces the team has been asked to help protect Baron Wagner from Magnetic North. Immram: Nathan meets an unusual woman at a charity function who leaves him a note in Askani. Monet sends shoes to Illyana to address her appalling lack of footwear. Logan emails Shiro with a Danger Room idea based on a television show. Angel emails Forge about taking Marius, Jennie and Kyle out and they decide on a County Fair; by dint of reason and puppy dog eyes, the three Ahab survivors agree.

May 26 - Litmus: During the X-Men mission to protect Baron Wagner, the X-Men take down the Magnetic North members but then encounter the Brotherhood; whilst the X-Men battle Toad and Nimrod, Kurt takes the Baron to safety, only to discover his 'aid' is Mystique; in the confrontation, it is revealed that Wagner is Kurt's father, who tries to shoot Kurt before Kurt throws himself and Mystique through a window to get her away from Wagner; Amanda later visits Kurt in medlab and they talk about his discovery; Scott emails Pete and Remy with the updated information about the Brotherhood; Marie asks Garrison to keep her company in the wake of the mission. Voodoo Child: Sam is in Salem Center for a walk and is encouraged to enter a prize draw for a trip to Las Vegas. At the fair, all is going well until Forge is attacked by monkeys at a petting zoo and shenanigans ensue. Laurie meets Pete. Illyana emails Monet about the shoes.

May 27 - Forge posts about the monkey incident and is mocked. Voodoo Child: In New Orleans, a conspiracy regarding Selene gathers and plans are laid. Immram: Angelo emails Nathan about him keeping late hours and is snipped at. Scott emails Cain about training techniques against Nimrod. Nathan emails Jim about evil families.

May 28 - Clarice meets Forge in the gym, doing his new training regime. Alex and Shiro talk for the first time since prom and make up, although Alex remains in a separate suite with John. Laurie posts about aliens. Pietro talks to Kurt about his father.

May 29 - Jean plays a prank on Nathan. Kurt announces to the staff his plan to bring Yvette's mother for Parents' Day. Crystal and Cain talk plans for the engagement party. Pietro announces he is leaving to visit his mother's family for a time. Voodoo Child: Sam wins the Vegas contest and invites a number of people to take advantage of the cheap fares and join him; a number of staff, graduates and students decide to go. Nathan and Rachel track down Kurt and talk to him about his father.

May 30 - Marie and Garrison go to watch a baseball game and discuss the influence of the school's closed environment on the students. Voodoo Child: Various plots are laid to send people on vacation to Vegas. Angelo has a cute scene with Rachel. Over dinner, Marius, Jennie and Kyle come to a decision about becoming X-Men and ask Ororo for permission to become trainees. Scott and Jan train her 'sting'. Marie-Ange and Doug have a night in, and Marie-Ange has a nightmare.

May 31 - Voodoo Child: Amanda posts that the mini-bus run will still go ahead on Saturday, despite exodus to Vegas. Crystal anticipates her last week at Xavier's. Monet and Clarice plot their fashion empire.



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