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Home and Native Land
Dates run: August 3-9, 2009
Run By: Dex
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"In light of what's happened, I've decided to terminate the Alpha Program, effective immediately." Colcord forestalled the reaction with a motion of his hand. "Please, let me finish. The Minister and I had a long discussion, and considering the failures of the last two incarnations of the program, it is unfeasible at this time to try and rebuild from this tragedy."

Following an ambush in Northern Canada, Alpha Flight is wiped out. But all is not what it seems in the team, as questions and surprising links to the past are revealed.


Lillian Crawley-Jeffries, Garrison Kane, Marie D'Ancato, Logan

Malcolm Colcord, Robert Gordon MacDonald, Alpha Flight, Daniel Lyman


August 3-9, 2009

Plot Summary

Following Logan's decision to return to the X-Men, Eugene Judd was finally convinced to take command of the prototype initial team. Under his command, the new temporary Alpha Flight had mostly been involved in operational work with disaster relief, and some law enforcement support in a limited fashion, testing out new protocols. When a Canadian military radar installation went down in the Arctic, the new Alpha Flight was sent into investigate, and they walked directly into a trap.

The new team was ambushed by an unknown force, and only two people, Judd and Madison Jefferies were able to escape. In the escape, Madison burnt out the Box exo-suit, leaving it a complete wreck by the time they were able to get to safety. The disaster was a huge embarrassment to Department H, made even worse by the suspicion that information was somehow leaked from inside the department that enabled the ambush. Officially, the deaths were reported as a training accident; a helicopter going down on a return from the Arctic.

Lillian Jefferies-Crawley, Garrison Kane, Marie D'Acanto and Logan head up to Canada for the funeral, learning about the events from the Hudsons. Following the funeral, at a private meeting, Director Colcord announced the termination of the entire Alpha Flight project. The political damage was too great to continue sponsoring the program. As well, the leak was pinpointed to Walter Langkowski, with a few forgotten lines on an email from a non-encrypted terminal that pointed towards the deployment to the Artic. Langkowski wasn't charged, because his actions were clearly not intentional, but he was fired as a result. Heather Hudson was removed from her role with the now defunct program and reassigned to other administrative work in the ministry. The 'Box' program was cancelled, freezing out Madison Jefferies, and James Hudson was reassigned to other technical projects of Department H.

With Alpha Flight gutted and still no answers as to who was responsible, Marie, Lil, Garrison and Logan headed up to the installation. There was very little there, even for Logan's senses, but he did pick up 'something familiar' in the few scents of other people in the air. As well, they ended up finding something curious; one plate of a set of duplicate dogtags. The tags had no scent or psychic read; obviously a duplicate likely put into a file, and just happened to fall out. The name is the only clue; 'Wolverine', suggesting this had something to do with Weapon X somehow.

Logan went to David North, to discuss how a copy of his Weapon X dogtag could have ended up in an Arctic radar station that has been largely deactivated since the early 90s. North had no answers, but suggested the man that might; Daniel Lyman. Garrison, Logan and North went to Symkaria to interrogate Lyman, but were ambushed by a group of determined mercenaries. They were able to escape with Lyman, but he had no knowledge about the location or any files. He did have one important bit of information; there were other Weapon X assets out hidden in the world, and they could be activated at any time.

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Lil remained in Canada following the funeral, to care for her husband, Madison, who was mentally traumatised by the destruction of the Box exo-suit with him still connected to it.


Plotrunner: Dex

The title is taken from the Canadian national anthem.