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Julio "Rictor" Richter manifested his mutant ability to cause earthquakes, and was kidnapped by Magneto and forced to use his power to destroy San Diego. He was subsequently rescued and brought to the school. Nathan Dayspring, Jean Grey and David Haller used their powers to repel an oncoming tsunami. The strain forced Haller to remove his mental blocks, unleashing his DID personalities, who in turn attack and injured Marie D'Ancato, Lorna Dane, Jean and Nathan. He was subdued by Cain Marko. Shiro Yoshida acquired and and used Kick while repelling one of the smaller waves in San Diego.

Nathan's virus flared up and he had to lobotomise himself to keep it from killing him, rendering him temporarily powerless. Amanda Sefton, Crystal Amaquelin, Clarice Ferguson, Theresa Cassidy and Doug Ramsey volunteered for Red X duty to help with the San Diego cleanup. The rest of the X-Men helped out as well. A week later everyone returned to the mansion. Amanda's mutant power reacted to the devastation and she had to return early.

Alex Summers was kidnapped by a remnant of Stryker's men and later traded for Scott Summers. Scott was subsequently held and tortured before being rescued. Jean Grey made the decision to leave to further her training following her reaction to Scott's kidnapping. Ororo Munroe led the team in Scott's trauma-induced absence. Remy LeBeau got news that his leg needed to be amputated, before being healed by Amanda at Charlie's grave-site. He and Lorna met up in France and stopped a Guild war at Tante Mattie's behest.

Jay Guthrie left the mansion for Nashville, and Jubilation Lee left for the west coast. Kevin Ford discussed powers out by the fountain with Crystal. Laurie Collins taught Julio about archery. Karolina Dean visited home and was approached by a man who wanted to photograph her for a website. Clarice got her new trainee name, Tinky Winky. Danielle Moonstar manifested one of Marie's nightmares, which Jennie Stavros walked in on. Doug and Marie went on a date. Betsy Braddock came to visit Haller after his break, and was scared off by the personalities in his head.

Nathan took the rest of Elpis to Afghanistan to investigate a slave ring. It was there that they rescued a young mutant girl, Sooraya "Dust" Qadir, and brought her back to the mansion. Kitty Pryde got a job offer at Caltech, and Jamie Madrox encouraged her to take it.

Marius Laverne continued to not cope with his powers issues, fighting with both Jennie and Forge, before leaving. Jennie met up with her father again, and he invited her to come visit him in Europe during the summer break. Crystal visited with her sister, Medusa Amaquelin.


July 1 - Amanda gets mad and goes to a club after arguing with Sofia, and then later goes for curry with Doug. Nathan takes Sofia out for coffee and does some art therapy with Haller. Scott and Ororo do paperwork. Bleeding: Crystal convinces Jennie to visit Marius in the medlab; the visit does not go well at all, and Crystal makes it rain indoors.

July 2 - Nathan encounters Crystal in the hallway and they have only a slightly awkward conversation. Then Crystal convinces Jennie to get out of bed where she's been moping. Marie-Ange pounds on Doug's door and they fight over what happened during Doug's meeting with Quentin Quire.

July 3 - Crystal meets Kevin out by the fountain, and they have a rather strained conversation about powers. Terry has her first Danger Room session with Scott. Bleeding: Marius tells Forge that he's decided to leave the school rather than stick around and be an "invalid". The Rictor Effect: Julio wakes up in a hospital in Mexico and learns he is a mutant; Julio's father calls Nathan and convinces him to come talk to Julio about the school; then later that night, Magneto kidnaps Julio out of the hospital.

July 4 - Kick It Up: Shiro goes to the city and discovers how sick his friend Yoshi is; he obtains some Kick. Forge and Scott do a drag-race, which Scott easily wins. The Rictor Effect: Nathan arrives in Mexico to find that Julio's been kidnapped, and he calls for backup; Terry and Kevin hang out at the 4th of July BBQ and notice all the X-Men being called out; Haller and Scott discuss the former's trepidation about wearing the uniform for the first time and Scott and Jean later have a moment on the beach in San Diego while the others are playing cards in the Blackbird on a break from searching for Julio.

