Drop of Nightshade

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Drop of Nightshade
Dates run: July 14-29, 2006
Run By: Dex
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Part 1 of The Prince of Thieves arc.

"I really don't want to talk about this, Remy. You're not Gambit but there are certain things that I think follow you and people are one of them. You have a wife and you never told me. We'll discuss it later after everything is settled."

Summoned to New Orleans to prevent his ex-wife destroying Tante Mattie and taking over the city, Remy encounters more than one complication when Lorna accompanies him.


Remy LeBeau, Lorna Dane

Tante Mattie, Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau, New Orleans Guilds


July 14-29, 2006

Plot Summary

Over the month of July, a series of incidents begin to escalate tensions between all five New Orleans Guilds| guilds, in New Orleans . Deliberate attacks and counterattacks are rending the compact between the family asunder, leading to the direct possibility of open war for the first time in over 100 years. As a last ditch effort to avert this, all five family heads agree to a secret meeting to try and determine and quiet the situation. Unfortunately, the meeting is an ambush, and each guild loses their leaders. A chaotic scramble for both power and stability is on.

Prior to Remy's healing, he received a summons from Tante Mattie, who is finally calling in his debt to her, ordering him down to New Orleans to represent her in a meeting demanded by the temporary guild heads. Tante's belief is that she's been targeted as the one responsible for the attacks. Remy agreed, because he has no real choice, but also that unchecked, a Guild War and the unbalancing of power in New Orleans will kill hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people. Remy had also been told by Moira MacTaggart that he leg would need to be amputated, and rather than face that, he was prepared to die in New Orleans instead.

Following the healing and his trip to France, things are a little less deadly. It's still an intensely dangerous situation, but Gambit is both dangerous and powerful, more so if they believe him crippled. He warns Lorna that he's going to do something potentially fatal, and of course, because she can't talk him out of it, demands to go help him.

They arrived in New Orleans mostly in secret to get the rundown from Tante, and the news that yet another rash of killings between the Guilds have taken place. There is a special meeting arranged at one of the estates, where a surprise awaited Remy. The new head of the Assassins Guild is none other than Remy's ex-wife, Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau. Belladonna, using the power of the Guild, has brokered a new deal with two of the other Guilds that leads to the Assassins assuming leadership and control over all the Guilds 'until the crisis cools'. Members of the Thieves Guilds and others were targeted as being the ones to start the war, with the help of Tante. Belladonna declared the Arrangement dissolved.

The Assassins were moving to capture or kill anyone who has resisted their claim to authority, and a group was sent after Tante. Belladonna, on the other hand, decided instead to try to kill Remy. Remy sent Lorna and what fragments of other Guilds he knows to safeguard Tante, while he sought to delay Belladonna by fighting her in the estate. Lorna thwarts a vicious attempt on Tante's life, discovering that the old voodoo queen was expecting it. Remy caught up with them after escaping Belladonna's trap, and Tante sent them away from New Orleans while she disappears into the swamp. Remy arranged for the Guild members to go to ground around the country and offered to help coordinate against his ex-wife.

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Plotrunner: Dex

Drop of Nightshade is the first installment in Remy's The Prince of Thieves arc: the second is Wendy, the third is Voodoo Child and the finale is New Orleans Is Sinking.