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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the team. For other uses, see X-Force (disambiguation).

First Seen: January 2015

A proactive force designed to provide intelligence and operate covertly, X-Force now operates in concert with the X-Men and X-Factor more than they used to, providing them intelligence and support for missions, especially outside of the country. X-Force also handles the darker side of operations, allowing the X-Men to avoid missions that could compromise them.


Xf amanda.jpg Amanda Sefton
New ArtieSmall.jpg Artie Maddicks
Xf darcy.png Darcy Lewis
North.jpg David North
Xf doug.jpg Doug Ramsey
Xf emma.jpg Emma Frost
White Queen
74097324.png Felicia Hardy
Black Cat
Xf gabriel.png Gabriel Cohuelo
New JubileeSmall.png Jubilation Lee
Xf kevin.jpg Kevin Sydney
Xf tarot.png Marie-Ange Colbert
Xf natasha.png Natasha Romanoff
Black Widow
Marrow XForce.png Sarah Rushman
Xf topaz.png Topaz
Xf wanda.jpg Wanda Maximoff
Scarlet Witch


Founded as an intelligence-gathering team in 2006, X-Force has traditionally taken on the jobs too ethically dodgy for the X-Men or X-Factor. Following Day Zero, the group went underground, cutting their ties with the mansion in order to keep it safe as they became more proactive - and ruthless - in their attempts to prevent the weaponisation and exploitation of mutants. In 2008, they were involved in the assassinations of several Imperial Guard members following their ethnic cleansing of Tamil refugees, and appeared again in New Delhi for the overthrow of D. Ken Neramani as Prime Minister and the installation of his sister Lilandra in his place. X-Force again appeared in 2012, assisting the X-Men and other teams with the rescue of their abducted students, and again participated in the overthrow of a government.

Following M-Day, the members of X-Force returned to the mansion, aware that their skills were needed closer to home in order to maintain the mansion as a sanctuary and to teach the younger generation of mutants how to take care of themselves, and those close to them.

In December 2021, Snow Valley relocated to a building in District X. The building had originally been targeted for a gentifying condo development, so Emma bought it and had it renovated to make it fit the team. The ground floor is a bodega and deli shop, while the top two floors act as office space for the team. There are a couple of guest suites, and several rooms in the back of the top floor were commandeered by Topaz for the relocation of magical items from Avalon. The basement has access doors into NYC's underground and the Morlock Tunnels.

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