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February opened with the consequences of both Shiro and Piotr's attempts to conceal their family history, as Yakuza tried to kidnap Illyana Rasputin from a local teashop and use her as leverage against her brother. Only the intervention of Paige and Marie foiled the plan. Lorna, Bobby, and Marie were officially added to the staff of the school. Lorna was also finally discharged from the medlab, following her injury during Alex's loss of control. While settling back in, she met Remy for the first time.

With the various incidents causing concern for the students, Professor Xavier retained the services of his friend, Leonard Samson, to offer regular therapy services for the students and younger staff. By the end of the month, Lorna, Bobby, Shinobi, Angelo, Clarice, Manuel, Doug, Jamie, Amanda and Kitty all began regular sessions. Charles revealed to the new staff members that the new groundskeeper, Cain Marko, was actually his stepbrother and had grown up in the mansion. Jake recognized Kitty's hacking abilities, and offered her a position with Infonet should she ever decide she wanted one. However, the sudden divorce of her parents overwhelmed her thoughts immediately following.

Logan and Marie took a short vacation from the mansion, to work on their relationship and escape some of the stress. During their absence, Cain moved out to the old boathouse and Charles officially announced the creation of Red X, a joint venture between the school and the Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid during disasters.

Remy, Sarah, and Monet arranged for a night out for most of the students at the local night club using fake ids to gain entrance. The night was marred by a confrontation between Manuel and Remy that nearly brought out Gambit from his memories accidentally. Once back at the mansion and under the influence of the fantasies Kwannon projecting at him, Doug drunkenly e-mailed Marie to express his love. However, Kwannon used his addled state to force out the request Scott made of him to keep an eye on Betsy.

Trying to elevate some of the tension in the mansion, Shinobi and Marie took some of the staff and students to a local ski resort for the day. While gone, Lorna attempted to teach Manuel how to cook. Manuel used his powers on her in retaliation for her mocking of him, to make her binge on the food instead, badly burning her hand in the process. Remy discovered her later in her room, and dragged Amanda up to heal her burned hand. Soon after, Manuel and Kwannon psychically manipulated Marie-Ange into sleeping with Remy.

Kwannon's manipulations continued as she steals a love potion Amanda made for Doug and secretly dosed several female students and staff. Doug was besieged by offers, and only luck prevented the worst from happening. Once the effects wore off, Logan confronted Doug in the hall and threatened him. Viewing the exchange, Cain threatened Logan on the staff channel if he should ever approach a student with threats again. Marie-Ange made a devil's bargain with Manuel, that he use his powers to keep Doug from totally withdrawing or hurting himself from his guilt over the potion, offering to sleep with him in exchange.

Cain put his fortune in the hands of his investment broker, Cameron Hodge. Repercussions from the love potion incident led to a major fight between Jake and Alison. Jamie held a mixer between his HeliX group and the local teens, to both positive and negative results. Moira travelled to Lichtenstein after an e-mail from an old friend, and ended up returning with the newest member of the mansion, Nathan 'Cable' Dayspring. During this time, Alison and Sam ended their relationship. Emma made offers to both Manuel and Shinobi to join the White Court of the Hellfire Club under her direction. The staff started to notice Betsy's increasingly erratic behavior, and Scott confronted Kwannon about it.

In a bizarre incident, Illyana was kidnapped by a demon named Belasco in his bid to empower Limbo. Several of the students and teachers went to save her, but by the time she was retrieved, the strange time slips of Limbo aged her over eight and a half years. The fight put several people in the medlab with injuries. Soon after, Doug and Marie-Ange began their relationship. That weekend, Emma took a group to a party at the Hellfire Club, only to discover that the missing Alex was in the thrall of Selene, and they rescued him, returning him to the mansion.


Feb 1 - Gangsters: Colossus' Russian mafia ties and Shiro's Yakuza relations are revealed as an attempted kidnapping of Illyana is foiled by them, Paige and Marie.

Feb 2 -

Feb 3 - Lorna is finally released from the medlab, and meets Remy for the first time. Lorna, Marie and Bobby are officially added to the staff.

