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The search for the terrorists behind the bombings eventually proved successful, with the Preservers eventually being taken down. But not without effort and near-disaster - Angelo Espinosa went undercover with a group of young would-be terrorists, eventually securing their contact in the larger group, and Scott Summers came close to becoming a human bomb himself when Jinasena, a mutant with the ability to ramp up the abilities of energy projectors to explosive levels, touched him during a raid. Things came right down to the wire, with the team capturing Jinasena after a tough battle only barely making it in time to save Scott, who had decided to do the hero thing and steal a seaplane in an attempt to get himself far enough away that he couldn't injure anyone when he exploded. The response was somewhat mixed - some saw his actions as a lack of trust in his team's ability to find an answer, and the fact he'd knocked Jean Grey unconscious in the process didn't help.

Heroics of a different sort were also exhibited. Angelica Jones found herself assisting in an apartment fire during a trip to New York, Kyle Gibney's discovery of a mutant hunting 'game' led to the downfall of Mojo Enterprises' 'entertainment' network, albeit with Sam Guthrie nearly becoming the next 'star' and holding his own against Kraven the Hunter. X-Force found themselves dealing with a mystical artifact and religious zealots in Syria in Operation: Tower of Babble, and Shiro Yoshida received news of strange events in the Asian gangs of San Francisco that resulted in him and Marie D'Ancato taking their concerns to Remy LeBeau and Betsy Braddock and joining them - and a disgruntled Amanda Sefton - in a battle against a mind-controlling crimelord.

There were several arrivals. Monet St. Croix, and Tabitha Smith returned to the school, the former for powers training and the latter to take on a position as assistant librarian. Jan "Wasp" Van Dyne also became a student, after a powers accident rendered her only one inch tall on a camping trip, and was found by Terry Cassidy and Julio Richter. John Allerdyce also reappeared, to talk to Ororo Munroe about possibly moving back to the school due to financial and personal issues.

Several new relationships started, or progressed. In the wake of his undercover experiences, Angelo and Amanda finally moved past 'tentative' into 'relationship', with a 'working' vacation to Madagascar cementing things, much to Sarah Morlocke's disappointment. Ororo and Remy began their relationship, and 'outed' themselves to the Snow Valley crew first. Marie, still with Betsy's telepathy after San Francisco discovered Garrison Kane liked her much more than as a friend, and the feeling was mutual. And after a cunning plan involving Marie-Ange Colbert appearing to be dating Forge and Amanda throwing shoes at Doug Ramsey, the precog and the linguist finally admitted they still cared for each other and dating was discussed.

Families also featured highly. Lorna Dane, with the help of Sofia Mantega-Barret, discovered the whereabouts of her long-lost sister Zaladane Delgado, although all was not well, with the elder Dane being identified as a black market arms dealer. Kurt Sefton traced the doctor Yvette Petrovic remembered from her early childhood in aid camps in the former Yugoslavia and brought him for a visit, much to her delight. Jennie Stavros became moody and distant as the anniversary of her mother's death approached, and had something of an personal epiphany, fuelled by an ugly night out. And news concerning Haller's parentage proved to be too much for him to handle as his multiple personalities manifested as astral projections and a number of shocking truths revealed.


Mar. 1 - Kaiten: Remy gives most of the Snow Valley crew some time off from the investigation in order to see the bigger picture. Forge realises Garrison's cybernetic implants are based on his designs, and they have an argument. Nathan announces he is going back to Tel Aviv, with Rachel, and emails Amanda to let him know if anything happens to Angelo. Nathan pushes Angelo a little out of his shell. Most Dangerous Game: Kyle is shocked when what he dowloads isn't wrestling, but some kind of real-life mutant hunt; he shows Garrison the download and the Mountie agrees to pass it onto the FBI.

Mar. 2 - Marie takes Lorna ice skating. Superhero: On a shopping trip, having gotten a lift with Haller and Garrison, Angel comes across a burning building and saves a firefighter, a woman and her teenage daughter, with Charles Xavier guiding her; later, Jennie calms her down with ice cream. Doug and Forge meet up for drinks after Forge's dressing down for looking at medical files without permission. Most Dangerous Game: Garrison notifies the X-Men that Kyle's download was real, and there appears to be someone making entertainment out of mutants fighting to the death.

