Believing Is Seeing

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Believing Is Seeing
Dates run: July 25 - August 21, 2006
Run By: Sil
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"Humans suck. I'm just happy to be here where I'm the one using them, right?"

After Karolina gets an disturbing offer whilst on vacation in California, the X-Men decide to investigate just what kind of business is interested in young mutants.


Karolina Dean, Storm, Iceman, Husk, Blink, Sunfire, Polaris, Wolverine

Robert Weinstein, Milena Giordano


July 25 - August 21, 2006

Plot Summary

Karolina, on vacation in her hometown of LA, was referred to a 'guy who's totally interested in mutants' by a friend of hers. However, when she met "Rob", she got a distinctly creepy vibe off him and made her excuses. Back at the school, she posted to the student comms about the creepy guy, alerting the older students to a potential problem. Working in cooperation with the LAPD, an undercover operation was set up to explore 'Alchemy', the nightclub operated by one Robert Weinstein and known for its mutant hiring practices.

Paige, Clarice and Bobby, being young enough to be potential employees, went undercover at the club despite the initial misgivings of the LAPD detective on the case. They managed to gather sufficient information of prostitution and abuse of young homeless mutants through the club, engineered by the true mastermind, a woman called Milena Giordano, herself a mutant. After overhearing Rob being threatened in order to force some of the younger girls to have sex with customers, Clarice alerted the police and the X-Men, who raided the club.

Logan encountered Mateo, a bear-like mutant who was a also the technician for the club, and subdued him after a brief, ugly fight. Rob gave himself up to the police, offering to give evidence. Lorna encountered Milena, who initially tried to bluff her way out of the situation, and then resorted to fighting. She lost. Bobby, Shiro and Clarice found themselves trying to control an angry and panicked crowd of club workers and patrons.

The club was closed down and Milena and Mateo arrested. Both received jail time and despite detectives' urging, insisted that they had worked alone.

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Only the younger X-Men were able to participate in the undercover part of this plot, as the club owner was only interested in underage mutants. Clarice called herself Candy, Paige called herself Sterling, and Bobby called himself John, after an old friend.


Plotrunner: Sil