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Dates run: August 10-11, 2007
Run By: Avital
Read the logs: Acumen

"What, does it have Harry Potter spoilers or something in there?"

Irene Adler reappears, with another prophecy of doom for mutants.


Rogue, Dominion, Polaris, Marie-Ange Colbert, Blink, Roulette

Irene Adler


August 10-11, 2007

Plot Summary

Almost a year after her first encounter with Irene Adler, Marie received a most unwelcome phone call from the woman. She'd had another vision, this one regarding a threat of danger involving the defunct Sentinel program. Not happy with the situation, but unable to ignore the precog's talk of mutant deaths, Marie consulted with Marie-Ange, who sought help from Mark's network of mutant clubbers to uncover the location of the new Sentinel blueprints - a nightclub in Boston called Aqua.

Given the location and the need for stealth, Marie led a team of younger X-Men, joined by Marie-Ange. Whilst Garrison, Marie and Marie-Ange created a diversion, Lorna distracted the guard and Clarice snuck into the office and broke into the safe to retrieve the files. Things all went smoothly, until Irene reappeared. Seeming to stumble into Marie, she left as the theft was discovered and security was alerted, Marie's team leaving with Jennie as the getaway driver.

The true reason for Irene's presence was discovered as they files were found to be another diary - the precognitive had performed a switch as she'd stumbled into Marie, swapping the Sentinel files for her diary. Marie, obviously, was not impressed by this.

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Marie-Ange was called in to be the precognitive expert, given they were dealing with one of Irene's visions.

Forge entered the prophecies into the team data base for future reference, and discovered a further message in Braille on the back, indicating that Marie and Kurt Sefton were siblings.


Plotrunner: Avital

The plot was run specifically on the anniversary of Marie finding out she was adopted.