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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the NPC. For other uses, see William Stryker (disambiguation).


William Stryker - deceased
Portrayed by Brian Cox
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Weapon X
Socked By: none
Introduction: X2

During the events of X2, Colonel William Stryker led an assault on Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersin an attempt to destroy mutants.


Name: William Stryker

Aliases: none

Affiliation: Contractor with the US Department of Defense

First appearance: X2: X-Men United

Family: Unnamed wife (deceased), Jason (son, presumed deceased)


William Stryker's career began as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, where he was highly decorated. Returning home from the war, he became involved with various defense programs, including the secretive Weapon X program.

When his son Jason was found to be a mutant, Stryker sent him to Charles Xavier's school, hoping that Jason could be "cured". When he learned that Xavier had no intention of curing Jason's mutation, Stryker withdrew his son from the school and bore a grudge against Charles that would grow into an obsession. Eventually, Jason's powers of mental illusions grew so strong that Stryker's wife, overcome by her son's power, committed suicide by taking a power drill to her head.

Playing off the government's paranoia about the "mutant problem" in the wake of Magneto's attack at Liberty Island and an attempted assassination by Kurt Wagner, Stryker convinced President McKenna to allow a raid on Xavier's school in the name of national security. He obtained intelligence about the school and the X-Men by interrogating Magneto using a secretion obtained from Stryker's own son, Jason. It was later discovered that Stryker had manipulated Kurt Wagner with this very same serum.

After the raid on the school, Stryker took those mutants he had captured, including Xavier himself, to his Alkali Lake compound, a facility that was also instrumental in the Weapon X project. There he intended to recreate Cerebro and force Xavier to use it to kill every mutant on the planet.

However, the X-Men arrived and foiled Stryker's plans. In the confusion, Magneto altered Cerebro to affect humans rather than mutants, and attempted to twist Stryker's plan to kill all humans on the planet before he too was stopped.

In the process of his attempted escape, Stryker was caught by Logan, and as repayment for the torture he suffered under the Weapon X program, Logan latched Stryker to a helicopter, leaving him to his doom when the Alkali Lake dam collapsed, flooding the area.


Colonel Stryker was a baseline human, possessing no extraordinary powers or abilities. He was a cunning military strategist and possessed some degree of scientific knowledge, as well as a significant level of skill piloting helicopters.




It has been implied, although not stated outright, that Cain Marko knew Colonel Stryker from his time in Vietnam.


Socked by: none

PB: Brian Cox