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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Dates run: Febuary 26, 2004
Run By: Lauren
Read the logs: Limbo

Five goddamned minutes. Like it was nothing. "It was eight years -- eight and a half -- in Limbo," she said finally, taking a deep, somewhat shaky breath. She closed her eyes briefly, regained her composure, checked her tongue and her thoughts so that she could get through this. "Probably -- the dimensional -- it must work on a different -- " She shook her head firmly, pushing the theory to the side. Time for that later. "I missed you," she said instead, reaching up tentatively to touch Piotr's face, half-disbelieving.

"And I've missed you, dear sister."

Young Illyana is pulled into the demon realm in an attempt to steal her birthright from her. Various members of the school are able to disrupt the ritual, but the consequences change Illyana in a dramatic way.


Kitty Pryde, Sarah Morlocke, Shiro Yoshida, Piotr Rasputin, Jubilation Lee, Jake Gavin, Shinobi Shaw, Remy LeBeau, Illyana Rasputin, Cain Marko, Amanda Sefton


Febuary 26, 2004

Plot Summary

Belasco, a powerful demon mage from the realm of Limbo, teleported into the mansion and kidnapped Illyana Rasputin. Illyana, apparently tied to Limbo by her future mutation, was targeted in order to complete a ritual which would have made the demon realm solely Belasco's, increasing his powers ten fold.

His presence immediately alerted Amanda Sefton, who could feel the sudden appearance of a large demonic invader through magical wards she placed on the mansion following the most recent invasion. Belasco escaped back through the portal, but with Remy LeBeau hot on his heels. On entering Limbo, LeBeau's personality was submerged behind that of Gambit, who disrupted the ritual and began to fight against Belasco's demon minions.

Meanwhile, Amanda teleported Kitty Pryde, Shiro Yoshida, Piotr Rasputin, Sarah Morlocke, Jubilation Lee, Jake Gavin and Shinobi Shaw all into Limbo. There they fought a desperate battle against the demons, Piotr especially, attempting to reach the girl. They were joined by a strange blue-furred cat woman, who appeared without warning to try and reach Illyana.

Discovering the portal, Cain Marko wedged himself into the gap, finding that the power of the Gem of Cyttorak made him equally unstoppable in other dimensions. Seeing that Amanda was losing her battle to keep the link back to Earth open, he called for a retreat. Piotr finally reached Belasco, but the demon's strength was sufficient to batter Illyana's brother senseless, and he flung the man out past Cain and back into the mansion. Kitty was able to grab Illyana, but found herself beset by demons as she tried to escape.

Shiro was badly hurt, and poisoned by a demon claw, and while pulling him out of the fray, Sarah was run through the stomach by a sword. As Jake collected the last straggler, LeBeau, the demons made a final push. All of them retreated back through the portal, but just as it was closing, hands reached out and grabbed Illyana, ripping her from Kitty's grasp.

Inside Limbo, Illyana was raised by Belasco, until the blue furred creature named Cat stole the child back, and escaped into the outlands of the realm. She eventually revealed herself to have once been Kitty Pryde, from a reality where Illyana had been killed and Pryde trapped in Limbo. Over time, the energies of the realm had mutated her further. Cat brought Illyana to several mentors, who trained her in the use of magic and her powers, countering Belasco's influence. Nearly ten years later, she confronted Belasco and slew him, breaking his hold on Limbo and regaining her birthright.

Finally returning to Earth, she found that time in Limbo works differently. While eight and a half years had elapsed for her, only a few minutes had passed in the mansion. She was reunited with her brother and Kitty, while the medlab received the wounded. Amanda was able to heal Shiro, but her powers could not take any more stress, leaving LeBeau to heal from his wounds naturally and Sarah from her healing factor.

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Amanda was suspicious of Illyana's return from the start, and warned several people about the implications of being raised in a demonic realm. This was not aided by Illyana's secrecy regarding herself and her powers.

Piotr eventually disowned Illyana, unable to reconcile the secretive, sarcastic teenager to his little Snowflake.

Dr. Stephen Strange researched Belasco in an attempt to discover just what had happened to Illyana.

Alison Blaire finally got the story of the Bloodstone ritual, following the S'ym incident.


Plotrunner: Lauren, with assistance from Rossi