Feb 4 - Doctor Samson begins his work as a child therapist with the school. Charles reveals that Cain Marko is his stepbrother to the full staff. Kitty is offered a position at Infonet.

Feb 5 - Kitty's parents announce their divorce. Marie and Logan take a short vacation from the mansion.

Feb 6 - RedX is launched with the Red Cross.

Feb 7 -

Feb 8 - Cain moves out to the boathouse. Alison convinces Lorna to start therapy with Doctor Samson.

Feb 9 - Manuel and Remy have a confrontation in the hall, and Manuel almost brings out Gambit. Later, most of the students end up out clubbing, under fake ids and with rented limos. Doug drunkenly confesses his love to Marie. After which, Kwannon uses her powers to determine that Scott has suspicions and enlisted Doug's help.

Feb 10 - Lorna begins therapy.

Feb 11 - Alison tricks Bobby into starting therapy. Angelo also begins his sessions.

Feb 12 - Shinobi and Marie take a number of staff and students to a ski resort for the day. Lorna attempts to teach Manuel to cook, and he uses his powers to cause her to badly burn her hand and binge. Lorna is found later by Remy, who drags Amanda in to heal the burn.

Feb 13 - Clarice and Manuel start therapy.

Feb 14 -

Feb 15 - Something Wicked: Kwannon and Manuel psychically manipulate Marie-Ange into sleeping with Remy. Angelo is released from medlab.

Feb 16 -

Feb 17 - Love Potion Number Nine: A love potion made for Doug goes awry, as Kwannon takes it and leaks it to the school. Logan threatens Doug in the hall, and in turn is threatened by Cain on the comms. Amanda is nearly expelled and sent back to Romany.

Feb 18 - Love Potion Number Nine: Marie-Ange offers to sleep with Manuel in return for his empathic help in stopping Doug from withdrawing or suiciding. Amanda's future is discussed and the condition of her remaining is sessions with Samson.

Feb 19 - Cain signs over control of his fortune to Cameron Hodge, his investment manager. Angelo's nightmares continue to get worse.

Feb 20 - Doug begins therapy. Jake and Alison have a fight over Doug's guilt in the love potion.

Feb 21 - Moira travels to Lichenstein at the request of Nathan. Jamie starts therapy.

Feb 22 - Jamie holds a mixer between HeliX and the local teen population.

Feb 23 - Nathan 'Cable' Dayspring joins the mansion. Kitty begins therapy. Alison and Sam break up. Emma invites both Shinobi and Manuel to join the White Court of the Hellfire Club.

Feb 24 - Something Wicked: Some of the staff go for lunch to discuss Betsy's erratic behaviour; Scott makes his suspicions about Kwannon clear to her later.

Feb 25 -

Feb 26 - Limbo: Illyana is kidnapped by Belasco and taken into Limbo; by the time she's retrieved, she has aged over eight and a half years; several of the staff and students are injured in the fight.

Feb 27 - Doug and Marie-Ange stay up with the younger children who are scared, and end up snuggling on the sofa.

Feb 28 - Hellfire: Emma takes a group to a party at the Hellfire Club, only to discover the whereabouts of Alex; Alex is rescued from the clutches of Selene; at the party, Manuel is confronted by his father and his new wife.

Feb 29 - Moira checks on Remy in medlab, who is suspicious of why he's at Xavier's. Nathan tells Moira he'll stay at the mansion and has another fit. Madelyn has trouble keeping Marie in medlab after the rescue of Alex. Hank and Madelyn catch a break during a busy morning medlab-wise, before Hank goes to check on Angelo. Amanda tries to get Shinobi to drive her into town, but he is uneasy about her reasons and she stomps off in a huff. Logan and Angelo meet in the fencing hall and arrange for advanced self-defence lessons. Alison runs into Shinobi in the rec room and they chat. Hellfire: Cain receives a call from Sebastian Shaw, wanting him to return Shinobi to him, and turns him down in no uncertain terms.



Something Wicked

Love Potion Number Nine


Limbo (plot)

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