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Jennie Stavros
Portrayed by Eva Green
Codename: Roulette
Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute - Graduate student
Birthdate: October 31, 1988
Journal: Lady Luck
Player: Available for Application

"Oooh. Auntie Jennie like..."

Jennifer "Jennie" Stavros is a graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. No longer the unrepentant party girl of years past, a wiser, warier Jennie has returned to the mansion after a three-year absence. She left again in 2018.


Character Journal xp_roulette

Real Name: Jennifer Primavera Stavros

Codename: Roulette

Aliases: Trisha

First Appearance: July 26, 2005

Date of Birth: October 31st, 1988

Place of Birth: Queens, New York

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Stavros Family Penelope Stavros (mother, deceased), Aristotle Niarchos (father), Grace Niarchos (stepmother), Olivia Niarchos (half-sister), Dorian Niarchos (half-brother), three younger half-brothers, Maternal Grandparents

Education: Graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Holds a BFA in Dance.

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Dance Teacher

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Jennie is the product of a brief relationship between a Greek-born dancer named Penelope Stavros and a Greek shipping heir named Aristotle Niarchos. After Jennie was born, her mother moved them to Las Vegas, Nevada, where Penny found work as a dancer in the many large shows on the strip. Jennie had a relatively stable childhood, especially when her mother began to see a lighting technician named Dan. Jennie and her mother lived with Dan for 6 years until he split suddenly when Jennie was 12. As a consequence her mother's substance abuse ran dangerously out of control, and Jennie retaliated by staying out late, drinking, hanging out with much older people and seeing boys. Also during this time Jennie's neatness habits began to develop into a form of mild OCD. Her powers also manifested around this time, during a heated argument with her mother she caused their microwave to explode. Bad luck began to follow Jennie everywhere she went as an uncontrollable side-effect of her probability manipulation powers. This culminated with her mother throwing her out of their house when Jennie was 15.

Jennie spent the next few months sleeping on friends' couches, and bouncing between the teen shelter and group homes. Finally, her friend Julia offered her a permanent place to stay. Jennie dropped out of school halfway through her sophomore year of high school so she could take a second part-time job and better support herself. During the summer of 2005, she found her friend and roommate Julia brutally murdered. The lead suspect was the woman's on-again, off-again boyfriend, who was under suspicion for alleged ties to the mafia. The FBI took her case, and with the girl being a mutant and with no where to go, they handed her over to agent Fred Duncan, who contacted the school.

Phase 1

Coming to Xavier's

Madelyn Bartlet met the young woman in the New York FBI offices, and convinced her that the school was the safest place for Jennie to go. In spite of some initial hesitation, Jennie agreed. After a slow start, Jennie settled in and began to make friends, including the young inventor Forge, and her powers tutor, Wanda Maximoff.

During the month of September, when the medlab was very understaffed Jennie volunteered and was trained as a medlab helper. During one of her shifts watching the comatose Tommy Jones she became bored, and along with Clarice Ferguson, painted his toenails.

She also met and bonded with fellow student Marius Laverne. The two quickly became friends after they got drunk together during the Seattle riots and later when Jennie dumped a bookshelf and a door on his head in retaliation for him being an utter nuisance. Also during the fall and winter Jennie contacted her mother, and began to slowly rebuild their relationship. In March, Penny revealed to Jennie she had been speaking with her parents again. However, her mother suffered a sudden stroke and died shortly thereafter. Jennie was accompanied to the funeral by Marius and Nathan Dayspring. Afterwards she asked Forge to locate her father, whose identity was still unknown. She finally contacted her father in the summer of 2006, and has begun a tenuous relationship with him and her stepmother and half-siblings.

During the summer she acquired a roommate after a year of living by herself, Crystal Amaquelin. After a bumpy start, the two befriended each other, and Crystal was the one who was the most vocal when Jennie disappeared.


