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Project: Sentinel
First Seen: May 9, 2003

The Sentinel program was a joint effort by Frost Enterprises and Shaw Industries, as part of an automated national defense system, intended to be proposed to the Department of Defense for a military development contract.

The Sentinel system was a fifteen-foot tall humanoid robot, with onboard weapons systems and an advanced friend-or-foe target recognition system. As proposed, Sentinels could be deployed at various sites in advance of human military personnel as first-response units, or placed in situations where humans could not be stationed due to environmental conditions. The technology used in the Sentinel robot involved use of myomer an experimental artificial muscle tissue, instead of bulky motors and servos. This allowed for a more lightweight design and the use of more extensive computer systems for artificial intelligence.

Following Magneto's attack on Liberty Island, head developer Donald Pierce adapted the Sentinel program to focus on mutant-hunting protocols, without informing his superiors, Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw. When the proposal was made to the government, the contract was declined due to the anti-mutant agenda inherent in the Sentinel program, and sanctions were placed on Shaw Industries and Frost Enterprises to discontinue any work on the program. In the wake of both companies' embarrassment, Pierce was unceremoniously fired from his position with Shaw Industries.

In 2002, Donald Pierce unleashed the prototype Sentinel on the Massachusetts Academy, a private school that Emma Frost ran. The resulting massacre resulted in the deaths of Emma's students, and putting Emma herself into a brief coma. The prototype was hidden in a warehouse in Boston, and later encountered by Emma, Jonothon Starsmore, and Sarah Morlocke in November 2003.

Donald Pierce has recently turned up as a guest of Arcade, but no further signs of the Sentinels have been seen. The Sentinel technology, specifically the myomer tech, was later used in the construction of cybernetics such as the Jetstream project, the Reavers, and Forge's artificial arm. In Acumen, plans for the robots were stolen by the X-Men, however they were switched for a diary of prophecy by Irene Adler.

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