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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Quentin Quire (disambiguation).


Quentin Quire
Portrayed by Tom Lenk
Known Aliases: "Kid Omega"
Affiliations: associated with Milan
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: May 4, 2006

A low-level telepath, Quire used his powers for his own benefit until a mishap with Marie-Ange Colbert resulted in his 'outing' and subsequent training in ethics and control with Charles Xavier.


Name: Quentin Quire

Aliases: "Kid Omega"

Occupation: Fugitive

First appearance: May 4, 2006

Family: Unknown


Quentin Quire was a TA for Marie-Ange's calculus class in 2006. A low-level telepath, when his power came out, he and his parents were approached by Charles Xavier and asked if he wanted to attend the school. As his power is very weak, and does not present him any harm, and he wanted to attend a math/science magnet school, he and his parents turned Charles down.

Quentin is now studying for his master's degree (First of a series if he has anything to say about it) in mathmatics. (He has a bachelors in Computer Engineering) To cover his tuition, he helps TA classes at Westchester College.

He also took some advanced Math Theory classes with Doug Ramsey, who he Loathed. It was simply Nerd Rivarly - Doug is everything Quentin is, plus everything he wants to be. Smart, good at math and science and programming, and socially adept and in shape. They barely even speak to each other.

Quentin is also a terminal dork. While a competant TA, he exhibits most of the stereotypical awkward super-nerd social mannerisms, espically around women. More so around attractive women, and in triplicate around attractive, intelligent women. Attractive, intelligent, mutant women just make his poor brain go smush and dribble out his ears.

At the end of the 2006 semester, bolstered by a month of talking himself into it, and encouragement from the various online message boards and communities he is active in (IE: If you don't ask her out, the answer will always be no), Quentin summoned his courage and asked a girl out. Unfortunately, that girl was Marie-Ange Colbert and when she told him she was dating Doug, Quentin attempted to use his powers on her. It backfired, due to the strange set up of Marie-Ange's brain due to her powers, and resulted in a rather strange couple of weeks. Eventually confronted by Doug, Quentin admitted his role in the situation and began ethics classes with Charles in order to learn not to use his powers for his own gain. This had been an ongoing process until Charles deemed Quentin unlikely to abuse his power.

Quire would next surface in Dubai, attending the opening of the Malik Dubai hotel complex. Quentin had been invited to participate in a poker tournament, and had a brief encounter with Doug at the hotel which led him into an alliance with Milan, and the two decided to try and make life hell for Doug and his friends. Unfortunately, their revenge fell flat and Quentin found himself under arrest, at least until Milan managed to spring him from the custody of US Marshals.

At this time, Quentin Quire is at large.


A very low-level telepath, requiring touch to do anything to anyone. Primarily, he uses this power to make his life easier in small ways. Nothing obvious - he is in no way powerful enough for this. He gets out of speeding tickets, gets the people in Best Buy to stop asking him if he wants the extended warranty, and people who cut in front of him in lines at the ATM or grocery get bad anime theme songs stuck in their head for hours.

Quentin has used a diluted form of Kick to enhance his powers, allowing him to sift through a person's surface thoughts and delve into their dreams to pick out memories. This increase in power is transient, though, and completely dependent on the drug.


Ghost of a Chance

Analog Kid, Digital Man

Hotel California (as an illusion)


PB: Tom Lenk

Socked by: Frito