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Wolverine Card.jpeg
Portrayed by Hugh Jackman
Codename: Wolverine
Affiliations: X-Men, Alpha Flight
Birthdate: unknown
Journal: xp_wolverine
Player: Zippit

His past a mystery to him, the feral X-Man known as Wolverine fights to maintain a sense of place in the world - and his humanity. Recently returned from a year abroad chasing down information on Weapon X and Alpha Flight, he's readjusting to mansion life and figuring out where he fits in again.


Character Journal: xp_wolverine

Real Name: James Howlett (unknown to Logan)

Codename: Wolverine

Aliases: Logan, Ogun, Patch, Jim, James

First Appearance: May 14, 2003

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Kansas (actually, Western Canada. Kansas is a memory implant)

Citizenship: Citizenship is dual American/Canadian (unknown to Logan)

Relatives: Laura Kinney (biological daughter), Noriko Ashida (great-granddaughter)

Education: Unknown.

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Rogue


Team Affiliation: X-Men


Phase 1

Weapon X

Logan's background is a mystery to him and he has no memories of his childhood. While he has an occasional glimpse or flashback to his life before Weapon-X, his reliable memory doesn’t begin until after his escape from the Weapon-X facility.

According to William Stryker - Phase 1, James Howlett was US Military personnel who volunteered for the Weapon X project. Of course, Stryker was at best an unreliable source with his own agenda, so his word must be taken with a grain of salt.

Living At The X-Mansion

After escaping from Weapon-X, Logan spent his time moving from place to place in northern Canada, working as a bouncer or a lumberjack or even a memorable stint as a pit-fighter in a truck-stop dive bar. It was in just such a bar in Laughlin City that he met Rogue, and from there he got wrapped up with the X-Men.

Quickly going back to his solitary ways, Logan left the mansion to search for more clues about his past. Finding nothing, he returned to the mansion during the events of X2. During the year that followed, Logan was actively involved with the X-Men, still hoping to find the answers to his past.

Time for a Break

In April 2004, Logan received a job offer in Canada, which Marie encouraged him to take. It was a difficult decision for him to make, but in May 2004 he accepted the offer with Alpha Flight. He kept up his physical training and spent a lot of time with Dr Walter Langkowski exploring chemical and biological alternatives to memory-salvage therapy.

Logan’s Return

Logan returned to the mansion in March 2006, less stable than when he had left. While some individuals were happy to see him, others (like Scott Summers and Doug Ramsey) were less than pleased by his return. Logan had a particularly disastrous initial reunion with Jean Grey, who was under Jane’s control at time, when he attempted to stab her at the zoo. She was able to convince him to not hurt her and Logan later played a part in her rescue from the Hellfire Club.

Logan’s return to the mansion was tumultuous. He had several suspensions from the team and was relieved of his teaching duties due to an incident with Crystal Amaquelin. Despite initially wanting to leave, he eventually settled into living at the mansion and working as a self-defense instructor for Snow Valley, maintaining active friendships with Marie, Ororo, Garrison and a few select others, as well as taking the young Yvette Petrovic under his rough guidance, teaching her to track and to carve wood. A relationship developed between him and Sarah Morlocke, the two finding common ground with their inability to function as ordinary people, and their mutual love of fighting.

The strain was telling, however, and Logan became more and more solitary, taking frequent solo trips into the wilderness. In December 2007, he discovered he was the great-grandfather of Noriko Ashida, whose great-grandmother he had apparently met in Japan during his amnesiac years. The crisis point came in January 2008, when he, Garrison, Marie and Heather Hudson encountered the Wendigo whilst searching for Joseph Twoyoungmen, who had gone missing in northern Canada. Forced to tap deep into his animal side in order to protect Heather, Logan had trouble coming back to himself. The decision was made by him to remain in Canada, where he would work on regaining his humanity with the help of his old Alpha Flight friends.

A Return to Westchester

Logan's return to the Mansion was a relatively smooth one. He resumed his advanced hand-to-hand instruction of select students, evaluating Fred Dukes and ultimately recommending him to polish his skills under Angelo Espinosa's tutelage. He also picked up Cammie as a student, giving her advanced instruction in hand-to-hand combat and bonding with her in a way the suspicious girl seldom allowed. This new-found peace was overturned when the new Alpha Flight team, under the leadership of Logan's old friend, Puck, was massacred almost to a man, with only Puck and Lillian Crawley-Jeffries' husband Box surviving, albeit barely. Along with Marie, Garrison and Lil, Logan returned to Canada for the funerals and to investigate the incident. When a set of Weapon X-like dog tags turned up, Logan went to Symkaria with Garrison and fellow Weapon X-survivor David North, to seek out Daniel Lyman, second in command to William Stryker - Phase 1. Answers were not forthcoming, as the group were ambushed and barely escaped with their lives.

