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Jean-Phillipe Colbert
Portrayed by Félix Maritaud
Codename: Bevatron
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: March 15, 1988
Journal: xp_bevatron
Player: Twiller

Jean-Phillipe Colbert, cousin to Marie-Ange Colbert, was fascinated by her mutant power, to the point where he caused friction between the two by constantly pestering her about it. He came to the mansion posing as a newly-manifested mutant, but eventually confessed to being a spy for Magneto. His change of heart has earned him a chance at redemption at the school, and now even a spot as an X-Men.


Character Journal: xp_bevatron

Real Name: Jean-Phillipe Colbert

Codename: Bevatron

Aliases: Sparky (trainee name)

First Appearance: December 2, 2007

Date of Birth: March 15, 1988

Place of Birth: Lyons, France

Citizenship: French

Relatives: Marie-Ange Colbert (cousin)

Education: French equivalent of a high school diploma

Relationship Status: Married to Angelo Espinosa

Occupation: student at Empire State University, former resident adviser at Xavier's, former warehouse laborer

Team Affiliation: X-Men


Before Coming To the Mansion

Jean-Phillipe was raised in a lower-middle class family where both parents worked. As a result, he was often left to his own devices as a child, and developed a sense of self-sufficiency and being a loner. He picked up a dead-end warehouse labor job in high school because his parents couldn't spare him much pocket money.

Jean-Phillipe was something of a mutaphile, or "mutant groupie", even before he manifested. He was fascinated by his cousin Marie-Ange's mutant imaging power, and pestered her to the point where she expressed frustration about it. He also frequented mutant-friendly messageboards, and was a regular commenter (using the alias "Bevatron") on several pro-mutant blogs. He attended several mutant rallies in France, and owned some mutant-positive music, including mixes by the well-known European mutant DJ, Manuel de la Rocha.

Phase 1

At Xavier's

Jean-Phillipe showed up at the mansion by cab, arriving with powers control issues, much to the chagrin of his cousin. He maintained a prickly demeanor and sarcastic wit on the journal system, though he did start a few friendships, such as with Yvette Petrovic. He also had a brief romantic liason with Mark Sheppard after they hit it off one evening at Silver, embarrassing Marie-Ange even more when she realized who her coworker's new "friend" was. Jean-Phillipe's relationship with Mark was short-lived, though, as Mark was looking for something more committed and long-term than Jean-Phillipe. After the parting of the ways, Jean-Phillipe kept a fairly low profile at the mansion, working on his powers with Scott Summers, smoking like a chimney on the porch, and being snarky on the journals.

Day Zero and a Revelation

The morning of Day Zero found Jean-Phillipe in New York City after spending the evening with a paramour. He made his way to the brownstone to meet up with Marie-Ange, who was abducted by Caliban as they attempted to make their way to Silver to join Mark there. Jean-Phillipe managed to escape the mob of Caliban's thralls, and reach Silver. With Pete Wisdom's aid, he made his way back to Caliban's lair in an attempt to rescue his cousin, who had gone catatonic and unresponsive to anything he said. Finally, in an attempt to snap her out of whatever had been done to her, Jean-Phillipe dropped the bombshell that he'd been sitting on all this time: he was working for Magneto as a spy against the X-Men, in much the same way Pietro Maximoff had acted as the X-Men's double agent inside the Brotherhood.

For a time, only Mark and Marie-Ange were aware of the details of Jean-Phillipe's betrayal, and he lay low at the mansion since Day Zero, prompting the small number of friends he had to check on him. Things changed with an attack on several mansion residents by Sabretooth and prompting the two suspicious X-Forcers to question his possible involvement. He satisfied them that he hadn't been, but aware of his tenuous position, he finally approached Charles Xavier and confessed, submitting himself to a full telepathic scan to prove his change of heart. Charles granted Jean-Phillipe asylum, much to the displeasure of Scott and Jean-Phillipe's status as a former Brotherhood member became known to the X-Men.

