Kraven the Hunter

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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the NPC. For other uses, see Kraven the Hunter (disambiguation).

Sergei Kravinoff
P2 Kraven.jpg
Portrayed by CM Punk
Known Aliases: Kraven the Hunter
Socked By: Maureen
Introduction: Jungbrunnen

"Facade, you could have put the tracker in his elbow, we did not need to pants the man. None of us needed to see his briefs.

Kraven, born Sergei Kravinoff, is one of the best hunters to be found on the market.


Name: Sergei Kravinoff

Aliases: Kraven the Hunter

Affiliation: Bounty Hunter - highest bidder

First appearance: July 12, 2015

Family: Unknown


Kraven, born Sergei Kravinoff, is one of the best hunters to be found on the market. He was born into one of Russia’s elite political families, his father being on good terms with the majority of the military command. That came to an end in the late nineties, leaving Kraven to travel around the world through remote jungle areas in exotic locales, emerging decades later as a hunter for hire. It would be evident to anyone who has seen him work that he enjoys the games of cat and mouse more than the sizable payouts he receives, and he is known to accept only jobs with a certain level of challenge to them.

Following his capture and release by X-Force, Kraven has a tracker implanted behind his knee.


A feral, with a moderate healing factor and heightened senses/reflexes, Kraven can pick up his prey’s trail from meager details they’ve left behind and has vast hunting experience/knowledge, including special tracking methods and animal specific habits. He prefers to fight bare-handed and employs a savage fighting style (think ripping heads from necks), but is also adept with a knife, gun, and various poisons.


Phase 2



PB: CM Punk

Socked by: Maureen

CM Punk was chosen to continue the "wrestlers as Kraven" theme, the Phase 1 Kraven being "The Rock".