The incident made Logan even more curious about his past, unable to settle down to a 'normal' life within the school and the team. His friendships remained few - Garrison, Cammie, Jean-Paul and Callisto on occasion - and he continued to teach advanced combat to the younger X-Men. A clash of mutations, with the young Doreen Green being terrified of him on a subliminal level only served to distance him further from the school and its students, a situation only exacerbated by Crystal's suspicious reaction to an incident in which Dori's terror of Logan lead to her manifesting her hand and toe claws in a panic after a chance meeting in the woods.

In 2009, Logan received another shock, this time in the form of a 'daughter', Laura Kinney. The young cheerleader was the product of a Weapon X project, created from Logan's DNA and hidden by her mother, a scientist who had lost her faith in the program. Laura did much to stablise Logan, as did the return of Jean Grey from the West Coast Annex - without her husband, Scott. Logan, irascible as ever, flirted with Jean every chance he got, and while she was glad of his friendship, she made it clear that she was still loyal to Scott, a decision that didn't sit well with Logan.

Eventually, in January 2011, Logan abruptly left the school, telling Laura that he was going to look for Marie D'Ancato, who had gone undercover a year before, seeking out leads to the Alpha Flight massacre.


With the loss of Alpha Flight still on his mind and fewer ties holding him to the school, Logan left in January 2011 to track down Rogue and join her on her quest to find answers in Europe. Their efforts bore some fruit when in February they passed on a possible lead to the X-Men to follow up. Trusting them to take care of themselves, Logan and Rogue continued their search in Europe. Eventually the investigation diverged into two directions: one into the high society of Europe and the other into the shady shadow world of military black ops.

They parted ways with the promise to keep in contact. Logan ended up on a winding path through Europe, into Russia, and back into Europe as he chased one fleeting lead after another. With all the questions, it was only a matter of time before he drew unwanted attention and it came in the form of a covert ops team in the middle of Germany. Logan fought his way free and fled into Italy where he called upon one of the many X-Force contacts Rogue had given him before they separated. Whoever was after him was good, too good, as there were too many near misses even as the X-Force network attempted to smuggle him out of Europe. He suspected his pursuers had mutants involved, possibly a precog or a tracker of some type.

Logan wasn’t going to bring this back to Xavier’s doorstep so he headed to Japan to cool his heels for a while. It also afforded him the chance to dig into his forgotten past with and without the help of X-Force assets. Eventually his pursuers caught up to him and this last confrontation ended up being the closest of all. Overwhelming numbers and mutant operatives had him cornered and without the last minute intervention of an X-Force contact he hadn’t known was in the area he’d have been captured. It all stank too much of Weapon X for his liking. He hid in the more remote regions of Asia for several months without further pursuit. Whether it was because he’d evaded their detection or their plans had shifted, he couldn’t know. After a few more months, Logan finally returned to the States and headed for the mansion. He wanted to see if they’d turned up anything more substantial than he had but he was still uneasy about bringing his pursuers back with him.

Coming Home

Logan finally found his way back to the mansion in January 2013, where he discovered a lot of new faces and caused a bit of a stir with his presence. He even managed to pick up a few students among the new group of New Mutants. He wasn't back at the mansion for long before he found himself on his first X-Men mission - helping to rescue Garrison Kane and Adrienne Frost from Magneto's mutant island. He managed to live a surprisingly quiet life otherwise, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 brought some new challenges for Logan, however.

In December 2014 he was pulled into a Weapon X investigation with Garrison and Wade, and they found that Kyle Gibney and his parents had been kidnapped. They found the remains of Mrs. Gibney, who had been eaten by ferals, and later had a run-in with Deathstrike while trying to escape.

The End of the World

With 2015 came disaster when Muir Island was attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutants. Logan went with the X-Men to try and stop the carnage, but the fight took a turn for the worse and Logan found himself nearly beaten to death when his healing factor was overwhelmed. He was "lucky" enough to be in a coma when reality fell apart and the world ended.

