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Location: Symkaria
First Seen: Zemo

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Symkaria is a small country in Eastern Europe. Once a Soviet satellite state, since the fall of the USSR, it has reinvented itself as a banking and financial haven, referred to often as 'Swiss-stan'. Symkaria's laws make it a perfect crossroads for money laundering and despite international pressure, it refuses to amend them for greater transparency.

Symkaria historically was one of the great sources of mercenaries in Europe. Sandwiched between the constant conflicts of Poland, the Balkians, the German states and the Baltic powers, Symkaria's own neutrality made it a valued recruiting and staging area for independent mercenary companies. Today, it remains the home country of numerous international mercenary groups.

Symkaria is small and mostly flat, dominated by the newly re-active volcano Mt. Schron. The capital, Karkesh, is home to the financial industry which dominates the economy, although military consulting services and an emerging high-tech manufacturing industry make up a significant percentage of the GNP. Most of the surrounding countryside is taken up by small grain and sheep farms.

Symkaria is a parliamentary monarchy, with a fractious three-party system. Symkaria's current patriarch is King Stefan. The current Prime Minister Alphonse Gallatik, enjoys both royal support and is well respected in Eastern Europe for his skills in negotiation and the stability of his government.


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