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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Megan Gwynn (disambiguation).

Megan Gwynn
Pixie 004.jpg
Portrayed by Evanna Lynch
Codename: Pixie
Affiliations: eXcalibur
Birthdate: March 1, 1994
Journal: xp_pixie
Player: Marlena

Megan Gwynn is a winged mutant possessed of hallucinogenic dust powers, a fun, quirky personality, and a soul partially replaced with demon magic.


Character Journal: xp_pixie

Real Name: Megan Gwynn

Codename: Pixie

Aliases: Pixie

First Appearance: February 10, 2015

Date of Birth: March 1, 1994

Place of Birth: Abergylid, Wales

Citizenship: Wales

Relatives: none

Education: High school diploma from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Relationship Status: single

Occupation: college student, part-time employee at eVolution

Team Affiliation: eXcalibur



Megan grew up with her mother and father in Abergylid, Wales. She learned both English and Welsh in school and developed an interest in world folklore and mythology.She received a decent education, even though her family never had a lot of money. Both of Megan's parents were older than the average couple when she was born (this is because they were actually her maternal grandparents). Megan was never very close to Dad, as he worked long and hard hours at the coal mine (and later the coal company office) in order to provide for her family. Mum was a teacher and a school librarian. Dad died of lung cancer when Megan was 11 years old. The cancer was caused by years of smoking and working in the coal mines. When Megan was 15, her mother died of a heart attack. Growing up with a happy childhood cut short by the deaths of her parents, Megan has a generally positive outlook on life but doesn’t believe in miracles. She always hopes for the best but expects the worst.


Megan's wings began to appear when she was an early teen. At first they were small stubs that couldn't be used for flight. Also she began to get small crops of pixie dust on her skin, but she would always just wash it off and it never seemed to do anything. She learned to wear baggy tops avoided touching people. Luckily Mum's eyesight was pretty bad, and Megan answered questions with typical teenage sass.

Megan's powers fully manifested when she was 15. While waiting for the train, she read a newspaper expose about her late father's coal mining company knowingly operating the mines in conditions that were unsafe for the workers. According to the article, they had falsified inspection reports for years.This led Megan to believe that her father had had not died simply of smoking-related causes but because of negligence on the company's part. Megan's family had never received compensation for her father's death--according to the expose, the company had directly covered up their actions so they wouldn't have to pay out to the families of the workers.

Megan became so angry that she triggered her mutancy the rest of the way. Dragonfly wings sprang fully from her back, and a thick coating of dust (like pollen) covered her skin. The dust was breathed in by dozens of people who were at the subway station where this event took place. Authorities seemed content with the explanation that there was a toxic chemical leak near the station that caused the victims to become disoriented and ill.

The event made big news in the UK, and although it wasn't widely heard of in the US, Prof. Xavier noted it and suspected that it may be linked to a mutant. By this point, Megan's mum - who was hospitalized from a stroke - died. When Prof. Xavier came to Abergylid, he found Megan living alone, with the water and power shut off to her home. He invited her to come to the school on a scholarship.

Living At The X-Mansion

At Xavier’s, Megan got her dust powers under control, learned to fly, and also made some friends. Always friendly, she lost any shyness and became a confident young adult.

Megan’s emotional stability took a hit when she was abducted by the demon Belasco and forced to become his protege. A part of her soul was taken and replaced with demon magic. This gave her a small ability to use magic (so far, a were-light spell). However, the magic feels to her like it has its own personality. It’s part of her, but alien (and so far has not interacted with her physical powers) and causes her a lot of stress as she learns to live with it. She began to adopt a more serious attitude, became more focused on her art in order to cope. Also, due to the encounter, a section of her pink hair was permanently turned black.

Gap Year

Shortly after the events of the Bloodstone Arc and beginning magic lessons with Amanda Sefton, Megan decided to take a gap year. She traveled in the USA and abroad for a year and then some before returning to the mansion.

Brave New World

Megan secured her old job back at eVolution, enrolled in art school to study fashion design and re-joined team Generation X. She attempted to reconnect with old peers, unaware of just how much pain some of them had been through. She went back to magic class with Amanda, and for a time. This led to her temporarily becoming Amanda's assistant on a trip to London to intervene in the shenanigans of three magical teenagers and their fae cat. She later assisted Topaz, Billy, and a team of X-Men in rescuing the GenX teenagers after they were kidnapped/voluntarily went to another universe.

