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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the page. For other uses, see Snow Valley (disambiguation).

Organization: Snow Valley Research Center
First Seen: January 2015

The Snow Valley Research Center is a think tank funded by Frost Enterprises and headquartered in District X. The think tank specializes in various issues, across a wide range of areas and industries.

First Appearance

January 2015


Following the Dark Phoenix Saga, X-Force found themselves regrouping and in need of a new cover in a much less mutant-friendly world. Emma Frost arranged for the funding of a new think tank, under which the team could hide their existence.

The Snow Valley Research Center is a multi-disciplinary group with a politically neutral stance on the 'mutant problem'. The material released by the Center is generated off-site, by a small team working in Frost Enterprises. Because of the specialized nature of the think tank, and their lack of political orientation, it remains largely ignored by both the media and the political establishment.

Until 2021, the offices occupied the entire top floor of a ten story building near the Avenue of the Americas, just north of NYU in Manhattan.

In December 2021, Snow Valley relocated to a building in District X. The building had originally been targeted for a gentifying condo development, so Emma bought it and had it renovated to make it fit the team. The ground floor is a bodega and deli shop, while the top two floors act as office space for the team. There are a couple of guest suites, and several rooms in the back of the top floor were commandeered by Topaz for the relocation of magical items from Avalon. The basement has access doors into NYC's underground and the Morlock Tunnels.


The following members of X-Force hold published positions in the think tank. They are paid, taxed and covered as any normal position, and on rare occasions are asked to provide responses to various inquiries and questions into their fields.

Wanda Maximoff - Historical Studies

Amanda Sefton - Assistant to Ms Maximoff

Doug Ramsey - Information Technology

Marie-Ange Colbert - Art and Architecture

Felicia Hardy - Accountant

David North - Human Resources Manager

Clea Lake - Administration Assistant

Darcy Lewis - In-House Counsel

Topaz - Research Associate

The following X-Forcers don't hold official positions, for various reasons. They do have offices - or cubicles - where they can be found when not in the field.

Kevin Sydney

Gabriel Cohuelo - Part-Time

Artie Maddicks - Art Student

Jubilation Lee

Natasha Romanoff

Ex-Employees, who left for one reason or another

Wade Wilson

Nina Thurman

The Magic Library

Aka "Baby-lon", there are several rooms on the top floor that have been converted to storage for the books and artifacts rescued when Avalon was destroyed. There are different levels of security, depending on what is housed:

  • Level 1) The bulk of the research materials, a combination of Wanda, Amanda and Topaz's personal collections, Avalon material and some items from the Transian heist, which are available to any of the Snow Valley staff and to guests, with pre-arranged permission.
  • Level 2) These items (books and some artifacts) are kept under lock and key. Permission and supervision from Wanda, Amanda, Topaz or Clea is required and only those versed in magic are allowed access.
  • Level 3) The dangerous items. These are largely artifacts and some books from Avalon, plus other items picked up during missions that are too dangerous to remain "at large". They are kept in a small, steel-reinforced room (basically a large safe) with appropriate magical warding to keep the contents inactive. Access is only by the X-Force magic users, with appropriate safety measures; especially since the attack by the Dweller in Fear in the Dark, security has been beefed up.

Note: The Snow Valley collection is not the only access to magical texts/items available. There is also a small library at the mansion, comprised of Level 1 materials for the purposes of teaching and working from home, that has been collected in one of the old classrooms.


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Operation: Wonderwall

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Operation: Mutant of the Seas


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