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Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: "Prettyboy", "Skullbuster", "Bonebreaker", Cole, Macon, Reese, Williams, Hogan, Jennifer, Frank, Kowalski, Mitchell Tanner
Affiliations: Donald Pierce - anti-mutant
Socked By: Dex, Frito
Introduction: Reavers (plot)

The Reavers are a group of cyborgs working as soldiers of fortune. In March 2005 they invaded the mansion in order to retrieve data from Cerebro, meeting with spectacular failure.

First Appearance

March 1, 2005


Kip "Prettyboy" Marshall
Complete skeletal reconstruction. Rebuilt with polymer metals and fiber optics. Can interface with any electronic system, to include human neural systems with physical contact.

PB: Peter Weller in Robocop

Jorge "Skullbuster" Cabrera
Field leader of the Reavers. Muscle and skeletal replacement, titanium skull mask bonded to face. Expert in martial arts and use of knives.

PB: Terminator from Terminator Salvation

Lower body replaced with two motorized tank treads with integral machine gun and ammunition storage. Able to jettison treads and adopt a wheeled mode for high-speed escapes. Australian.

PB: Patrick Reynolds from Eliminators

  • Williams, Hogan, Jennifer, Frank, Reuben - named in various plots
  • Mitchell Tanner - Human, data recovery expert accompanying the Reavers during their raid.
  • Cole, Macon, and Reese - Former Hellfire Club employees, crippled by the X-Men during the rescue of Alex Summers from Selene.


The Reavers were hired by Sebastian Shaw to retrieve data and technology from Cerebro, after similar technology was discovered at the Alkali Lake site. In a pre-dawn raid, the Reavers infiltrated the mansion, but not without setting off the security systems. Evacuation measures were taken by the school, with the majority of students fleeing. The Reavers were outmaneuvered and repelled by the X-Men, as well as some of the staff and students. Taking heavy casualties, the Reavers fled by helicopter, having failed in their mission.

Many of the Reavers are outfitted with myomer-style cybernetics, an advanced version of the cyberware possessed by Jetstream. This technology was later used to repair Haroun's damaged legs and Forge's cybernetic arm. Most of the Reavers, excluding Bonebreaker, Prettyboy, and Skullbuster, wore plexiglass helmets with an integrated radio link that effectively kept them in telepathic contact with each other. Most of the Reavers were equipped with Kevlar body armor and M4 assault rifles, as well as various other firearms, grenades, and hand-to-hand weapons.

In June 2009, the Reavers appeared again during an X-Men mission in Brazil, defending a power plant that was exploiting a young mutant.

Most recently, the Revears appeared with leader Donald Pierce in a potential alliance with The Purifiers. The two groups invaded the Salem Center during graduation in an attempt to capture Charles Xavier. Although the group injured several mutants and seriously injured Nicholas Gleason, they were eventually turned back and several were brought under arrest. With Pierce in custody, the current whereabouts of the remaining Reavers are unknown.


Reavers (plot)


X-Men Mission: Rubicon

A Betrayal of Heart


Socked by: Dex, Frito

Formerly socked by Nute, Craig