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Sharon Smith's restaurant, Deli-CAT-essen, finally opened, albeit under protest from local anti-mutant protesters who picked the location. She was not wanting for customers, however, as the mansion residents and some of the New Yorkers attended to provide moral and physical support. Wade Wilson and Doug Ramsey in particular made it their quest to go through the entire menu.

Marius Laverne, having startled Molly Hayes in the quarry, found himself in need of a rescue after she punched him into the lake. Luckily for him, Namor Mazur was available, partaking in his regular lake swim, and Marius was none the worse for wear, although Marius later emailed Jennie Stavros and Kyle Gibney about the incident, concerned for Molly's mental state at the time.

Cecilia Reyes accepted a position with X-Corps and Clint Barton took the first steps towards becoming an X-Man trainee. Warren Worthington, finding his District X legal practice more satisfying than his X-Men work, moved out of the mansion and into an apartment in New York full time. Various seniors began the nervous wait for college acceptance letters.

And Wade, in a typical gesture of extravagance, rented an island and invited everyone who was inclined to attend for Spring Break.


Mar 1 - Cecilia is disappointed that her brother’s leave has been postponed for another weeks. Deli-CAT-essen opens, under protest from the anti-mutant population of Salem Center and with various mansion dwellers and the New York contingent turning up to help or provide support. Matt and Wade discuss Namor and Cateye’s new deli. Doug and Wade continue their scrumptious odyssey through the Deli-CAT-essen menu.

Mar 2 - Marius startles Molly in the quarry and winds up having to be rescued from the lake by Namor.

Mar 3 - Tandy makes a journal entry thanking everyone for all the birthday gifts and wishes, and wondering about college acceptance letters.

Mar 4

Mar 5 - Clarice and Laurie talk about specialization and the realities of their lives while working on the new supply shipment. Billy makes a journal entry about the necessity of his wearing flip flops, the flimsiness of shoelaces, and a totally unrelated trip to the city.

Mar 6 - Hope A. makes a spoilerific journal entry pondering the future of Game of Thrones.

Mar 7 - Hope A. finds Clint in the library and she starts a conversation which he doesn’t mind finishing. Maddie makes a journal entry reminding everyone of the impending Junior Prom and selling tickets for the same. Wade sends Doug a text about the arrival of the Reese Peanut Butter Eggs.

Mar 8

Mar 9 - Jean-Phillipe and Jubilee discuss food while heading for the mansion kitchen. Sue e-mails Tandy about the prom, reminding her to get tickets.

Mar 10 - Topaz thanks everyone for her birthday presents. Amanda leaves a jacket as a birthday present for Topaz.

Mar 11 - Namor asks Catseye and Angel where they’d like to go over spring break. Cecilia posts to complain about the weather. Cecilia and Sooraya take some time to do some pottery and get to know one another.

Mar 12 - Clint leaves Topaz a pendant as a late birthday present. Adrienne announces she’s brought a house in Salem as a rental investment. Aided by alcohol, Remy and Cecilia catch up on life.

Mar 13 - Matt leaves Topaz a necklace as a present. Adrienne tells Maddie, Sue and Tandy that while she’s out the girls can have a party at Adrienne’s new house. Matt asks if anyone has group spring break plans. Topaz thanks Clint and Matt to thank them for their presents.

Mar 14 - Wade lets everyone know that he’s rented an island for Spring Break, is anyone wants to join him and Marie-Ange there. Yvette wishes Marius a happy birthday. Adrienne and Garrison watch a game on their annual trip to watch spring training, teasing one another and discussing Tandy’s modelling career as they watch. Doug wishes Wade a happy Pi day. Angelo and Cecilia talk about X-Corps and Angelo offers Cecilia a job.

Mar 15 - Cecilia warns that the infirmary isn’t treating hangovers after St Patricks Day. Marius tells Kyle and Jennie that Molly was having a mild spell when she punched him into the lake.

Mar 16 - Molly introduces the mansion to her new Taco Space Cat backpack. Clint warns all the New Mutants that tomorrow is Holi, and they should stock up on ammunition for the celebration. Tabitha warns that the library is a no powder zone for fear of community service. Sooraya goes to Canada on a study trip.

Mar 17 - Laurie posts about attempting to split one arrow with another. Hope A. and Namor see who can make the other more colorful on Holi. Cecilia posts about being annoyed with the people who doused her with colored powder. Clint stops by to ask Garrison a question. Adrienne posts about assigning everyone a team for March Madness.

Mar 18 - Wade texts Marie-Ange asking where he can get arsenic.

Mar 19 - Cecilia mails Angelo, saying she accepts a position in X-Corps. Sue turns to Maddie for support when it's time to open her acceptance letters. Kyle asks people for their favorite sandwiches.

Mar 20 - Tandy posts about finding waiting for college applications hard. Clint posts about his team being out of the running for March Madness. Maddie and Hope A. plan strategy for the Model UN.

Mar 21 - Namor helps Clint study. Jean texts Scott about going to Harry’s. Adrienne posts an update about the standings for March Madness.

Mar 22 - Lorna posts about being sick and asks Jean if they have biosuits in the Medlab for her roommate, Angel. Ty posts about being hungry and asking people for tacos. Jubilee mails North about going to the Ukraine. Laurie posts about the TV show The Walking Dead. Jubilee meets Molly and wins her over with a powers demonstration and a lesson on the sneaky side of being a gymnast.

Mar 23 - Namor posts about the movie Frozen. Wade posts, inviting Sooraya and others to watch a basketball match.

Mar 24 - Adrienne posts the March Madness Sweet 16 bracket. Matt posts pondering the possibility of summer school.

Mar 25 - Tandy posts about receiving her college letters and not wanting to open them.

Mar 26 - Adrienne texts Garrison to complain about her wake up call (in the form of Tandy freaking out over getting into college). Laurie texts Doug about a date night. Cecilia posts looking for someone to kill a huge-by-normal-standards spider.

Mar 27 - Clint emails Scott about becoming an X-Men trainee. Kyle posts, bummed out about not being able to get burger donuts; when Wade says they can make them themselves, a Midnight Pants Off Dance Off party happens in the kitchen.

Mar 28 - Jubilee posts about having “Hooked On A Feeling” stuck in her head, and compares Kyle in boxers to Kurt in boxers. Angel posts a picture she took of Wade with his mouth stuff full of food. Tandy posts about the non-weirdness of seeing her English teacher in his boxers. Yvette posts reminding everyone about a Red X training session. Matt posts bemoaning about missing the kitchen party, but says his midterm went well. Jubilee and Kurt talk about their relationship the night before she leaves for China for a meeting.

Mar 29 - Tabitha posts jubilant about UConn still being in the running for March Madness.

Mar 30 - Kurt finds Topaz in the gym and after some talking offers to teach her gymnastics. Scott posts to let everyone know Warren is moving to District X for the foreseeable future. Cecilia texts Adrienne about making a bet as March Madness moves into the Final Four.

Mar 31 - Adrienne posts the Final Four of March Madness and asks a birthday request of not playing this song unless it is the Scarlett Johansson version. Tandy posts about the best prank of the year and that Adrienne should not come into their suite. Wade leaves Adrienne a birthday note along with a box with a tape recorder where Wade where he sings to her and under the tape recorder is another box with a set of keys to a Cherry Mustang in the garage. Hope A. posts this picture about the Dutch King and Queen hosting a party for government officials and wishes she could do something like that. Jean leaves Wine-A-Rita along with five different types of wine for Adrienne.



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