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A return to end all returns - "Jane Smith" came to the school from Vancouver for help with her telekinesis, only to have her memories return and the true personality surface. Jean "Phoenix" Grey's return from the dead caused a mixture of emotions, and led to Betsy Braddock leaving the mansion in order to deal with her own conflict regarding the matter. Pete Wisdom's departure was announced and was taken badly by Amanda Sefton, particularly after Remy LeBeau took her aside and explained the truth to her, that Pete was going after Alphonso de la Rocha. Angry and upset and unable to tell the school as a whole or Manuel de la Rocha in particular, Amanda spent most of the month withdrawing from her friends. This led to a nasty fight with Paige Guthrie over crossed boundaries, and another fight with Jubilation Lee over nude photos of the mall rat Manuel had on his computer. Jubilee proved more stubborn than the witch, however, and eventually sent her a singing telegram in order to get Amanda's attention after myriad emails were ignored. Danielle Moonstar discussed with Alison Blaire the possibility of adopting her baby and another option was put forward.

The mansion was invaded again, this time by cyborgs sent by Sebastian Shaw. The school's evacuation drills worked almost like clockwork, with only a few encounters and no casualties apart from Lorna Dane's kitchen. Henry McCoy worsened his condition by protecting Madelyn Bartlet, Alex Summers, Shiro Yoshida and Kitty Pryde got to be Charlie's Angels and fight off an attack aimed at Alex, Cain Marko recovered his strength and Catseye discovered she had a much larger feline form. Her attempts to duplicate the feat were a source of great frustration for weeks until she finally mastered it. Forge made it a personal project to track down Catseye's real family, however she was not as pleased with the results as he might have thought. Madelyn and Remy tracked down Infectia, the woman responsible for Hank's condition and forced her to cure him before turning her over to the FBI for trial in various deaths.

The taskforce strike on Mistra's last base on the Greek Island of Youra overshadowed the rest of the month. It was a huge operation, involving every X-Man and several of the support staff. Whilst the objective was achieved and the remaining children being conditioned were rescued and the directors were taken into custody, it came at a high price. A 'scorched earth' psychic trigger turned the second-generation operatives against the first-gens and those that had broken their conditioning, with a high fatality rate. Nathan Dayspring and Alison held the children's barracks against the bulk of the attack until Nathan was able to trigger the Trojan Horse counter-trigger. Unfortunately, it had an unexpected effect on the second-gens, wiping their minds instead of breaking the conditioning. The days following the mission were spent in recovery and mourning, particularly for Tim Morgan and Mick Foley who were among the dead.


Mar. 1 - Reavers: the school is attacked by cybernetically-enhanced soldiers in the employ of Sebastian Shaw; the evacuation drills go off almost without a hitch and the invaders are repelled, but not without casualties, including the kitchen; Cain finds he is recovered from his injuries and Catseye discovers her big cat form. In the aftermath, Lorna mourns the destruction of her kitchen and Haroun gets a software upgrade that allows him to manage his hormone implant better; Alex freaks about being targeted and the mention of Selene. Infectia: Madelyn is concerned about Hank's failing intellect and gets a lead.

Mar. 2 - Jubilee and Nathan go rock climbing. Jubilee proposes a morale-boosting fireworks show. Infectia: Forge delivers food to Hank, and is shocked by how much mental deterioration has occurred. Forge and Jay run into each other in Boiler Beach and discuss roommates and girls. Jay sings Forge to sleep.

Mar. 3 - Forge teases Catseye while she is trying to trigger her 'big cat' transformation and she disables his anti-panic medication system while he is out of the room. Manuel makes jokes about having intimate photos of Jubilee. Amanda takes it badly and when Jubilee confronts her, the two girls have an argument in the barn. Remy makes cracks about Alison Blaire porn on the Internet. Forge and Kyle plot to find out Manuel's secret weapon with girls. Thermopylae: Members of the Pack arrive at the mansion: Anika meets with Kyle, Nathan discusses recovery with Mick. Kitty and Paige go to the bookstore and have a girls' day out. Rahne and Catseye go hunting, and manage to bring down a deer. Kitty and Doug take on the faked Alison Blaire porn sites.Hellfire and Damnation: Amanda emails Pete asking for confirmation he's all right. The announcement is made about Pete Wisdom's departure and Wanda taking over as student counselor; Remy tells Amanda the truth of the situation with Alphonso and Pete's departure and she goes out to the quarry to express her frustration and grief; Angelo brings her back inside.