During the summer Marius Laverne's maladaptive mutation finally got the better of him and frustrated, he left the school. Jennie left soon afterwards to visit her father in Europe. On the trip home, Jennie ran into Marius at a Paris airport and decided to stay longer in order to convince her friend to return to the school. Unbeknownst to either of them, she became caught in an empathic loop that prevented her from leaving anyway. She accompanied Marius and Manuel de la Rocha around Paris, and later to Monaco when the former's parents cut him off. She was vehemently opposed to Marius's purchase of Yvette Petrovic, but unable to make her opinions known due to the empathic loop. She used her powers to help them survive, but they eventually backfired on her and caused a probability backlash that resulted in Manuel being seriously injured. The staff, having shown up before the lucksnap, took both Jennie and Marius home.

After waking up and realizing what had happened was not entirely her fault, Jennie had a falling out with Marius, and refused to have anything to do with him. She also had a severe flare-up of her OCD, she cleaned the floor of her bathroom to the point where her fingers bled. Jennie finally reached a breaking point and sought help from the student counselor David Haller, and from Leonard Samson. Jennie also sought and received Yvette's forgiveness, as the girl became her new suite mate.

Vitiation and the Aftermath

On a visit to see her powers tutor, Wanda Maximoff, Jennie encountered Marie-Ange Colbert, who had a precognitive vision. When Marius later came into contact with the Infectia virus, he quickly started to degrade. When Marius startled Yvette in the kitchen, the younger girl found Jennie and asked her to help him. It is because of Marie-Ange's vision that Jennie followed Marius into the woods. Going by herself in a stroke of brilliance, she used her luck powers to find him, and lost her cellphone in the process. Having no control over his predator instincts, Marius chased Jennie, who tried to incapacitate him by hitting him with a tree. Wounded, but not out, Marius attacked Jennie, only to be subdued by Cain and Kyle.

Realizing that she still cared for her friend, in spite of his best efforts, Jennie sought Marius out and forgave him. The two resumed their friendship, claiming to the rest of the school that they had eloped while in Europe. Shortly thereafter Marius underwent an experimental medical procedure, and surprised Jennie on her 18th birthday, completely cured.

A Rough Spring

Jennie busied herself in getting back into school, determined to finish her senior year and get into a good college. Over Christmas she attended a family party after excusing herself from a family holiday over Thanksgiving. Much to everyone's surprise, Jennie's father invited Marius to accompany them as well. It probably had less to do with altruism and more with a desire to torture his mother-in-law, but nevertheless it ended up in a situation in which Jennie's half-brother tricked both her and Marius into kissing. Both decided to forgo the month of awkwardness in favor of never speaking of the incident again.

The new year came, and with it the mysterious comas and the Kansas City blizzard, where Jennie used her powers offensively for the first time and rescued some trapped teens. However, as the anniversary of her mother's death approached Jennie became sullen and withdrawn. She got a tattoo to commemorate her mother, and then later on the actual anniversary went out drinking and almost ended up in a bad situation. The night culminated in a fight/talk with her best friend that allowed her to come to terms with a few of her issues regarding her mother.

Jennie applied to both Columbia and NYU as part of a desire to stay close to home. She was eventually accepted into NYU and into the Tisch School of the Art's dance program. Jennie met Marius's sister Monet St. Croix, and found the girl rather odd, but nothing like the horror stories she had been told. She also formed a stronger friendship with Illyana Rasputin after the girl was deposed as the ruler of Limbo. She also fought off dinosaurs as the field trip curse reared its head yet again. Afterwards Jennie began to openly express her desire to leave the mansion for an apartment in the city.


While out for dinner, Jennie and her friends Marius, Kyle and Crystal were ambushed by mercenaries. All but Crystal were captured and taken to an abandoned hospital in New Jersey to meet one Rory Campbell. While in Campbell's hands she and her friends were twisted and brainwashed into becoming Hounds. The school intervened as swiftly as they could, but when the X-Men arrive the changed students attacked on sight. Jennie fortunately caused a lucksnap that caused her and the boys to regain temporarily control. Jennie turned on Ramrod and shredded him before throwing in a bleeding ulcer while she was at it. She was knocked out, and mercifully restored to normal before the effects of the spliced DNA could culminate in her death.

Afterwards, she was left with a desire to be more proactive against people who hate and fear mutants in order to alleviate feelings of helplessness and anxiety. She also came to see the X-Men in a new light, as the hope that they would come to her eventual rescue kept her sane during her capture. After discussion with both Kyle and Marius, all three decided upon a course of action. They arrived in Ororo Munroe's office to ask permission to join the team as trainees.