Mar. 3 - Jean announces ethics classes for all medlab volunteers in the wake of Forge's ethical breach. Marie runs into Betsy at the brownstone and they have breakfast. Five Against One: Haller goes through some boxes of paperwork Moira left for him and discovers Charles is in fact his father, and Gabrielle Haller his mother, not his aunt; Betsy feels his anger and confusion and finds him at the quarry. Angelo has a social day, catching up with Forge in the morning and Terry in the afternoon, who asks him about helping with wedding plans.

Mar. 4 - Doug emails Amanda and Forge from a martial arts competition. Most Dangerous Game: The FBI track down those responsible for the 'Most Dangerous Game', and Cyclops, Cannonball and Dominion go along as backup; the operation goes well until Cannonball is abducted by Mojo's teleporter; Cannonball finds himself on a remote jungle island, the next contestant against Kraven the Hunter; Forge finds the live feed of the 'game' and begins using it to track down Sam; Sam has his first encounter with Kraven. Jennie gets a tattoo. Lorna and Alex talk, as awkwardly as always, and later, Lorna and Nathan talk and then hit each other.

Mar. 5 - Most Dangerous Game: Forge tracks down Sam's location to a small island in the Carribbean; a team goes in to recover him; Nightcrawler, Sunfire and Cyclops take down the village of 'Arenques Rojos', whilst Dominion and Rogue manage to lose Mojo himself; on his return, Sam falls asleep on the common room couch and wakes up decorated. Clarice reports on her date, which turned out to be more of an interview for a paper on mutants. The students discuss Jennie's tattoo. Mondo decides to relieve the tension with some primal screaming and bad kazoo 'music'; Angelo flees to the boathouse and Dani suggests Dance Dance Revolution instead. Crystal and Forge talk about new perspective after time away, and Nate and Crystal talk poetry. Kaiten: Mark reports of coming across a gang of young mutants at Silver praising the Preservers.

Mar. 6 - Pete returns from Tel Aviv. Yvette thanks Tommy for letting her hide in his room during the previous day's noise, and is curious about the strange noises coming from Alex and Shiro's room. Lorna's dog escapes with one of her shoes. Wanda is attacked by Girl Scouts wielding cookies. Forge asks Doug about his powers of pattern recognition. Nathan texts Angelo from a boring meeting and invites him to the boathouse for dinner, where he manages to make Angelo laugh. Angelo has a therapy session with Jack Leary. Ororo meets with Remy, and apologises to him for her reaction in Africa. Kurt goes to France on a mysterious errand. Amanda and Logan spar. Marie-Ange and Amanda go out drinking and talk about Boys. Kaiten: Val Cooper calls Jean to an isolated federal facility, where they have a captured Preserver, whose powers have gone out of control; they discover his powers have been amplified, turning him into a living bomb, shortly before he explodes and nearly destroys the facility.

Mar. 7 - Laurie asks people for their favourite foods. Kaiten: Pete notifies Nathan about the possible Preservers at Silver and Nathan shares the news of the human bombs; Scott calls a meeting of the X-Men COs and XOs to discuss matters. Sam is embarrassed at not knowing what 'Arenques Rojos' means. Sooraya asks about the new Spiderman movie. Mark gets excited about new fiber optics. Angelo gets growly about Logan training Amanda, and they plan Operation: Shoe to get Doug to stop hanging back about Marie-Ange. Kurt meets Dr. Marcel, who knew Yvette in the refugee camps and actually named her. Forge asks Marie-Ange out. Pietro and Terry talk music. Crystal checks up on Angelo.

Mar. 8 - Kaiten: Pete reports to Snow Valley the information on the human bombs, and things step up research-wise; Nathan sends Pete Jean's report; a Preserver cell is found in Portugal, and after some heavy fighting, the X-Men manage to capture a number of them. Medusa complains about her classes. Shiro comments about the Japanese Prime Minster. Terry heads back to Cassidy Keep for a spell. Angel reveals to Sooraya that she's been learning Dari. Nathan has public-speaking jitters and manages to convince Angelo to come to the UN conference on Smichov with him, and later mentions an archeological discovery in Syria.