Mar. 4 - Dani and Lorna discuss kitchen repairs, Dani's ex-husband, and the possibility of adoption for Dani's baby. Still distraught over the photos issue, Jubilee seeks out Hank to vent. Clarice makes glitter signs for various people. Pete emails Domino with a message for Amanda. Thermopylae: The members of the Pack have various meetings with the X-Folks: Nathan, Tim, Mick, Anika, and Alison all meet with Macinnis and learn about Mistra's methods and operations. Plans are made to stage an assault on Mistra's complex in Greece. Cain volunteers to assist, which surprises people.

Mar. 5 - Hellfire and Damnation: Following a cryptic request from Wisdom, Domino calls Amanda to let her know Pete's all right in response to her email. Infectia: Madelyn and Remy manage to track down the woman responsible for Hank's mental deterioration, confront her at her hotel, and bring her back to the mansion to fix Hank and await FBI pickup. Alison cheers up Anika after the meeting with MacInnis.

Mar. 6 - Infectia: Amanda helps stitch up Remy, and they talk about Remy's past, he is then checked on by Lorna. Hank is back to his normal self, and has many visitors; Madelyn sees Infectia taken off by the FBI, and Scott encourages her finally to take a rest.

Mar. 7 - Dani brings Hank some food and discusses her pregnancy. Paige has her first session with Dr. Samson, which turns out to be a complete wreck. Amanda brings Hank food, and he awkwardly tries to apologize for his attempts to prohibit her from using her powers. After speaking with Amanda, Hank visits Nathan to set the record straight about he and Moira.

Mar. 8 - Hellfire and Damnation: Pete finally contacts Domino via phone to let people know he's all right. Haroun takes Miles out to the movies, and discusses some cultural differences with him. After turning the sugar-addled child over to his mother, he has to deal with Alison later. Hank and Moira discuss Amanda, Jono, and Moira's upcoming wedding plans. Cain finds out his accountant, Cameron Hodge, has embezzled all his money.

Mar. 9 - Lockheed accosts Alison about the destruction of the kitchen. Hank attempts to investigate Jono's condition mechanically, and fails with painful results; Hank suggests Jono bleed off some of the excess himself by blowing stuff up in the quarry. Amanda approaches Manuel for the first time since Pete's departure. Thermopylae: Madelyn informs the team that the Mistra taskforce was able to break up the 'recruitment' arm of Mistra in the States.

Mar 10 - In Canada, Jean Grey (still believing she is Jane) is urged to go meet Xavier and emails him. Haroun confronts Alison about the imbalance in their relationship and matters are resolved with a trip into the city. Xavier ventures to meet Betsy in her seclusion and attempts to help; Scott finally visits Betsy and manages to give her a little hope. After Catseye's Mini-squid breaks, Rahne brings it to Forge and suggests that he may have been ignoring his friend during the current goings-on. Hellfire and Damnation: Nathan tracks down Pete and has a tense and foreboding conversation.

Mar. 11 - Haroun and Alison wake up in bed together and have breakfast; Lorna kidnaps Alison to the spa for Girl Gossip. Forge returns Catseye's broken Mini-squid and apologizes for ignoring her. Dani asks Forge to be her Lamaze partner, and Forge discovers his father's coming for a visit. Hellfire and Damnation: Nathan tells Amanda about his meeting with Pete and she blames herself for everything. Remy goes to track down Pete.

Mar. 12 - Marie-Ange starts having visions of death and destruction again. Jean returns to the mansion, regains her memories, blasts Jay into a wall, and deals with the associated shock. Scott and Hank discuss Jean's return, and Scott's difficulty in coping. Alison catches Scott trying to leave and they go for a drive. Alex finds Scott and tries to help him cope with Jean's return. Wanda is made student counsellor in Pete's absence.

Mar. 13 - Jean has various encounters with the mansion residents, some good, some bad. Clarice calls Jean a zombie and upsets several people. Betsy is unable to cope with Jean and leaves the mansion to return to England for a while, making several gifts to people before she goes. Scott isn't coping either and gets dragged to see Charles by Madelyn. Alex goes to Shiro and apologizes for his reaction to Shiro's journal post. Forge's father shows up, meets with some of Forge's teachers and friends, and comes to an understanding with his son; Hank and Forge discuss research plans. Paige runs into Amanda in the stables, and have a very tense and eventually hostile talk. Manuel confronts Paige about her talk with Amanda and empathically manipulates her into calm sleep. Moira and Cain discuss concerns about Nathan. Hank assists Jubilee with some studying and personal problems. Alex and Lorna disagree over the meaning of Jean's return.

