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After losing contact with his former squadmates, Alexander Lexington left the mansion for South America. Topaz continued to feel the consequences of her powers experiments with Tandy Bowen, with various uncomfortable scenes. Madelyne Pryor and Billy Kaplan secured roles with the Salem Center high school's production of Bye Bye Birdie, and Molly Hayes began dealing with memories that had previously been buried but were beginning to resurface.

Following news of his birth parents from Amanda Sefton and Jennifer Walters, Artie Maddicks left the mansion for parts unknown, needing time to process. Kurt Sefton told Jubilation Lee that he loved her, prompting a small panic and a talk with a confused Kyle Gibney. Jean Grey ran into Hope Abbott during one of the latter's late night wanderings and reacted strangely, haunted by memories of her own lost Hope A.. Something good came of the encounter - Scott Summers, hearing about it on the grapevine, finally broke the ice on the subject and he and Jean began talking again. In other relationship news, Sooraya Qadir, finding out third hand about Angelo Espinosa's relationship with Jean-Phillipe Colbert, reacted badly, finding herself conflicted between her friendship with Angelo and her religious beliefs on homosexuality. Lorna Dane made a discovery that set her questioning her parentage yet again.

Finally, in a vacation-gone-wrong in the tried and true Xavier's tradition, Garrison Kane and Adrienne Frost were shipwrecked and then rescued by a rejuvenated Magneto and an expanded Brotherhood of Mutants. While Magneto claimed to simply have created a mutant haven on the island of Avalon, the discovery that he was armed with a nuclear arsenal from a downed submarine forced the pair's hands and resulted in another clash with the X-Men, who destroyed the weapons before they could be used, while Magneto and his followers escaped yet again.


Feb 1 - Topaz and Adrienne have a slightly tense discussion over class. Lorna posts an offer of freshly baked bread to inhabitants of the mansion. Maddie posts about landing the role of Kim in Birdie. Maddie goes a little diva on Tandy, for all of their well beings. Tandy and Billy run into each other, with her congratulating him on his role and the two going to play some pool. Billy texts Clint about his relationship with Tandy after hanging out with her.

Feb 2 - Maddie and Billy exchange kisses and declarations of love, dramatically speaking. Matt drags Topaz out of the library and makes good on his promise to teach her gymnastics.

Feb 3 - Jean visits Kurt with tea and they talk about their lives and romance novels.

Feb 4 - Tandy texts Topaz to see if the other girl wants to hang out and watch a movie with her. Doug posts a funny graphic to his journal. Kyle and Fred conversate (Fred's own word for it!) about many a subject, including powers, beer and girls, and the fact that never ever in the history of ever did Yvette or Fred make 'moon eyes' at each other. Marie-Ange and Doug discuss therapy and recovery, among other things.

Feb 5 - Kyle makes a journal entry about the Michigan Wolverines’ uniforms and pleading for Logan to never wear such colours.

Feb 6 - Maddie and Sue have some girl time in Sue's room and gossip about boys, nails, and plays before making plans to run off to a tropical island. Callie makes a journal entry announcing the pending sale of Girl Scout cookies. Tandy announces on her journal that Die Hard is playing in the rec room.

Feb 7 - Adrienne e-mails Hope A., Callie, Tandy, Jean-Phillipe, Marie-Ange, Clarice, Jean, Megan, Wanda, Maddie, Jennie, Sue, and Warren about the upcoming NY Fashion Week to see if any of them would like to accompany her to some of the events.

Feb 8 - Sue texts Maddie to inquire whether she’ll be attending any of the NY Fashion Week events with Adrienne. Tandy texts both Maddie and Sue to ask a favour. Billy makes a journal entry about escape.

Feb 9 - Tandy texts Clint a picture from backstage of an NY Fashion Week event. Jean leaves a present for Wanda outside her door.

Feb 10 - Adrienne leaves a gift for Wanda at the Brownstone. Maddie announces a Walking Dead viewing party in the rec room that evening. Amanda wishes Wanda a belated happy birthday on her journal.

Feb 11 -

Feb 12 - Marie-Ange plans to make pancakes for pancake day, lots and lots of pancakes; Doug muses on the viability of pancakes in the shape of Gallifreyan letters. Billy jokes about inadvertently causing the lightning strike on the Vatican.

Feb 13 - Amanda e-mails Artie to let him know that she and Jennifer have uncovered the details of his birth, and it’s not quite what he was expecting. Unsure of how to cope with this new info Artie heads over to Marie-Ange’s place to get away and wrap his head around everything, he also alerts the mansion to his new location. Adrienne and Garrison head off on their vacation and Adrienne leaves Tandy a note telling her to be good and emphasising that she should not have sex.

Feb 14 - Angel posts a notice telling the New Mutants that their volunteer time at the clinic has been rescheduled to the 23rd, the kids aren’t too pleased with the idea of leaving the mansion again. Artie packs up his room and leaves messages for Wade, Molly and David telling them what he’s discovered and that he needs to go and wrap his head around it for a while. Artie posts up a notice on his journal telling everyone the news and announcing his departure. Tandy texts Adrienne asking for clarifications on whether or not she should go looking for her chocolate treats. Scott posts a notice telling everyone that he and Jean were taking the night off and asking that they only be contacted in case of an emergency.