Mar. 9 - Operation: Tower of Babble: Lorna mentions the archeological site in Syria rumoured to be the site of the Tower of Babel. Kurt brings Dr. Marcel back to the school to see Yvette, and she's suitably happy. Kaiten: The X-Men return from Portugal. Ororo goes to give Remy the reports of the operation, and something rather unexpected happens. Marie-Ange and Forge go out.

Mar. 10 - Sarah posts about losing her 'friend with benefits'; following a conversation with her, Logan comes down to New York and gives her a theraputic beating. Tower of Babble: Wanda receives news from an old friend, Agatha Harkness, that something is wrong at the site in Syria. Kaiten: Scott and Alex train, and Scott has trouble controlling the force of his optic blasts. Five Against One: Haller complains of still having a headache, a week on from the news of his parentage. Forge asks for another date. Remy and Ororo reveal their new relationship to the Snow Valley crew, and it is received well. Monet St. Croix returns to the school after flunking out of fashion school and having a powers incident.

Mar. 11 - Operation: Tower of Babble: The Snow Valley team prepare to go to Syria, as part of an official fact-finding team; Pete, Remy and Mark go separately as the unofficial part. Medusa is not impressed to find she has a roommate, especially one with teleportation sickness. Kaiten: Angelo goes undercover to infiltrate the Preservers cell in New York; Scott is feeling increasingly unwell. Jean's biology class plays an exam prank. Crystal gets protective of Jennie when Monet is tactless about the Europe incident. Marie announces she needs proofreaders for a paper on parapsychology and the occult. Garrison and Marie take advantage of Boiler Beach for a break.

Mar. 12 - Monet apologises publically to Jennie. Kaiten: Scott loses control of his powers and blows the wall out of his office; Jean realises he was touched by the bomb maker and he is evacuated to a safe facility to avoid potential danger to the school; Pietro sees him before he goes; 'Miguel' almost starts a fight in Silver, taunting a mixed human-mutant group. Marius realises his half-sister is at the school, and is suitably shell-shocked. Lorna and Forge argue ethics on the staff board. Operation: Tower of Babble: The Snow Valley team arrive, to discover Doug is the only one who can communicate with anyone; Wanda, Marie-Ange and Amanda go down into the ruins to find out the cause; Doug and Sofia try to contain the increasingly-tense situation on the surface; Mark gets himself arrested by the Syrians and Pete and Remy can't help him.

Mar. 13 - Five Against One': Haller emails Moira, asking for help with his DID. Terry returns from Ireland. Forge asks Crystal on a group outing to see a foreign movie and hopefully break the ice. Kaiten: 'Miguel' gets into a fight with some of the people from Silver and ends up meeting a sympathiser by the name of Ash. Operation: Tower of Babble: Remy discovers there is a bomb in the UN camp and Doug warns Wanda that a fundamentalist fanatic is waiting for them in the ruins with the detonator; the warning comes later as, after surviving several traps, Wanda, Marie-Ange and Amanda manage to stop the fanatic and destroy the mystical device disrupting communication; Doug finds and disarms the bomb, with help from Forge over his cell phone; Mark manages to escape with the help of his fellow-prisoners and the Beatles.

Mar. 14 - Marius forgets his birthday, although several others don't. Kyle receives proof Sabretooth is not his father. Operation: Tower of Babble: X-Force return to New York in varying states of health. Kaiten: Nathan announces Barath's speech at the UN the following day and Terry embarrasses Tommy into going; Nathan overstrains his telepathy keeping tabs on Angelo, and Pietro goes to meet Angelo instead; Ash and her gang take their possible new member to firebomb a mutant outreach centre.