Mar. 14 - Doug brings Scott breakfast and talks about Jean. Alison brings Kitty the gift Betsy left for the girl. Hank consoles Jubilee about the harsh reactions to her journal post. Forge presents Nathan with the psimitar, and meets Askani. Scott and Jubilee discuss her reactions to Jean's return. Paige and Energy-Ball-Jono go out to the quarry to blow up some rocks. Clarice gets a talking-to from Kurt about her insensitive post regarding Jean's return.

Mar. 15 - Nathan demonstrates the psimitar for Hank. Jean talks to Nathan about control, and exercises to regain hers. Lorna and Jean speak over coffee, and Lorna fills Jean in on the last two years. Lorna confronts Scott about his not-dealing with Jean. Dani goes for pizza with a girl from her tai chi class, and discovers bigotry firsthand. Marie-Ange goes to Nathan for help with her precognitive visions. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy speaks with Xavier and the X-Men leaders about Pete Wisdom and warns them about the danger. Thermopylae: Morgan calls Nathan with a location for Mistra's last base: Youra, a small island off the coast of Greece.

Mar. 16 - Scott and Jean finally meet and talk. Jamie convinces Paige that not everyone hates her, and they go for a drive. Nathan finds Catseye still trying to experiment with her Big Cat form. Kylun uses the Danger Room to recreate his old monastery, and Alison accompanies him in meditation. Dani is harassed by anti-mutant bigots, and loses control of her power until Alison shows up. Thermopylae: Plans are made for the final assault on Mistra; Hank provides Alison with sonic generators to add to her uniform.

Mar. 17 - Sean and Terry get into a shouting match on the grounds; Terry finds Alison for a talk about being a misunderstood teenager. Jubilee sends Amanda a Fat-O-Gram as a way of making the other girl speak to her; it works and they establish some groundrules for a possible friendship. Thermopylae: Mick surprises Madelyn, and they discuss the mission; Scott and Alison have a tactical strategy meeting; Nathan and Anika arrange to have Kyle meet Mick and Tim, and the; former Mistra folks share one last drink together; Madelyn makes dinner for Jubilee, and tells her about her upcoming absence; Mick comes to meet Alison, and they have a small successful powers experiment. Angelo meets with Samson, and talks about his concerns for Paige. Kitty and Jamie talk about her troubles with her parents and their future. Alex comes across Shiro practicing with his new katana, and Shiro drags him off to meet Jean, which does not go well.

Mar 18 Jean meets Kylun, and the two discuss philosophy. Jean meets up with Moira, and discusses what she's missed as well as the future of the medical team. Jean meets Cain finally, and he does not make a good first impression. After the incident with the bigots, Dani recovers in the Box with the help of Dr. McCoy. Hellfire and Damnation: Amanda finds Remy on the roof after his meeting with Pete, and a friendship is salvaged. Thermopylae: Madelyn goes to DC for the briefing; Alison requests the help of the older students/trainees to look after things at the mansion; the night before Thermopylae, those that are leaving ponder what might be final moments.

Mar. 19 - Thermopylae: - a combined team of X-Men and government forces attack Mistra's last stronghold on the Greek island of Youra. There is strong opposition, especially when the Mistra directors set off a 'scorched ground' trigger in the second-gen operatives aimed at the first-gen and children. There are several casualties among MacInnis' people and Nathan's friends and many X-Men are injured, but in the end Nathan unleashes the Trojan Horse virus to save the children being conditioned; the remaining directors are arrested and the surviving operatives treated for psychic trauma.

Mar. 20 - Thermopylae: the injured and fallen are brought home, various responses made and those who remained at home get their turn to work; Amanda tells Pete and Domino what happened.

Mar. 21 - Jean and Dani meet; Forge discovers Catseye's sabotage. Thermopylae: Kyle visits Nathan in the infirmary and Nathan tells him about what happened. Lorna plans to kidnap Paige to Disneyland.