The Real World

Jennie graduated with honors, miraculously in light of her many absences, and eagerly began her training. However, with the disappearance of Attilan, and the loss of her friends Crystal and Forge, Jennie had a slight Moment. She walked to Poughkeepsie and back while memorizing an almanac. She can now recite the populations of every country above "m".

She was also invited along on two missions. Much to Marius's chagrin. The first, she had to overcome an old hurt and rob a casino. Again. This time she gave it back, though. She also waited in the getaway car when Marie needed to steal some things.

When word reached the school that Crystal and Forge were alive, and with Forge's subsequent return Jennie found herself strangely affected. Must be that whole "numerous deaths of close friends and family" thing. Eventually she got over it and welcomed back her friend.

School started, and Jennie found herself in a completely different world than what she was used to at Xavier's. Now with a new roommate, Noriko Ashida, new classes and her training continuing, it was anyone's guess whether or not Jennie could keep up.


In October, the Russians decided to take out Magneto with a big fricken space laser. This had no unforeseen consequences whatsoever. In the ensuing melee, Jennie was called along with Marius to go to the Australian outback to rescue Scott Summers. Jennie wound up having to go one-on-one with Nimrod, and ended up having to drop the Blackbird on him. Nimrod escaped, and Jennie spent her 19th birthday very high on painkillers as a result of the beating she received. But all in all, she considers that one a win.

In November, an order of monks tried to take out several probability manipulators, including Jennie, Domino, and Wanda. They quickly learned why this was a stupid idea.

When the psis went crazy, Jennie, along with Terry were sent to retrieve David Haller from a convenience store and wound up foiling a robbery in the process. As a result of her quick thinking, Jennie was promoted to full team status, the first of her class of trainees.

Unfortunately, her first official duty as a full team member went horribly awry, and she wound up spending three days stuck as a dog. She tried to maintain a sense of humor about it, but the casual cruelty of her peers came off as a shock to her, and when she regained her shape, left her with some food for thought. Especially in light of the different treatment Angelo Espinosa received for essentially the same public actions.

Thankfully, something did go right for Jennie. She and Terry were able to help Tatiana Caban when she was in peril and bring her to the mansion, Jennie herself taking on an angry mob. Of course, many were visibly intoxicated, but the principle is the same. She acquitted herself well, the lessons she had been taking with Pete Wisdom coming in handy.

College Girl

Jennie was the quintessential college party girl, her frequent answer to difficult situations being to get drunk - or to tell others to get drunk. The anniversary of her mother's death was one such situation, Manuel's return another, which caused issues with her friendship with Marius as the Australian pulled his typical disappearing act. Their relationship was further complicated by Jennie's realisation that she'd developed a crush on her oldest friend at the mansion, a fact she managed to hide from Marius, although the poetic truth-telling sports drink fiasco made it a very close call. Brash and no-nonsense, she would sometimes get into arguments on the journals, especially with Laurie Collins and Amanda Sefton, the latter two never really resolving their issues. Another unresolved problem was with team member Garrison Kane, that particular clash erupting on the journals following the Baron Zemo mission.

In October 2008, Jennie appeared to have died in an heroic attempt to save lives on the George Washington Bridge during Day Zero. Her powers saved her - barely - and she spent some time recovering. In the months that followed, the team seemed to be the only truly stable element of her life, as she found herself leading part of a mission and being groomed for eventual leadership of the team as a whole. That all nearly fell apart in May 2009 when she found herself pregnant to the boyfriend who had already dumped her. She had to pull out of the Budapest mission at the last minute and faced having to tell Scott and Jean why, and her lashing out on the journals nearly cost her several friendships, including the long-standing one with Forge. She lost the pregnancy not long after confirming it, and after some time concentrating more on her school, she accepted an internship with the Royal London Ballet Company and left the mansion.


Jennie returned to the mansion after a prolonged absence, after a run-in with two former foes in Hungary. She wandered, lost for the better part of a year, grieving an unknown catastrophe that happened while she was in England. She was able to assist in retrieving Longshot, and even helped explain Probability Manipulation to the traumatized man. Slowly, she seemed to come back from the fog of her grief, and it seemed she was on the mend.

