An Eye for an Eye

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An Eye for an Eye
Dates run: May 21, 2019 - August 31, 2019
Run By: Sam
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Why can't you let it go?

A seemingly innocuous investigation into magical shenanigans at Denver International Airport brings Topaz face to face with Adam Destine once more.

Part 5 of The Destine Arc.


Topaz, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, Clea Lake, Megan Gwynn

Adam Destine


May 21, 2019 - August 31, 2019

Plot Summary

Rumors and reports of weird activity at Denver International Airport have started coming in (it’s a weird, liminal space, but harmless). The magic people (users, adjacent, etc.), have been keeping an eye on it, but there’s nothing to say it’s not just a local mutant group messing around.

And then one night the entire airport goes dark without warning. No communication from anyone inside, nobody coming out, and anyone who tries to open a door gets a sudden feeling to go walk off a cliff or step in front of a car. That's definitely suspicious enough - Team Magic sets out for Denver to check things out.

They encounter members of the Dark path of the Winding Way), and in the midst of the fight, a trap is triggered which teleports Topaz to Adam, back in the graveyard in London where her mother is (was) buried. He explains that during her torture last year, he corrupted her soul with a bit of demon (not enough to be detected by either Amanda, or the wards), and now he’s going to use it to essentially take over her body, destroying her mind and soul, after which he’ll return to the airport and kill everyone there, leaving “Topaz” as the sole survivor.

His attempts to possess her don’t quite work, however — Marie-Ange has been keeping an eye on Topaz’ future, and foresaw this possibility, leading to Amanda putting a protection spell on Topaz. With Adam essentially reneging on the deal he made to get his power (stronger magic in exchange for a soul), the demon rips the power away from Adam, leaving him weakened and dying. It’s not quite deep enough to immediately kill him, and Amanda arrives while he’s bleeding out. They exchange final words before Adam dies.

Back at the airport, the rest of the team fights off the overzealous cult, and Wanda finds the reason they were targeting the airport — another page of Darkhold ended up there.

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Before dying, Adam gave Amanda the memories he has of their Phase 2 lives, giving Amanda more insight into her own history.


Plotrunner: Sam