Mar. 22 - Jean sleeps in the Box in order to shield herself from the minds of the school; Scott and Jean talk. Rahne helps Catseye achieve Slightly Bigger Cat form. Thermopylae: Alison has nightmares; Hank and Kurt discuss doubt and faith; Nathan has nightmares about the death of his friends; Alison and Anika mourn; Nathan tells Kurt to confirm the death of the operative Radonic before blaming himself for his death. Sean emails Terry suggesting they go to Cassidy Keep for a vacation; Terry gets a mysterious letter from Ireland.

Mar. 23 - Amanda explains her powers to Jean; Jamie takes Alison for a drive in Eleanor, the car Betsy gave him. Thermopylae: Madelyn talks to Alison about her reaction to Jean's return and the events at Youra; Madelyn breaks Anika out of medlab and they talk; Alison discusses Marie-Ange's visions and using them more; MacInnis meets with the director responsible for the final trigger, 'Masada'; Hank uses visual aids to remind Nathan of what he still has; Madelyn reports on the casualties and survivors and tells Kurt the fate of the man he thought he'd killed.

Mar. 24 - Manuel and Alex talk girls and powers. Haroun and Alison go on his yearly pilgrimage to the mosque. Madelyn and Remy fight over him avoiding standard physicals, and it ends unexpectedly. Manuel tells Amanda about trying to contact his father and she reacts badly. Thermopylae: Anika asks Cain for permission to bury Mick and Tim at the mansion; Cain asks for permission to join the X-Men; Scott and Alison discusses the aftermath and the future now that Mistra is gone.

Mar. 25 - Thermopylae: Alison makes funeral preparations and talks to Cain about his decision; Remy debriefs Nathan; Jubilee visits Nathan and he's understandably twitchy; Madelyn and Jubilee discuss Nathan's mental state and loss; MacInnis delivers a number of farewell letters from Tim and Mick. Family: Catseye tracks down part of her past. Madelyn and Hank talk about Jubilee, the funeral and how Hank turned himself blue. Betsy makes a number of voyages, trying to deal with things.

Mar. 26 - Thermopylae: The Pack arrives for the memorial. Various people react to the service and to what happened. Domino and Amanda discuss Pete.

Mar. 27 - Dani takes Forge and Manuel to a pow wow. Alex and Scott talk about Jean. Thermopylae: Nathan finally talks to his therapist; Hank offers Anika comfort and feral soup - the soup works better than the comfort; Wanda retreats into the woods to deal in her own way; Amanda and Moira plot to give Nathan distraction.

Mar. 28 - Jubilee asks for permission to become a trainee; he assigns her an essay stating her reasons. Jubilee talks to Hank about mistakes and her past year. Galin and Manuel discuss Jean and her refusal to let Manuel help her adjust. Hank makes carnivore-friendly soup. Kylun decides to learn about the world he's found himself in.

Mar. 29 - Thermopylae: Nathan is surprised by his ceiling; Rahne talks to Nathan about Kyle's list and the rescued children; Forge and Nathan discuss the psimitar; Moira and Nathan make wedding plans; Haroun tells Nathan about what he left at the memorial stone; Scott and Wanda talk about training; Madelyn goes to Washington with Kurt for her official debriefing and returns with news of the survivors. Dani asks Alison to adopt her baby and Alison suggests Hank instead.

Mar. 30 - Catseye works out Big Cat Size and terrorises Forge by pouncing on him. Terry thanks Kylun for accompanying her at the memorial. Amanda talks to Remy about Manuel and his father. Scott and Hank discuss Jubilee's desire to be an X-Man. Madelyn gives Remy the intel from Youra and they end up kissing again. Terry meets a boy - Tommy Jones - at the arcade and gets asked on a date; talking about it, she upsets Clarice with her decision to not tell him she's a mutant. Amanda explains to Forge about the fight with Paige and why she's been avoiding him. Jubilee overdoses on chocolate and glows. Nathan gets access to the journals from the infirmary.

Mar. 31 - Kylun and Rahne talk about self-defence class. Kitty finally calls her parents and her mother is less than enthused about her staying in New York for college. Madelyn plans a vacation. Scott puts Jubilee's request to become a trainee up for discussion. Dani asks Hank and Forge to come to Oklahoma to finalise her divorce. Hellfire and Damnation: The mission to protect Alphonso de la Rocha is announced; Remy goes to Europe to chase up information on Alphonso; Domino takes Amanda to see Pete. Clarice interviews for the EMT trainee position.


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