July 5 - The Rictor Effect: The team catches up with Magneto and Julio, and after a botched attempt at rescue at the Marina, Magneto takes Julio to a raised oil platform and tortures him; the X-Men arrive, but are too late to stop Julio from causing a giant earthquake that destroys San Diego; the X-Men are able to rescue Julio and take him back to the beach, while the other half of the team does damage control; the team reconvenes on the beach, where they discover that San Diego is going to be wiped out by a tsunami; Cable, Legion and Phoenix are able to stop the tsunami, but as a result Haller suffers a psychotic break and begins attacking his teammates, incapacitating several of them; Storm, Iceman and Sunfire take out the secondary waves of the tsunami, but Shiro has to use Kick to repel his wave; Wanda and Amanda watch this on tv; Angelo also sees all this go down on tv, and bribes Illyana to take him to the beach so he can check up on Nathan.

July 6 - The Rictor Effect: Amanda, Crystal, Doug, Terry and Clarice all volunteer for cleanup duty in San Diego for Red X, along with the rest of the X-Men; Amanda and Angelo have a moment at the airstrip, Doug somehow manages to ask Marie on a date, Wanda pretends she can't speak English with a nosy reporter, Kurt and Marie fend off looters, and Scott checks up on both Lorna and Kurt; Forge and Jono watch Paige on tv and have a civil conversation about their girl; Remy and Sofia have a rather tense discussion about the incident.

July 7 - The Rictor Effect: Rogue saves Shamu, Cain shows his former military training, and he and Tarot do some demolition; Angelo uses his powers to save a little girl from a collapsed apartment building; Crystal overextends herself and suffers a temporary loss of power while in mid-air, and luckily Kurt is there to catch her; Marie-Ange and Doug are also able to cooperate and rescue students from a collapsed auditorium; Scott checks in with Ororo, and Julio finally wakes up in the infirmary/medlab in Westchester.

July 8 - The Rictor Effect: Jamie and Terry save a man from a collapsed mall, Scott does another round of checking up on his X-Men, and Amanda succumbs to the weird feeling she's had since she arrived in San Diego; Jennie forces Nathan to go back to the medlab because his virus is flaring up again, and Betsy and Remy discuss trying to find Magneto.

July 9 - Jay finally runs into Tommy for the first time since Jay's beating. Nathan discovers his virus was given to him by Mistra to keep him in check, and to get rid of it he has to give himself a lobotomy. And Haller regains consciousness, but is definitely not in his right mind.

July 10 - Nathan has some trepidation about lobotomizing himself. Jay finally says goodbye to his roommates, and to Kyle, and leaves the mansion to pursue his dreams of being a musician. The Rictor Effect: Scott tells Shiro that he's proud of him, Wanda and Doug have an encounter with koalas at the damaged San Diego Zoo, Lorna is proud at being able to type with one hand, Bobby is upset at being tricked into returning to the mansion.

July 11 - The Rictor Effect: Kurt and Marie discuss the latter's problems with Magneto getting away again, Scott meets the president. Bleeding: Marius takes off, leaving notes for Forge, Kyle and Jennie; Forge meets Julio in the infirmary and discovers that Marius has left, and on his mad dash to find him, runs into Jennie, who is understandably upset.

July 12 - The Rictor Effect: Julio and Nathan meet for the first time since Julio's ordeal, and Nathan tells Julio he needs to learn control in order to stop feeling helpless. Marie-Ange accepts Remy's job offer to work at Snow Valley, Jennie walks in on a powers loop between Marie and Dani and freaks out. And Jubilee comes to Amanda and reveals that David has been dealing drugs and she's had to resign from the police academy.