Mar. 15 - Kaiten: At Barath's speech, Ash's gang precipitates a riot; Nathan prevents the telekinetic in Ash's gang from throwing cars at the crowd; whilst fleeing, Ash's gang come across Devlin who is injured and a friend to Ash and Angelo helps them get him home; Devlin turns out to be an empath with possible connections to the Preservers; Nathan is furious about Barath's speech being cancelled; Amanda emails Nate, worried about Angelo; Nathan meets Angelo and is given a copy of Devlin's harddrive. Crystal runs into Nathan after his meeting with Angelo and is initially intimidated by the psimitar. Monet sends Marius a birthday card and he thanks her, somewhat bemusedly. 40 Days (in the Desert): Sofia gives Lorna news of her long-lost sister/cousin, Zala.

Mar. 16 - Lorna drags Marie out. Marie-Ange and Forge go on another date and a conspiracy is revealed. Sooraya shows Tommy some of her progress with her powers, scouring a chunk of silver smooth. Monet and Crystal go for coffee and unexpectedly bond over mutual reluctance to be at the school. Kaiten: The situation for Scott grows more desperate as his powers continue to increase. Five Against One: Marie and Lorna encounter a wildly out-of-control Davey, and discover Jack is harming the body in his anger over Charles' confession.

Mar. 17 - Kaiten: Angelo's information leads the FBI to Devlin, but Ash's gang gets word of the raid and Angelo and Garrison have to help stop them whilst Ororo's team tries to get there; Scott decides he doesn't want to kill innocents (and Jean) when he explodes, so he knocks Jean out and steals a seaplane, heading for open sea off the coast of Florida; a second team of X-Men take down a Preservers cell in Mexico, but not without casualties, including the Blackbird; the Mexico team manages to capture the bomb-maker, with the help of a vacationing Cain Marko, and they head for the base where Scott is; Cain divebombs Scott's plane with the bomber in tow, and forces him to reverse what he did, which kills him; the students wonder about the damage to the plane and their teachers; Jean is furious at Scott for leaving her, and rants to several people; Cain returns to the school. Marie-Ange posts about leaving a scarf in Forge's car, much to Amanda's concern when she emails Marie-Ange later. Several people comment on the unseasonably cold weather.

Mar. 18 - Kaiten: After several hours of debriefing, Angelo goes back to his mother's house in the early hours of the morning; Nathan goes to find him there; Kurt posts the team report, despite having a broken hand and being on painkillers, and Nate rats him out to Amanda, who sics Yvette, Angel and Sooraya onto him to make him rest; Crystal emails Pietro about her concerns for him nearly getting blown up; various X-Men post about the state they're in; Pietro gets to yell at Scott too; Jean vents to Pietro. Wanda emails Amanda and Forge about the dates with Marie-Ange. Angelo comes by the Snow Valley offices and he and Amanda make progress in their relationship. Lorna and Ororo go to the spa and discuss Ororo's new relationship with Remy. Marie and Kurt discuss the Kaiten mission.

Mar. 19 - Jean wakes in the middle of the night and discovers Scott gone; she finds him in the stables and they have another tense talk. Ororo seeks out Scott and talks to him about the events of Kaiten. Angelo and Amanda agree to take the day off for themselves and a lot of cute. Yvette welcomes Cain home with a haircut. Five Against One: Haller emails Lorna about being taken off active duty and reveals he has no memory of the incident with Davey. Nathan updates Pete and Remy on the Preservers situation and Pete tells everyone to take the day off. Nathan goes to Arlington Cemetery for the Thermopylae anniversary; Kurt teleports to join him, but misses and ends up in the Potomac River, much to the consternation of his sister, Amanda. This Savage Land: Pietro runs into his old college roommate, who has the power to advance DNA. The 10th Kingdom: Shiro gets disturbing news regarding Asian gangs in San Francisco from someone in his past, and when he passes it onto Marie during dinner, she suggests taking it to Remy.

Mar. 20 - Kyle's birthday. The 10th Kingdom: Shiro and Marie talk to Betsy and Remy, and it's decided to go to San Francisco and investigate; an unwilling Amanda is drafted to go along. Angelo makes reconnections after his long time undercover. Doug complains about unsynchronised spotlights. Jean and Logan go out drinking and dancing as a way for Jean to decompress after Kaiten; later, Scott gets to put her to bed. Pietro and Crystal experiment with their powers.