The Dark Phoenix

During the events of The Dark Phoenix Jennie went with a team to Muir Island, in which she was severely injured and witnessed the deaths of her teammates Sam and Matt, triggering an extreme reaction and causing her to kill their killers, quite horribly. Removed before she could cause anymore damage, she remained drugged and injured in the medlab until the Dark Phoenix ascended upon the mansion. She joined a group of other injured in trying to distract the Dark Phoenix, but was forced to cause a lucksnap with Arthur as a last resort. It saved everyone in the vicinity but Miles Morales who died saving Kurt. Jennie's reserves were gone, and she was down and almost dead when Xorn appeared and made the world anew.

Phase 2

Brave New World

Jennie has awakened in the new world to find that she owns a dance studio in Salem Center, At The Barre, and that while in this universe she never had a relationship with her Father, her Mother was able to attend her Graduation from Xaviers before she passed away.

Life is never quiet for long, of course. February threw her headfirst into a confrontation with Mother, which resulted in some serious hurt for X-Force. Her first mission in the new world with the X-Men went about as well, when they went to help detain mutants that had broken out of Attica, and ended up being detained themselves by the Avengers. The hunt for a copycat cat serial killer with Clint who was targeting people resembling Jennie went about as well as everything else that year. All and all, it wasn't a great time.

Jennie flew under the radar for a bit, until she found a lead on her ex-fiance and left the mansion to pursue him once more.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Currently black (she doesn't remember her natural hair color)

Other Features: Multiple piercings in both ears. Lip and belly button piercing healed after undergoing the Hounds process. Ears and belly button stubbornly re-pierced. Scars on lower left side of neck and right wrist. Tattoos: cherry blossom on base of back of the neck, the word χάος in black ink on right wrist, διαταγή on left, two green long-tailed swallows on her abdomen, two red stars on the backs of her shoulder blades.


Jennie has the ability to manipulate probability, which is like telekinesis on a quantum level. She can give objects or people, and to a degree certain situations, "good" or "bad" luck. I.E, a lamp sitting on a desk has a 50/50 chance of staying on the desk or falling over. With her powers, she pushes it to a 0/100 percent chance in either direction. But sometimes the results aren't always what she plans. If she uses her chaos powers, the lamp could tip over, it could short out and break, or it could disintegrate. With her luck powers, she can do anything from finding missing objects, affect the outcome of a card game in her favor, to (theoretically) dodging bullets, (she's not too eager to test that one out). If she manipulates a certain kind of energy too much, the natural balance will be upset and the universe will snap back, sort of like a rubber band. The universe wants to stay in 50/50, and will reassert itself forcibly if she messes with things too much. The last time something like this happened, she accidentally destroyed two city blocks after an overuse of good luck.

Her powers also come with a type of short-range precognition. She "sees" probability as red or white light on the edges of her vision, and more directly if she squints. The more a type of light an object or situation has, the more energy of the opposite type she has to throw at it to get what she wants. It also helps her to read certain situations. If the world goes red, something's about to go FUBAR. She projects the energy via flat disks, which are that way for no other reason than she played a lot of frisbee as a child and it's easier to aim than a straight energy blast. She can also affect objects with a touch, and project a good or bad luck field around herself.




  • Jennie is horribly embarrassed by her middle name and only a select few of the Xavier's residents actually know it.
  • Jennie's godparents are actually two former drag queens who were friends of her mother. They may be the ones responsible for her middle name.
  • Actually quite smart, Jennie was the one who figured out that Forge, Kyle, Jay and Marius had been in her laundry basket and messing with her things in their ill-conceived panty raid. She was also the one who spearheaded the revenge that left all four boys tied up in the foyer in women's underwear.
  • Jennie has memorized the first 100 numbers of pi, can sing the distributive formula to the tune of jingle bells, and balances the medlab budget in her spare time.
  • As a dance student, she is now forced to shave her legs during winter.

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Player Icon Base: Eva Green

Jennie was introduced by Azzy in July 2005 and played by her until January 2010. Azzy returned to XP - and Jennie - in October 2012. Azzy left in 2018.