July 13 - Forge has his final meeting with the professor and decides what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Ororo finds Marie moping and comforts her, and later Scott takes Marie for a drive. Jennie meets with her father, who invites her to come spend time with him in Europe. She tells this to Crystal later that night, when the latter returns home from San Diego and finds Marius has left. Remy discusses Wanda's new job with her. Paige is delighted that she came back from San Diego unscathed. And Scott finally talks to Haller, who is still not himself.

July 14 - Jubilee makes the decision to move to the West Coast Annex to train with the team out there. Julio and Marie meet for the first time since the beach, and Julio discovers something new about his power. Forge visits the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs to get some counseling about his new security job and ends up burying the hatchet with both Amanda and Doug. Terry and Bobby take off for the weekend to Las Vegas. Nathan and Marie have a relatively normal conversation. And Betsy finally visits Haller and does not like what she finds, and one of Haller's alternate personalities sets her on fire. Betsy then runs into Scott the hallway, and they have a fight, where Betsy ends up slapping Scott. Julio introduces himself on the journals. Drop of Nightshade: The heads of the crime Guilds in New Orleans are lured into a trap and assassinated.

July 15 - Forge drops Jennie off at the airport, and she gives him a kiss as a going-away present. Later, Forge and Jubilee say goodbye when she leaves for California.

July 16 - Julio wakes up with Rachel on his chest, and is somewhat unfazed. Later he goes for a run and meets Laurie, and she teaches him archery. Crystal visits home and is picked up by her sister, Medusa. Cain and Rogue have a Danger Room session where they find out just how strong she is. Search and Rescue: Some shady operatives kidnap Alex in Hawaii and transport him to New York.

July 17 - Julio has an encounter with Jack, one of Haller's alternate personalities outside of Moira's office. Marie-Ange accepts Remy's job offer. Marie tries to find out of Remy has any information on Magneto. Search and Rescue: Scott is forced to trade himself for his brother's safety; Lorna finds Alex walking by himself on the way to the mansion without his containment suit; Scott finds out that the shady operatives are former associates of Stryker's; They want some information that Scott has, and Scott says he doesn't remember it; the shady operatives begin to torture Scott.

July 18 - Search and Rescue: The search for Scott begins; Ororo mobilizes the team, and Jean is understandably upset; Marie and Shiro investigate a lead and instead find a Kick lab, where Shiro uses the drug and defeats the other junkies; Ororo announces that Scott has been kidnapped, and Julio is not enthused; Scott starts hallucinating in the midst of torture. Marie Ange moves to the brownstone. The Curse Stops Here: Remy and Moira discuss Remy's medical problems, and it is not good news. Lorna brings Alex his suit and his puppies, and they have a strained conversation.

July 19 - Nathan and Betsy have a conversation about Scott while minding the comms. The Curse Stops Here: Amanda and Marie-Ange talk about Charlie and MA reveals the vision she had of Amanda and Charlie; Amanda and Remy then go to visit Charlie's grave for the anniversary of his death; Remy reveals he's going to New Orleans to fill a debt to Tante Mattie, and before either can react they are enveloped by white light, and both go missing, which worries the residents of the brownstone. Search and Rescue: Cain and Clarice trace another lead to the great white north, and she gets to use her new trainee name; Scott is still under torture, and hallucinates Marie this time.

July 20 - Search and Rescue: Scott's still hallucinating, and he imagines Kurt, only this time it's a trick by his captors to get him to talk; Nathan and Terry discuss Scott while manning the comms; Scott hallucinates Paige. Kick It Up: Shiro decides to start using Kick as a power booster. The Curse Stops Here: Amanda wakes up and finds she has no memory of the last 30 hours and George the werelight has returned.