Mar. 21 - Jean wakes up hungover and Scott talks her out of giving her students a pop quiz. Forge posts about the joys of synchronised green lights and Marie-Ange emails him about it and they discuss whether the Plan is working. The 10th Kingdom: During investigations (that involve setting Yakuza on fire), Marie, Remy and Amanda discover Yakuza are joining a Chinese gang run by the Mandarin; Amanda goes to the morgue to investigate symbols on the bodies of a couple of gangsters killed; Shiro and Marie take a break at a Chinese restaurant, only for Marie to be drugged by Shiro's food and captured; Shiro alerts the others, who use a combination of magic and telepathy to isolate Marie's location, only to discover she is the latest victim of the Mandarin's mind-control magic; after a short battle, Betsy uses her psychic knife to take the fight to Marie's mindscape and break the Mandarin's hold; Remy and Shiro defeat the Mandarin, but he escapes; Amanda heals the symbols burned into Marie's chest. Nathan plots to send Angelo to Madagascar for two weeks on a 'working' holiday. Doug gives Angelo the Talk about Amanda and they talk around the subject of Marie-Ange and Forge dating. Yvette and Crystal discuss their concerns about Jennie's continuing bad mood. Nathan tells Sooraya he has found her mother, although not her exact whereabouts. Homecoming: Bobby tells Nathan he has to quit Elpis.

Mar. 22 - The 10th Kingdom: Back in New York, Remy takes Marie back to the school whilst Amanda gets an unconscious Betsy back to the brownstone; Charles posts to the staff journal about Marie having Betsy's telepathy; Amanda emails Haller to tell him about Betsy's condition; Garrison goes to check on Marie, and she picks up that he likes her more than just a friend; Nathan helps Marie shield; Logan also drops by with his own brand of checking up. Angelo announces his trip at the same time Amanda announces her return. Wanda emails Nathan about Angelo's working trip and plans are laid to get Amanda out there too. Homecoming: Bobby and Terry announce their move to Ireland. Crystal invites Monet to Attilan for the weekend.

Mar. 23 - Jean emails Marie to check on her. Marie picks up something Forge is thinking about in regards to Marie-Ange and uncovers the conspiracy. Remy and Ororo plan their own weekend getaway. Crystal emails Marius about her concerns for Jennie, given the anniversary of her mother's death is approaching. Superhero: Paul, the firefighter Angel rescued, visits the school to tell her she is to be given a bravery award, and to offer her an internship when she turns sixteen; Angel finally tells people what she did. Homecoming: Bobby tells Angelo about him leaving. Size Does Matter: On a camping trip, local girl Janet Van Dyne disappears after a bear disturbs the campers. Wanda and Dr. Stephen Strange end their relationship. Doug keeps missing chances to tell Marie-Ange how he feels. 10th Kingdom: Shiro brings Marie apologetic chocolate sushi.

Mar. 24 - Size Does Matter: Janet, now only an inch tall, tries in vain to gain the attention of her friends; the alarm is raised when Janet can't be found, and Tommy, Janet's ex-boyfriend, is concerned when he hears of her disappearance; Marie finds out about Janet from Tommy and decides to find volunteers to help search whilst at the same time Janet's father is asking Charles for help; various staff and student volunteer their services, but the search is unsuccessful. Betsy wakes up. Doug and Amanda argue over Doug's lack of action in relation to his feelings for Marie-Ange; Amanda emails Marie-Ange and discovers there is a conspiracy, then discovers the plane tickets Wanda left for her. Crystal invites Amanda to visit Attilan. Remy announces he is going away for the weekend. Doug comes across Forge coming back to the brownstone after another date with Marie-Ange and draws the obvious - and wrong - conclusion. On the anniversary of her mother's death, Jennie goes out drinking and almost gets into a situation she can't handle; later, she stumbles into Marius' suite by accident and they talk about the sort of person she's terrified of becoming. Wanda talks to Pietro about her breakup.

