Malcolm Colcord

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This page is a placeholder for something that has yet to appear in Phase 2 of the game. If you edit the page, remove this notice. Thank you!

Malcolmm Colcord
Portrayed by Donald Sutherland
Known Aliases: The Director
Affiliations: Department H
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: April 30, 2007

Colcord is the current Director of Department H. A ruthlessly calculating man, Colcord’s true goals are not known, but considering his willingness to destroy any opposition to them, the end result cannot be good.


Name: Malcolm Colcord

Aliases: The Director

Occupation: Director of Department H

First appearance: April 30, 2007

Family: None.


Malcolm Colcord is a shadowy political figure. He was a part of Canadian military intelligence for twenty years before being tapped as the Director of Department H. Little is known about the man or his activities. He is a brilliant administrator, and has a unique ability to squeeze every scrap of usefulness out of his budget and programs. He’s also exceptionally good at increasing the support of the Department from other agencies. His connections with SPARC, MI5, the CIA and (rumoured) the GRU are deep. Colcord is a workaholic, rarely leaving the agency for more than a few hours a day to sleep. Despite the close contact, his coworkers know only that he was from Edmonton and is unmarried. While his compulsive control of the agency annoys some, like the Hudsons, he’s considered a talented and well respected (if not well liked) boss.

The darker side to Colcord is that he’s been involved in numerous covert and black book programs around the globe. His budget expertise has allowed him to funnel funds into programs that he feels will generate the best return, even if they are dangerous or unethical. Department H’s nebulous network of research groups makes it easy to hide such activities, since only Colcord really knows how they all tie together. He likes the idea of an Alpha Flight under his control which he can use to further his own super-agent plans. He is deeply distrustful of the X-Men, believing them to be a badly hidden experimental US executive program.


Colcord is human, but as director, has total access to a wide range of mutant and technological responses to threats. He wields almost total power over the department, and his history of dedicated and successful service has earned him powerful allies in the government and around the world.


Phase 1

Home and Native Land

The Wild Hunt

Phase 2


PB: Donald Sutherland

Socked by: Dex

Like all of Alpha Flight and associated NPCs, the playerbase for the Director is a Canadian born actor.