On suggestion of a new friend and fellow gay mutant, Jean-Paul Beaubier and his cousin, Jean-Phillipe took a sabbatical to Attilan, to seek the advice of Pietro on dealing with his status as former enemy to the mansion. It helped, and Jean-Phillipe returned to take up an offer to act as Jean-Paul's French class TA and to a new roommate in the form of Laurie Collins, who didn't give him a lot of choice about the matter and pretty much just moved in. Over the next six months, he attempted to become part of mansion life, taking over the bus run from Amanda Sefton when she gave it up due to her job and accepting a role as RA along with Julio Richter with the influx of new male students into the school.

In July 2009 that new-found responsibility backfired slightly on him, when he was effected by the same powers swap virus as several other mansion residents/ It proved to be temporary, but in the meantime, he found he missed his electrokinetic powers.

As of November 2009, Jean-Phillipe had settled into his role at the mansion, teaching French for a while with Jean-Paul's departure and sharing a suite with Laurie.

Jean-Phillipe Colbert...X-Man?

After the events of Lakshmibai Raj and A Betrayal of Heart, and the news that several Brotherhood members had escaped from prison during X-Men Mission: Jailbreak, a conversation with Yvette Petrovic led to a rather startling suggestion - that Jean-Phillipe join the X-Men as a trainee. Yvette was only the first to suggest the course of action, as the following day Jean-Phillipe wound up having an eerily similar conversation with Laurie Collins. Between his responsibilities as a trainee, coursework as a college student, and duties as a resident advisor, Jean-Phillipe even found time to end his 'dry spell', having dinner and sex with Warren while the graduate wing was under the effects of Laurie's powers.

All in all, it is rather a pleasant time to be French, gay, X-gene positive, and proud of all those things.

Life As It Is

2011 brought with it all the usual shenanigans that came with being an X-Men and an Xavier's resident. In August, Jean-Phillipe ended up accidentally getting high at Yvette's eighteenth birthday party at Silver after Toad crashed and dosed everyone with kick, but all things considered that could have been a lot worse. He joined several X-Men missions as a trainee, and in October 2011 he was caught up in a spell at Wade's Halloween party. That wasn't all bad either - he developed a passion for tennis due to the influence of the spell and began playing casually. In February 2012 he found himself in the middle of a chaos at a mutant awareness rally when several Friends of Humanity members spontaneously developed mutations. And in March 2012 he was promoted to full X-Men status - just in time for everything to go sideways.


2012 was a year of disasters and changes. It started in January, with two Genoshan teens coming to the states seeking refuge from their country. They found sanctuary at Xavier's and were in transit to Muir Island when they were somehow kidnapped from custody. Jean-Phillipe joined a mission in which he acted as bait to lure out a mutant smuggler, and though the smuggler was caught he managed to escape custody. In May, a group of students and Xavier's residents and associates were kidnapped from a rally at the Genoshan embassy, and when Charles found them in Genosha a plan was devised to get them back. The plan failed, however, and Jean-Phillipe was one of the few who managed to escape into the Genoshan wilderness. The escapees worked to try and take out the government in secret, which provided dangers of its own. Jean-Phillipe was nearly killed when [[Sarah Vale | Mutate 1337] stopped his powers in the middle of a fight, but he was saved when she was taken out. He joined the final fight to take out the monstrous Thomas Moreau.

Moving On

Despite the traumas of the first half of the year, there was no rest for the wicked. In July Jean-Phillipe joined a mission to rescue a mutant in Madripoor, who turned out to be an older version of Rachel Kinross-Dayspring (who had supposedly died in Genosha). He also joined the newly formed X-Corps, attended a mutant-friendly concert acting as a security guard, and joined X-Corps on it's first mission to investigate disappearing children. Somewhere in there he also began a relationship with Angelo Espinosa, taking it upon himself to make sure Angelo didn't work too hard and took time off to have fun once in a while. He also gave up his position as resident's adviser.

And life continued on. With 2013 came more challenges of their own - in February, Jean-Phillipe joined a mission to rescue Garrison Kane and Adrienne Frost, who had been shipwrecked on Avalon, a mutant island that was being run by Magneto. In December he, along with several other Xavierites, found himself kidnapped and pulled into a faux Limbo. During the time he was trapped there (a couple weeks by Limbo time), he fell victim to the evil influence of the place, and when a rescue team came he tried to fight against them. He was dragged home with everyone else however, and another recovery began.

