X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel

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Lone Sentinel
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Dates run: October 13, 2021
Run By: Dex
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But… today is going to be a different sort of lesson for you. I hope you draw your own conclusions from them. All of you.

The Brotherhood of Mutants resurfaces with an attack on a government facility and the X-Men are called in to assist when the Avengers can’t. A new Brotherhood member turns the tables on them, badly.


Bevatron, Blink, Cyclops, Dust, Echo, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Spectrum, Wildchild Wolverine

Magneto, Brotherhood of Mutants, Eric the Red

Phil Coulson


October 13, 2021

Plot Summary

Acting on a request from SHIELD via Phil Coulson, the X-Men flew to a DARPA research facility in order to protect it from the Brotherhood of Mutants. What they were unaware of, however, was that Magneto had either undergone some sort of rejuvenating process, or someone who looked like a young Magneto had taken on leadership. The Brotherhood had also expanded since the last time the X-Men had faced them with a number of new members. And finally, they seemed to have a more in-depth knowledge of the X-Men and their powers and strategies, employing tactics they hadn't used before to get the upper hand.

Phoenix was the first targeted, taken down by another telekinetic called Unuscione with the telepathic switchboard going down and cutting off the individual team members who were picked off one by one. While it seemed the Brotherhood had orders not to kill, Wildchild was severely injured by a masked man in red armour calling himself Erik the Red, Dust was discorporated by Avalanche and Spectrum drained to the point of being unable to maintain her form by Phantazia, who appeared to have similar powers to her own.

With almost all of the team down, it was left to Cyclops to try and bring down Magneto. He was defeated, leaving Jean-Phillipe to witness Magneto's object lesson - the revelation that the research facility was researching Sentinels, mutant-hunting giant robots, apparently with the government's support. Shaken by this apparent betrayal by SHIELD and the failure of their mission, the team retreated to lick their wounds and question their mandate.

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This plot revealed to the audience (but not the characters!) that Garrison Kane was not dead after all, and working with the Brotherhood as Erik the Red.

Several other new members of the Brotherhood were also introduced, including several P2 versions of P1 characters - Fabian Cortez, Blob, Senyaka, Dragoness, Unus the Untouchable, Thornn, Unuscione, Mastermind, Avalanche, Lorelei and Phantazia. As punishment for apparently killing Dust, Avalanche was left behind to be taken into custody by SHIELD.


Plotrunner: Dex