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Francisco Milan
Portrayed by Danny Strong
Known Aliases: Milan
Affiliations: allied with Quentin Quire
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: V=IR

A technological whiz with the ability to control machines, Milan used his powers for his own gain, until a meeting with Forge revealed his deception. Working with Fabian Cortez, he sought to uncover a 'death ray' created by Nikola Tesla but was foiled by Doug and Forge. He resurfaced later to try and gain a measure of revenge, and is now at-large.


Name: Francisco Milan

Aliases: prefers "Milan". Definitely not "Frank".

Affiliation: associate of Quentin Quire, formerly associated with Fabian Cortez - Phase 1

First appearance: December 11, 2007

Family: unnamed grandmother


The child of an American serviceman and an Italian woman, Francisco Milan was raised by his maternal grandmother in Vincenza, Italy. Showing an aptitude for technology at a young age, Milan quickly developed a facility for mathematics and computers. However, he was also diagnosed at a young age with Tourette's Syndrome, which made social interaction increasingly difficult, and led Milan to retreat from personal interaction.

When his mutant power to control machines emerged, Milan's curiosity got him into a spot of trouble after he hacked the Italian Stock Exchange, throwing the country's business economy into a very short-lived tailspin. Finding himself even further ostracized, he discovered the Lehnsherr Manifesto, as well as Forge's biography of Magneto. Believing that he could be a part of the new mutant society that Magneto espoused in his writings, he began using his abilities to electronically embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars while evading the authorities, disseminating his ill-gotten gains among various radical pro-mutant organizations.

It was through this action that Milan met Fabian Cortez - Phase 1 and the two concocted a plan to help Magneto's cause in a more direct manner. Through social connections, Cortez had become aware of a possible link to the legendary "death ray" rumored to have been built by Nikola Tesla. This information, held by the Tesla Club, could be very useful to a mutant such as Magneto. Thusly, Cortez arranged for Milan to be accepted into the Club and the two of them managed to defraud the Club into giving them access to the information.

During this process, Milan met Forge, and the two developed an immediate rivalry that blossomed into a feud when Forge bullied Milan for his social inadequacies. This feud culminated when Milan and Forge fought in Tesla's tower and Milan tried to control Forge's cybernetics with his power. The strain gave Forge a seizure, and in the chaos following, Milan was able to make an escape.

Milan showed up over a year later in Dubai, using his powers to seize control of an automated hotel complex in an attempt to gain revenge against Doug and Forge, as well as their companions. Allying himself with Quentin Quire, Milan again failed to convincingly defeat his rivals, and is currently laying low and preparing his next move.


Milan is a touch-based technopath, capable of controlling machines and technology by creating a "ghost" copy of his own mind and "possessing" the machine. This allows him to mentally access data at the speed of thought, and hack into otherwise secure networks if he can somehow gain physical access. While normally this ability is limited in range and duration, when boosted by Fabian Cortez's ability, Milan was able to maintain a near-global connection to machines for weeks at a time.

Since his split with Cortez, Milan has used a diluted form of Kick to enhance his powers, although not to the levels that he was able to with Fabian's help. The use of the drug tends to exacerbate some of the symptoms of his Tourette's, however, making him even more socially awkward.

Aside from his mutant powers, Milan is also somewhat of a savant at mathematics and cryptography (although not possessing the enhanced talent of Doug Ramsey), and a decently talented engineer.



Analog Kid, Digital Man


Socked by: Frito

PB: Danny Strong

Milan was intended to be a nemesis for Forge, much in the way that Quentin Quire was for Doug, hence the choice of PB.