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Dates run: July 11-12, 2015
Run By: Jillian and Cai
Read the logs: Jungbrunnen

I will consider not telling the other man with the gun to your throat that you consider our friend expendable...


David North, Wade Wilson, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Wanda Maximoff, Artie Maddicks

Kraven the Hunter, Tomi Shishido, HYDRA


July 11-13, 2015

Plot Summary

While in Germany performing damage control for X-Force’s network of contacts, North is ambushed on the street in broad daylight, and injected with a massive dose of sedatives. His kidnappers catch him as he collapses, and bundle him into a van that conveniently pulls up beside them at just the right moment.

The kidnapping is caught on surveillance cameras which Doug hacks into from the mansion when North misses his usual check-in (the check-in being really angry Words With Friends exchanges with Wade). Scrambling for information, X-Force traces North’s phone (found near the location of his abduction), runs searches on the van’s license plate (rental car, no GPS), and runs images of the men who kidnapped him through facial recognition software.

The last option finally returns some results. One of the men is Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter, a professional hunter who specializes in retrieval of all manners of things. Doug hacks the man’s bank accounts and discovers money that Kraven was wired for successfully delivering North to his most recent employer.

X-Force mobilizes a retrieval team (Wade, MA, Wanda, Doug, Artie, Gabriel). Marie-Ange, Artie, and Gabriel locate Kraven and interrogate him, which gives them the location of a warehouse owned by Tomi Shishido. Expecting to find some evidence of nefarious activities, Wade, Wanda, and Doug go there immediately. Instead, they end up finding the nefarious activities themselves. Kraven is knocked unconscious and hog-tied by Marie-Ange, Gabriel, and Artie after being tagged with various bugs/GPS trackers. The group allows him to escape so that they can follow him back to any other potentially interesting parties.

North is found surrounded by scientists, and strapped to a chair in the laboratory, screaming as his body undergoes a bizarre transformation – regressing in age, bulking up in muscle and then undoing all of that before repeating. Doug translates the general gist of the conversations into: “The scientists don’t seem to understand what is going on.” So he and Wade shoot them all save for the one who looks like he is in charge. That one gets shot in the knee and interrogated.

Turns out the East Germans identified North as Christophe Nord and believed that he would have the access codes necessary to get them into a bunker hidden in the warehouse. North, knowing that they would kill him if he refused, gave them the codes after stalling for as long as he could. Then they started experimenting on him with the variant of the Super Soldier Serum that they found within the bunker, despite having no idea what its side effects were or how to stabilise it.

Wade instructs Artie to kill the last, remaining scientist after they've gotten all the useful information out of him that they can. Marie-Ange and Wanda call Laurie at the mansion to get assistance/information about safely sedating North. Wade and Wanda set up field transfusions to replace some of the blood North lost while his body was growing and shrinking.

Clarice is contacted for an assist in getting the team back as quickly as possible. North, still heavily sedated, is placed in the medlab and the doctors work tirelessly to stabilize North’s body while Emma is called in to help stabilize his mind. Felicia is called in for one final transfusion. The age regression is halted and North finally falls into natural sleep for a good long while.

Back tracing the money trail leads to an account registered to Tomi Shishido, and further digging reveals ties to the Nazi party (HYDRA) along with some very shady dealings with criminal organizations known for trafficking mutants and mutant byproducts. Shishido and Kraven are both put on X-Force's watchlist.

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David's blood type is A+. Wanda's is A+. Wade's is O-. Felicia's is A+. Doug's is B-.


Plotrunner: Jillian and Cai