2014 brought with it some much needed quiet, with Jean-Phillipe just enjoying his time and his life and his relationship with Angelo. All and all life was good.

The End of the World

And then life wasn't good anymore. It began in January 2015 with the invasion and destruction of Muir Island. Jean-Phillipe joined the X-Men to try and save it, but it was all for naught - the island was destroyed and many X-Men killed, while many more were injured - Jean-Phillipe was in the second group. He was laid up in the med lab until The Dark Phoenix destroyed the mansion, and he went to try and evacuate the survivors while the world fell apart around them.

Phase 2

The New World

Jean-Phillipe managed to survive the destruction of the universe, and woke up on the mansion lawn with the other survivors. He stayed under the radar until a X-Men team was called to help stop a riot at Ryker's Island. That went horribly, however, when the team was apprehended by the Avengers and almost arrested. It wasn't a great first mission in the new world.

He laid low following the disastrous mission, surfacing every now and again to hold his annual fashion show parties, and of course taking it upon himself to make sure Angelo didn't withdraw too much into himself. But it was a quiet year for him.

2016 was similarly quiet, with Jean-Phillipe mostly staying out of trouble and flying under the radar.


2017 was slightly more adventurous. Jean-Phillipe joined the team to bring down the brainwashed Avengers, and subsequently overextended himself. The recovery was rough, even with his doting cousin and boyfriend, and in the process he and Angelo discussed going forward with their relationship, resulting in an engagement of sorts.

Jean-Phillipe also helped Sooraya out with a young mutant in the Underground who had similar powers to his own, and of course there was Miss Universe celebration, because the year wouldn't be complete without one.

2018 was mostly quiet, with only the usual student rescue after they were accidentally pulled into another dimension, and joining a mission to an odd island. France won the World Cup, which resulted in him running naked and painted blue through the mansion, and Marie-Ange took it upon herself to announce his and Angelo's engagement.


2019 was a typical mansion year - helping to recover magical hammers and getting stuck in a cursed haunted house on Halloween. There was a highlight, however - he married Angelo in March. 2020 was unreasonably quiet, save for a beach vacation where he got to be exceedingly French. It was a good year.


2021 was an unreasonably X-Man-ish year, starting with a robot invading the mansion with nanites and crashing the Blackbird. Scott probably forgave Jean-Phillipe. He hoped. A botched mission in October brought him face to face with Magneto, who lamented what Jean-Phillipe had become. Jean-Phillipe doubled down on his views, refusing to be swayed by Magneto. Mansion life was hectic, but it was his life, complete with a husband and all. He went home with the beaten team of X-Men.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown

Other Features: Jean-Phillipe has a tongue stud. He also has a series of burn scars on his forearms and spine stemming from a traumatic powers manifestation


Jean-Phillipe is electrogenetic, which was supposedly uncontrolled when he arrived at the mansion. He possesses organs extremely similar to those of an electric eel, but adapted to a human body. These organs are made of electrocytes lined up in series. The electrocytes are lined up so the current flows through them and produces an electrical charge. When he is able to consciously activate his powers, his brain sends a signal through the nervous system to the electric cells. This opens the ion channel, allowing positively-charged sodium to flow through, reversing the charges momentarily. By doing that it creates electricity, which Jean-Phillipe customarily directs through his arms and hands.

In terms of voltage capacity, Jean-Phillipe can deliver a maximum of several hundred volts alternating current, which is enough to kill through cardiac arrest. He can also seriously disrupt any equipment relying on electricity.

It was revealed during Day Zero (though only to Mark and Marie-Ange so far) that Jean-Phillipe's power control issues were a ruse to cover his spying on the X-Men.



Jean-Phillipe's in-game Twitter handle is @lebevetron and first appears in the tweets for X-Men_Mission:_Joyful_Noixe

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Player: Twiller

E-mail: TwillerEmail.jpg

AIM: tknophobia

Player Icon Base: Aleksei Chadov

Meta Trivia

Jean-Phillipe was intended to be a character only for the purposes of the traitor plot, but Twiller got so attached, he decided to keep the character.