Phase 2

Waking Up

When Logan finally came around, it was to jumbled memories and a new world. He managed to adjust well enough, flying under the radar. He did, however, rekindle his old relationship with Rogue, finding comfort in a familiar face in this strange place. He managed to have a quiet enough year, save for helping to detain a young mutant when her manifestation went awry and helping Garrison Kane investigate a series of kidnapping. The latter mission wasn't nearly as successful, unfortunately.

2016 was far from calm as well. He participated in several missions, including preventing a mutant war in New York and rescuing a group of students kidnapped to an alternate dimension. In April, Garrison recruited him for an investigation into mutant experimentation, which ended with Logan having to cut off Julian's hands in order to save his life.

Thankfully, the year ended quietly.

The universe apparently decided Logan didn't deserve a break in 2017. It started with having to assist in a hostage situation, and was almost immediately followed by having to fight the brainwashed Avengers. Even an attempt to take a vacation went poorly when he brought Rogue, Scott, and Kitty to his cabin only to discover it had been vandalized. Compared to the other events of the year, it was hardly an emergency. But the group still got its revenge.


2018 was mostly quiet, except for when it really wasn't - namely, the attack on New York that left half the city in flames and required assistance from the X-Men and the Avengers, and the attacks on blood banks after places started announcing they would no longer accept mutant blood. The world was very much go big or go home for the year.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8

Weight: 300

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown and usually styled into points

Other Features: Muttonchop sideburns, retractable claws


Xm logan.jpg

Logan’s mutant abilities stem from his classification as a feral which provides him with enhanced senses. His sense of smell and hearing far exceed baseline human levels allowing him to track others by scent or hear someone’s heartbeat from a distnace. It also allows him to be far stealthier than most though if that’s purely a result of his mutation or a combination of his training and mutation is unknown. His reactions are faster than non-mutants due to greater instinctual reflex. His sight is also far greater than baseline human levels allowing him to see farther distances with great clarity.

In addition to his enhanced senses, Logan has three foot long adamantium claws that emerge from between the knuckles of each hand. They cause minor pain and wounds when released or withdrawn but are immediately healed. They initially started as bone claws but after going through the Weapon X program they and Logan’s skeleton were grafted with adamantium, making him virtually indestructible. Adamantium is not a light metal and has added significant weight to Logan’s frame but also gives added force to any action he takes. The metal has also proved to be highly ferrous and razor sharp. The claws are able to cut through nearly anything they encounter but energy fields.

The last and possibly most important aspect of Logan’s mutation is his healing factor. He heals at an extraordinary rate where cuts and scrapes disappear in seconds and gunshot wounds in seconds to minutes. Logan takes longer to heal the greater the damage done to him but the outer limit of his regeneration ability hasn’t been extensively tested. The theory is there needs to be enough of him left in one piece to regenerate fully which leaves open the possibility that disintegration or incineration may permanently kill him. His healing factor also greatly enhances his stamina - his muscles build up lactic acid at an extremely delayed rate compared to normal human muscle tissue.

As a result of his healing factor, Logan’s age is undetermined and the number of years he may live is unknown. However his healing factor can be passed to those mutants that can absorb powers. He’s shared it several times with Rogue to save her life though depending on the required strain it leaves him in bad medical shape for however long it takes his healing factor to restore what was taken.




In 2004, whilst Piotr Rasputin was away from the mansion training, Logan became the Art teacher. He was surprisingly good at it.

Logan has a good number of skills that he has no idea how he learned, such as several different styles of Okinawan karate, stealth and tradecraft, motorcycle riding, aircraft piloting and woodcarving.

Logan remembers scents and feelings more than he remembers names or locations.

Logan can swim. It's just not one of his favorite things to do. He's not too fond of the open ocean either. He's mostly good with closed bodies of water, rivers, etc. It depends on the depth and size.

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Player: Zippit

E-mail: ZipEmail.PNG

Player Icon Base: Hugh Jackman

Meta Trivia

Logan was originally played by Bonnie under the x_snikt journal. Erik adopted him in March 2006, leaving the game in January 2008 only to return in December 2008 and leave again in January 2011. The x_wolverine journal was created to replace the one that was not returned to the game by Bonnie and the x_weaponx journal was created by the mods to replace the one that was not returned to the game by Erik. In late December 2012 Logan was taken under Zippit's wings. Logan's latest (and hopefully last!) journal, xp-wolverine was created when the game moved to Dreamwidth.