July 21 - Alex is still guilting when his grandparents arrive to take his mind off things. Search and Rescue: Jamie and Kurt find Scott in Wyoming, and return with the cavalry; Jean fries the brains of Scott's captors and he's rescued, but he's so far gone he doesn't believe that anyone's real; Forge has Dr. Voght rig a bed in the sunroom because Scott's been deprived of sunlight too long; Scott wakes up to find Alex at his bedside. The Curse Stops Here: Amanda goes to New Orleans to demand of Tante Mattie why her magic's back. Julio snaps at Clarice out by the lake when she says something inappropriate.

July 22 - Nathan has a talk with Ororo, and then later with Marie. Only he's not so nice to Marie, because he's got other things on his mind, like Afghanistan. Scott is reunited with Jean, and they discover the link's back. Angelo celebrates his 20th birthday, and Amanda gives him a book. Doug and Marie go on their first date.

July 23 - Marie discusses her date with Doug with Angelo, and then drops in on Amanda, where George the werelight decides to make an appearance. He's still hanging around when Angelo turns up later. Scott and Paige have a moment in the greenhouse. Buzkashi: Nathan has taken the Elpis members with to Afghanistan to investigate rumors of a mutant slave trade; Nathan gives Rahne a headscarf and some advice. And Sofia makes dinner for the brownstone.

July 24 - Ororo visits Scott in the greenhouse, and comforts him. Julio comments on how quiet it is.

July 25 - Terry checks up on Scott in the Greenhouse. Buzkashi: Nathan and Angelo meet with one of his contacts in Afghanistan. Karolina visits home. Kitty gets a job offer at Caltech, and Jamie encourages her to accept.

July 26 - Scott is finally released to his room, and Betsy comes to visit him. She doesn't hit him this time. Buzkashi: Nathan and his team are still chasing leads in Afghanistan, and he has a telekinetic fit as his powers are slowly returning; Nathan and Angelo eventually find an enslaved young mutant, Sooraya Quadir, and Nathan buys her from her captors and then has to reassure her.

July 27 - Buzkashi: Rahne takes Sooraya to her room, and tries to calm the girl down; Rahne and Sooraya are kidnapped back by the people Nathan purchased Sooraya from; Nathan, Bobby and Angelo come to their rescue, and Sooraya decides to accompany them back to New York. Jean also tells Scott she has to leave the school, as her actions during Scott's rescue frightened her. The professor sends her to train in Tibet.

July 28 - Scott has insomnia and runs into Lorna. They discuss their significant others and worry about them. Later, Scott and Marie talk and Marie makes Scott a promise. Forge helps Marie-Ange move the last of her stuff to the brownstone in New York and gets dating advice. Drop of Nightshade: Lorna tracks down Remy and finds him in France, fully healed.

July 29 - Shiro checks up on Scott, and later meets Alex, who notices there's something amiss with him. Believing is Seeing: Karolina attends a concert in California and has an unsettling encounter with a sleazy guy named Rob, who wants Karolina to pose for some pictures. Laurie brings Haller some food. Amanda and Nathan have a slightly strained conversation. Drop of Nightshade: Remy and Lorna leave France for New Orleans so Remy can repay his debt to Tante Mattie; they find that Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau has murdered the guild heads so that she could assume control, and that she is Gambit's wife; Remy and Lorna avert a civil war among the crime syndicates and almost get killed; Lorna is not very happy with Remy for not telling her about Belladonna.

July 30 - Haller finally accepts a visit from Nathan and is devastated to learn that Nathan doesn't remember a thing about that day in San Diego. Terry and Bobby take off again. Bleeding: While on a layover in Paris, Jennie is being watched by an unknown person, who turns out to be Marius.

July 31 - Nathan has another TK fit in front of Angelo, and they discuss the future. Bleeding: Jennie calls the mansion and her father and leaves conflicting messages. Haller finally meets Marie in the kitchen, after setting her on fire in San Diego. It's only slightly awkward.


The Rictor Effect

Search and Rescue


Drop of Nightshade

Believing Is Seeing

The Curse Stops Here

Kick It Up


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