The Color of Horror

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The Color of Horror
Color of horror poster.png
Dates run: October 31 - November 4, 2021
Run By: Sam
Read the logs: The Color of Horror

A multiverse and five feet away, the door to Avalon slammed shut.

The mansionites rally in the aftermath of Halloween to save the artifacts from Avalon before everything is lost.


Topaz, Amanda Sefton, Doug Ramsey, Kyle Gibney, Matt Murdock, Alani Ryan, America Chavez, Darcy Lewis, Wanda Maximoff, Namor, Molly Hayes, Jubilation Lee

Marie-Ange Colbert, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos


October 31 - November 4, 2021

Plot Summary

With Avalon collapsing faster, Topaz calls in help for packing and getting as much out as possible. The team is attacked during the process, and while they do their best to fight back, it's obvious that they're losing ground, Avalon is collapsing faster, and Topaz makes the call to get out. She makes sure everyone is out ahead of her before blowing up the last bits of Avalon to stop the monsters from getting through, but accidentally takes herself out in the process, and the portal door seals shut before anyone can save her.

Sixteen days later, with the interim time spent by the magic users in crafting a "homing beacon" spell that involved contributions by Topaz' nearest and dearest at the mansion, Topaz managed to find her way back. Her escape, however, was not without consequences, as the 'door' that had been opened now refused to close and became an uncontrolled Einstein-Rosenberg Bridge.

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Trivia and Meta


Avalon collapsing was a direct result of the Necronomicon "yeeting itself through time and space" and blowing a hole through reality


Plotrunner: Sam

The plot was originally written by Dex to wrap up the end of Avalon.

The monsters that attacked were taken from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and were apparently effectively creepy to everyone who saw pictures.