Most Dangerous Game

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Most Dangerous Game
Dates run: March 1-4, 2007
Run By: Twiller
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"Cannonball?" The cartoonish voice squeaked in shock. "Oh my God, someone read too many comic books when he was a child. Besides, a rocket propels itself, a cannonball is merely thrown, doesn't make any sense. But that's beside the point!" The smiley face shook in simulated excitement. "My boy, you are going to be a star for me. Perhaps a short-lived one, but a star nonetheless. You see, you're our next contestant on the..." a short pause for a drumroll. "Most! Dangerous! Game!"

An investigation into Mojo Enterprises gets a little more complicated when Sam finds himself the next competitor in the Most Dangerous Game.


Kyle Gibney

Dominion, Cannonball, Cyclops, Forge, Rogue, Sunfire, Nightcrawler

Mojo, Spiral, Kraven the Hunter


March 1-4, 2007

Plot Summary

Kyle, looking for pay-per-view wrestling on bittorrent, came across instead something called "The Most Dangerous Game", in which a mutant he recognised from his fight club days was killed onscreen. Shocked and disturbed, he brought the download to Garrison, who took it to his FBI contacts. Investigation identified the mutant and tracked the download to Mojo Enterprises in Miami. Scott, Garrison and Sam went along with the FBI team as observers in order to ensure there would be no trouble of the mutant variety.

Things went relatively smoothly, until one of the office workers made an apparent escape bid through one of the windows. Sam, reacting instinctively, dove out of the window after her, only to find in mid-air that the woman - Spiral - was a teleporter. Before Sam could do anything, she had teleported him to a small island in the Caribbean, where he found himself facing Kraven the Hunter in Mojo's latest installment of The Most Dangerous Game.

Prevented from flying away from the island by bombs threatening the lives of the 'Arenques Rojos', the local villages, Sam had to survive twenty-four hours of being pursued by Kraven. Managing to elude the hunter, Sam was ambushed by the 'innocent' villagers. Fortunately for him, Forge had managed to track his location from the live netfeed, and a team was on its way. Scott, Kurt and Shiro took care of the villagers, whilst Garrison and Marie took on Mojo's bunker. After taking down Mojo's bodyguards, Marie was felled by the secretary, who dazzled her into a fit with a lightshow. Garrison attempted to take Mojo into custody, but Spiral teleported him away, leaving the secretary to take the fall.

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Trivia and Meta


Much to Sam's embarrassment, he learned 'Arenques Rojos' means 'Red Herring' in Spanish.


There was an in-game banner ad for the pay-per-view, designed by Nute


Plotrunner: Twiller