Mar. 25 - Ororo and Remy go to Atlantic City for the weekend and indulge in a wager relating to the New Orleans Guilds. Size Does Matter: Julio and Terry discover Janet, who can only be heard by Terry; upon finding out about his daughter's new powers issue, her father asks Charles to enroll her at Xavier's; Janet is accepted as a student and announces her presence on the journals. Doug stops by Marie-Ange's apartment to talk and is disconcerted to see her wearing Forge's shirt; Doug confronts Forge and the conspiracy comes out; Doug and Marie-Ange talk and make their feelings known and agree to start dating again. Kurt discusses the Blackbird repairs with Scott.

Mar. 26 - Amanda arrives in Madagascar, surprising Angelo. Nathan announces Rachel has given him her cold. Our Hell: During a talk about her lack of academic progress with Scott, Illyana relives the moment she lost control of Limbo. Mark takes Sarah with him to belly dancing class, much to general confusion. Crystal plots with Wanda to decorate Pietro's room. Jennie is accepted into NYU. Amanda is jubilant about Marie-Ange and Doug, and is forgiven by Doug for pushing too hard. Jan and Tommy talk about their history.

Mar. 27 - 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna gets in touch with her long-lost sister, and things are odd. Monet meets Angel and indulges in some amusement with powers, until Cain interrupts them. Monet thanks Crystal for the weekend on Attilan. Scott posts a progress report on Blackbird repairs on the team comm that degenerates into an argument with Logan about him hitting Jean; Scott and Logan take things off the comm and in person, but don't resolve much; later, Scott deals with a furious Jean. Tabitha Smith returns to the school. Nathan tries communicating telepathically with Janet. Our Hell: Pietro meets Illyana, who is distracted by her problem with N'astirh, the demon who usurped her; Pietro later emails Scott about the encounter.

Mar. 28 - Monet leaves some clothes for Janet, and then goes to cleanse her soul with fashion magazines. Pete is confused about Mark's donation jar asking for money to get him breasts to rival Shakira's. In Madagascar, Amanda's close call with drowning resurfaces. Garrison and Mondo discuss his knee injury. Kyle emails Yvette about fox cubs in the woods. Yvette asks Forge about the Doug and Marie-Ange conspiracy. Betsy posts about the sudden deluge of new students and returning graduates. Jennie apologises to her suite mates for being tetchy in the week before the anniversary of her mother's death.

Mar. 29 - Marie wakes up to find Betsy's telepathy has faded. Angel overdoses on Red Bull and Invader Zim. Lorna warns her students against slacking off just before Spring Break. Lorna and Alex have a tickle fight in the halls. Our Hell: Jennie comes across Illyana studying physics in the library, and notices Illyana is looking strained. 40 Days (in the Desert): Sofia shares the information with Lorna that her sister is into black market weapons and gets dinner in response.

Mar. 30 - Kurt drops by the brownstone to speak to Remy about Amanda and Ororo. John Allerdyce asks Ororo for permission to come back to live at the mansion, and gets offered a tutoring job instead. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna thanks Sofia for her work and lets her know she still is going to see her sister. Marie and Garrison have their first date. Logan and Cain train in the Danger Room and successfully work together. Sam and Yvette discuss families. Our Hell: Crystal and Illyana discuss the school's demonic history and get along surprisingly well.

Mar. 31 - Amanda and Angelo spend their first morning in Attilan. Tabitha asks for help shopping. Kyle and Yvette go see the fox cubs in the woods. Five Against One: Haller emails Lorna, cancelling dinner plans as he is meeting someone in New York; after dinner with Gabrielle, Haller experiences a mental break which results in his alters becoming separate manifestations; Betsy raises the alarm, after finding David and Jemail and taking them to Sofia; Cain and Wanda collect Cyndi from Silver, where she can't get past the bouncer; Nathan, Betsy and Lorna collect Jack and Davey, who prove a little more difficult; everyone back at the mansion, it is revealed that the tangible alters are psychic projections caused by the trauma of Haller discovering his parentage and will fade within a day or two; Charles posts announcements to the general and staff comms about the 'visitors'.



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