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Two new relationships began: Shiro Yoshida and Clarice Ferguson and Wanda Maximoff and Dr. Stephen Strange. Danielle Moonstar was offered work by Henry McCoy and began to think about the future of her child. Lorna Dane was reinstated to active duty on the X-Men, Marie-Ange Colbert was made a trainee and in New Orleans Tante Mattie was able to help Marie-Ange with her precognition and Amanda Sefton with her magic - in return, the pair, plus Remy LeBeau, thwarted a mutant hive-mind with plans of infecting Marti Gras. Jay Guthrie asked Amanda to use her magic to let him talk to his dead lover Kevin Cabot and get some closure. The spell drained her so much Hank imposed a 'no asking Amanda for spells' ban, which infuriated the young witch, and Moira MacTaggart later found evidence of brain damage. A replacement for Rory Campbell was found: Curt Connors.

Nathan Dayspring's old 'friend' Colin MacInnis reappeared, this time calling for help as his helicopter was shot down by Mistra operatives in pursuit of a group of rescued children. What started as a simple rescue mission became a combat situation as the Mistra operatives pursued them. Nathan used the Trojan Horse trigger to break the conditioning of the leader, Tim Morgan and take him down; the rest of the team escaped, but their conditioning was cracked. The children and Morgan were brought back to the mansion, with one of them Talia Lewis, remaining at the school as her parents were found to have been killed.

Hank had a rather disastrous date that turned out to be far more serious as it became known that he'd contracted some kind of condition that was re-writing his DNA and affecting his mental faculties. At the same time Haroun al-Rashid was experiencing problems with his hormone implant as the result of his relationship with Alison Blaire. Moira returned from Muir Island to help Madelyn Bartlet find a cure for Hank and to spread some of the load.

Remy used the DVD of the November incident sent to Amanda and Manuel de la Rocha on Valentine's Day to track down the link to the death of Pete Wisdoms father - Alphonso de la Rocha. Passing the information to Scott Summers, he warned him of the consequences of Pete finding out the truth, however Scott choose to pass on the information any way. Pete knocked him unconscious and fled the mansion, intent on killing the man who had his father murdered.


Feb. 1 – Haroun and Alison decide they need to have more team training. Alison and Nathan come up with a plan to even the playing field when they meet up with MacInnis, while something pings Nate's precognition. Brood: Remy makes contact with the New Orleans police, who give him a name; Remy gives Moira a call to run a check on Dr. Fuller and to find out information on what's happening in New Orleans; Later, Remy is ambushed by members of the Brood.

Feb. 2Brood: Remy staggers back to Tante's and shares the news of what's going on, Marie-Ange and Amanda use their powers together to locate Cardin; the group heads out to stop the Brood. In an email to Moira, Nathan discloses the fact that MacInnis was a director for Mistra, one of the original six. Madelyn sends an email to the team leaders giving Lorna the okay to go back to training. Madelyn lets everyone know that the Salem Center Police Department may not be on the up and up.

Feb. 3 – During a sparring match with Haroun, Madelyn discovers that he's been hiding how much back pain he's been in. Clarice and Shiro start their relationship.

Feb. 4 – Alison and Cain Marko|Cain mend some fences between them.

Feb. 5 – Dani receives a letter from Sheldon refusing to pay alimony or child support and looses her temper around Hank, nearly tripping down the stairs in the process.

Feb. 6Infectia: Hank's date did not go well and Maddie ends up putting him to bed.

Feb. 7 – Hank and Alex adopt each other. Nate stops by to talk to Manuel about Dani's training. Maddie and Nate argue and discuss Mistra. Hank offers Dani a job. Manuel and Dani train.

Feb. 8 – Marie-Ange is made an official X-Man trainee. Lost and Found: Nate gets an emergency call from MacInnis, whose helicopter that was holding six children has just gone down. On the way to the crash site, the X-Men are informed that a Mistra team is closing in on MacInnis et al. Morgan gives his team and himself a little more leeway as the X-Men park farther away from the crash site than they wanted to be. Mistra arrives ahead of the X-Men and then they clash, several Mistra operatives finding more loopholes. At the end, the X-Men manage to save the children and the operatives find that something is very wrong with their conditioning. Morgan's conditioning is completely gone. Forge gives Kyle the good news of the rescued Mistra children. Jubilee has issues with Maddie going into combat.