Thankfully, Megan's downtime was significantly longer than the exciting times.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 124 lbs.

Eyes: almost completely black (her pupils aren't distinguishable - currently she wears contacts to give her the appearance of a while sclera)

Hair: currently long and bleached blonde from its natural pink hue

Other Features: (rainbow-colored, translucent dragonfly wings; pierced ears


Flying ability: Megan can fly when her wings are uncovered, but she didn't get a lot of practice flying before she came to the school. Her wings are similar to dragonfly wings in structure, with 4 wings in total, and allow her to fly backwards and hover, as well as move totally vertically and horizontally. She cannot glide.

"Pixie dust": Dust that comes off her skin involuntarily and causes hallucinogenic effects to people who breathe it (similar to LSD). Megan's pixie dust ability manifested first when she accidentally overdosed a bunch of people in her Welsh mining town. The dust is like white pollen, and not like glitter.

Magic: Megan has a small amount of magical ability. She has a were-light spell that she calls “Will O’ Wisp”.

Pixie Dust Effects: Almost instantly, it causes the victim to become disoriented and causes visual effects like objects moving, swaying, dripping, walls breathing, etc. Often, the person cannot properly gauge how large or small they are in relation to the space they are in. Interior spaces will often shift in size and, outside, perspectives are deceiving. It is not a good idea for the victim to walk around outside on a busy street or drive a vehicle while under the effects of the pixie dust! Also, many victims feel a level of ego-death. They feel a part of everything, and can't tell where they end and the universe begins. This effect varies in intensity from person to person, however. A third common effect is that the victim will usually hallucinate shifting patterns and colors. It is unusual to have a hallucination of say, a completely different place or a person that isn't there. Megan's pixie dust isn't strong enough to cause that level of hallucination.

Effects can also vary based on the victim's resistance and on their emotional state. Someone who is angry or upset is more likely to see disturbing imagery such as patterns of faces, etc. and feel unable to return to their body, while someone in a neutral or happy state is more likely to just be disoriented, confused by the visual effects and mildly euphoric. The radius of effect is about 6 to 12 feet, depending on air currents. Indoors, it tends to be a lot more potent than outside, where the dust is easily dispersed to a negligible amount. The effects last 20-30 minutes and take several hours to wear off completely. After 20-30 minutes the victim will stop hallucinating but will still be unable to process information completely correctly. There is nothing that can make it wear off faster except that some people may be more resilient against it than others.

Pixie Dust Control: Megan at first was not good at controlling the dust - an emotional outburst could trigger it. She received extra training from Laurie in order to control it. The dust at first was only useful as a form of defense, allowing her to escape from danger.

Megan used her dust against enemies in both Carry On and Lakshmibai Raj, but with limited effectiveness. Further training improved its effectiveness and she learned to use her wings to fan the dust toward the target for better concentration and aim.

Megan successfully dusted many soldiers in Genosha, enabling her to escape from the Mutate Lab, confuse enemy soldiers to enable her group to steal a truck - and disable an enemy helicopter pilot while her teammates brought it down. Combined with Laurie's pheromone powers, the dust also successfully tied up Moreau's tentacles by causing them to fight each other. A blast of the combined dust-pheromones to Moreau's face later in the fight was also successful in disorienting him.

Megan never has control over how the dust will affect a particular entity or what they might experience should a hallucination take place.

Pixie Dust as Therapy: At a mutant awareness rally gone wrong (Times They Are A-Changin'), Pixie was able to use her dust to help calm a FOHer named Nick Chapman. When he manifested grossly exaggerated musculature, Pixie's dust was effective in producing a mildly euphoric state that possibly caused him to relax and possibly transcend the pain.

Magic, the Alien Power: Magic is not natural to Megan. She is grappling physically and emotionally on dealing with it. So far it is a minor ability, but it has the potential to grow.




Megan is interested in underground fashion and makes a lot of her own clothes, or repurposes existing clothes to cover her wings and suit her style. To say she dresses eccentrically is an understatement. She hand-paints shoes, stencils T-shirt designs, and sews her own tops.

Megan speaks Welsh and English.

Megan likes music and loves punk rock, especially "protest music that you can dance to".

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Player: Marlena

E-mail: Marlenaemail.jpg

Player Icon Base: Evanna Lynch

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Marlena also introduced and played Meagan in Phase 1, but killed her off and replaced her with the Phase 2 version.