X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel

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Lone Sentinel
Dates run: October 13, 2021
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Lone Sentinel

But… today is going to be a different sort of lesson for you. I hope you draw your own conclusions from them. All of you.

The Brotherhood of Mutants resurfaces with an attack on a government facility and the X-Men are called in to assist when the Avengers can’t. A new Brotherhood member turns the tables on them, badly.


Bevatron, Blink, Cyclops, Dust, Echo, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Spectrum, Wildchild Wolverine

Magneto, Brotherhood of Mutants, Eric the Red

Phil Coulson


October 13, 2021

Plot Summary

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Oct. 13 - X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel: Scott posts an all-call alert about an emergency situation; The X-Men scramble at the request of SHIELD regarding an attack by Magneto and the Brotherhood on a government facility; Jean is the first to engage and quickly discovers things are not what they seem; Betsy is working her way towards Magneto when the switchboard goes down and she finds herself under attack; Clarice is the next to come under fire; Kurt scouts ahead and discovers an uncomfortable situation; Wolverine has made it to the party to try and turn the tide, but finds his opposition ready for him; Dust finds an enemy uniquely suited to dealing with her sandform; Nica discovers that a form she thought was invulnerable very much can be endangered; Maya discovers that her powers aren’t always enough; Kyle comes across an entirely unknown member of the Brotherhood to his regret; It comes down to Scott to try and bring down Magneto; Jean-Phillipe has multiple surprises waiting for him as the last X-Man standing; The X-Men come to grips in the aftermath of their defeat; Laurie posts about a medical emergency; Amanda texts Marie-Ange about heading to the med lab; Hope posts about available food.

Oct 20 - X-Men: Lone Sentinel : Jean-Phillipe posts to his journal rather than the teams journal with a mission wrap. Kyle comments to his journal while high on pain medication.

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Trivia and Meta


This plot revealed to the audience (but not the characters!) that Garrison Kane was not dead after all, and working with the Brotherhood as Erik the Red.

Several other new members of the Brotherhood were also introduced, including several P2 versions of P1 characters - Fabian Cortez, Blob, Senyaka, Dragoness, Unus the Untouchable, Thornn, Unuscione, Mastermind, Avalanche, Lorelei and Phantazia.


Plotrunner: Dex