Feb 15 - Kurt and Jubilee spend some comfortable time alone and he admits that he loves her. Jubilee goes to Kyle asking for help understanding how to act after Kurt tells her he loves her. Angel e-mail Angelo asking him for help chaperoning the New Mutant’s trip. Lorna informs people that she’s heading home on the 23rd and asking for someone to cover her classes for a week. Tropic of Capricorn: Garrison and Adrienne run into a storm as they’re sailing the South Seas and the ship goes down. Garrison and Adrienne take stock of their situation after the storm and realize their predicament is dire, so they decide to build a raft and try their luck at reaching land.

Feb 16 - Angelo posts reminiscing that it’s been 5 years since the Elpis building in Tel Aviv was blown up. Tropic of Capricorn: The raft begins to break up but a schooner comes to Garrison and Adrienne's rescue and takes them to a mysterious place called Avalon, where they are met by a face all-too-familiar to Garrison. Sooraya stops by Angelo's office for a short fishing expedition.

Feb 17 - Tropic of Capricorn: Garrison and Adrienne sit down to dinner in the Avalon camp where the main topic of conversation is Magneto's plan for a peaceful mutant haven. Scott and Rachel spend some time in the Danger Room and then go out for dinner to relax and chat.

Feb 18 - Tropic of Capricorn: Unconvinced of Magneto's commitment to peace, Garrison decides he and Adrienne should sneak into Magneto's base to see if they can discover what he's really up to. They succeed, but they're discovered before they can do anything about it. Garrison is detained by the Brotherhood while Adrienne joins their ranks to become a citizen of Avalon. Adrienne sneaks into the base to send a message to the X-Men and search for Garrison. Upon receipt of Adrienne’s message Scott calls for all available X-Men to meet him in the briefing room for an immediate deployment to rescue Adrienne and Garrison. Adrienne tries to spring Garrison but encounters Mystique instead. The Blackbird makes a timely entrance to force Mystique to retreat. Cyclops, Penance, Polaris, and Adrienne sneak into Magneto's base to destroy his power amplifier. Wallflower, Pinball, Rocky, and Jennifer are attacked by Brotherhood members Nimrod and Scanner while guarding the Blackbird. Nightcrawler, Firestar, Bevatron, Roulette, Wolverine, and Cannonball hit the beach of Avalon to draw as many Brotherhood members as possible away from Magneto's base. Phoenix, Blink, Wildchild, and Dustbunny attack Magneto's base in search of Garrison. Garrison breaks out of his cell and gets to the bomb room, where Magneto finds him. Phoenix, Wildchild, Dustbunny, and Blink come to Garrison's aid. Nightcrawler, Firestar, Bevatron, Roulette, Wolverine, and Cannonball break through the Brotherhood on the beach and hit the command center to finally drive Magneto out. Topaz meets Joyita and Angelo. And learns a little bit more about the school's interesting history. After getting back from the mission, Kurt goes to relieve his frustration on the heavy bag, and Clarice plays counselor.

Feb 19 - Sooraya mails Yvette and Angel about her feelings of having faced Magneto. Marie-Ange comes to see Angelo at the office and issue certain friendly threats.

Feb 20 - Jen Walters posts about her first X-Men mission. Johnny and Callie attempt to watch a movie. Lorna posts a reminder she is visiting her parents next week. Jean and Adrienne decompress after the encounter with Magneto, chatting about the Classic Film Festival, Garrison, clothes, and Jean's bedside manner.

Feb 21 - Unable to sleep, Jean runs into Hope A. very early in the morning. Jean's reaction confuses Hope A..

Feb 22 - Kurt finds Topaz on a late-night walk - and learns a little more about the girl then she means for him to. Wade texts Doug about Reese eggs. Adrienne brings Garrison breakfast so they can talk about what happened at Avalon, as well as fantasy baseball wagers that involve unicorn costumes. Adrienne texts Jean talking with Garrison worked. Jean does Fred a favor with something he's been wanting to do and goes with him when he gets a tattoo.

Feb 23 - Garrison posts about baseball. Scott posts two messages about Lex/Hamster leaving for South-America. Yvette gives Fred a new shirt. Molly runs into Angelo in the gym. Something happens that sparks a memory of Genosha and the two discuss it.

Feb 24 - Sooraya and Angel have fun time out, but then Angel drops some news on Sooraya. Angel texts Angelo to tell she has revealed the news about him and Jean-Phillipe to Sooraya. Angelo gives Jean Phillipe a headsup Sooraya knows. Maddie texts Sue about the dress she borrowed.

Feb. 25 - Sooraya texts Angelo about his relationship with Jean-Phillipe, and he says they need to talk in person; he finds her, and they have a difficult talk. Hope A. tells Adrienne about her encounter with Jean the week before, expressing concern for the doctor. Lorna texts Angel and Wade to let them know a taco truck will be coming on Tuesday. Angel posts an announcement about the taco truck.

Feb. 26 - A distracted Johnny runs into Angelo and learns a bit about X-Corps in the process.

Feb. 27 - Wade texts Marie-Ange about watching a movie, then texts Maddie about her "magic" popcorn. Hope A. asks Topaz about real magic, and the girls get into a slightly serious discussion. Scott overhears Adrienne telling Haller about her conversation with Hope A. on Monday; he goes to Jean, and they argue before finally starting to work things out. Gershomi: Lorna makes an interesting discovery in her parents' attic.

Feb. 28 - Topaz emails Amanda asking her a question about magic. Sue emails Tandy to wish her a happy "4 1/4" birthday. Adrienne posts to let everyone know they will be celebrating Tandy's not-birthday-birthday with a catered Japanese dinner at the mansion. Hope A. leaves Tandy a sun charm for her birthday.


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