Feb. 9 – Amanda becomes Moira's personal assistant during the pregnancy. Jubilee apologizes to Maddie. Moira pays Cain a visit to check up on him and promises that he'll always have his friends for his recovery. Catseye gets high off of Dani's tea. Morgan wakes up and has a chat with Nate.

Feb. 10 - Lost and Found: Haroun and Nathan compare bruises and discuss the mission; Alison talks to Morgan. Kurt and Amanda start talking about their shared family. Catseye has a catnip hangover.

Feb. 11 – Amanda and Dani clash over Manny. Amanda sees Morgan and they both realize each other was at Columbia; explanations of a sort are given. Lorna runs into Manuel in the music room and some small steps are taken.

Feb. 12 - Lost and Found: Mick Foley and Anika arrive at the mansion. Maddie comes bearing some bad news to Talia, one of the kids from the helicopter accident, and the mansion ends up with one more student. In a drunken state, after dumping Scott's drunken body in his bed, Wanda admits a crush on Strange. Miles manages to prove that mischief is funny and punishable by waking both Scott and Wanda up.

Feb. 13 – Maddie comes up with an easier way to shuttle Moira back and forth from Muir to the Mansion. Morgan and Nate go to sell Alison on the idea of them seeing MacInnis again.

Feb. 14 – Alex gets his containment suit from Forge. Hellfire and Damnation: After celebrating Valentine's Day, Manuel and Amanda discover a disturbing DVD that was included in a V-Day mystery package which leads to bad things for both of them... and the link starts to make its return.

Feb. 15 - MacInnis tells Nate the extent of the damage he had done after his family was killed. Doug offers to become the "Oracle" for the X-Men, Scott receives it well.

Feb. 16 - Hank finds Moira a suitable replacement for Rory in the form of Curt Conners

Feb. 17 – Jay and Kyle, spurred on by an argument and mutations, clash, and Alison and Haroun come to the rescue.

Feb. 18 – Jay asks Amanda to summon Kevin's ghost so he can get closure.

Feb. 19 – Amanda summons Kevin's ghost for Jay. Later, Amanda promises Angelo that she'll try to cut back on the magic. Hank puts down the law in regards to Amanda's use of magic for students. Hank and Amanda then clash over Hank's announcement.

Feb. 20Infectia: Maddie finds out that something is attacking Hank on a genetic level, rewriting his DNA; due to Hank's increasing illness, he's put on medical leave and Moira decides to come home; the school is told and the reactions are mainly worried and frightened. Maddie gets in touch with Alison about Haroun's test results.

Feb. 21 - Infectia: Doug, with Kitty's help, takes over Hank's computer classes until he's well enough. Nate offers to teach Kyle self-defense. Moira finds out about the deal Nate made, that the Askani helped refine the Trojan Horse. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy keeps trying to find out who killed Pete's father.

Feb. 22 – Forge and Nate talk, with Forge handing over a folder that holds the plans to things he never wants to build and an idea to build a TK enhancer comes about. Wanda and Scott discuss Pietro and the fact that her power might be able to affect other mutations and that she falls off the telepathic radar. Moira discovers that Amanda's brain is demanding a break from powers usage, with minor brain damage being caused by the spell for Jay.

Feb. 23 – Cain offers Dani a job.

Feb. 24 - Wanda and Strange start their relationship. Jay starts to see Dr. Samson. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy comes to Scott with the information that Alphonso de la Rocha was the one who killed Pete's father.

Feb. 25 - Nathan talks to his therapist about the events of the week.

Feb. 26Hellfire and Damnation: Scott deliberately allows Pete access to the file with the information on de la Rocha's involvement.

Feb. 27 - Paige gives Angelo some pamphlets on law enforcement training agencies.

Feb. 28 - Infectia: Dani visits a deteriorating Hank and tells him about Sheldon's demand she give the baby up for adoption; Hank asks Haroun to take care of Alison if he doesn't make it.



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