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The big event of the month was the missing persons case that turned into a battle against Asgardians, as The Dweller in the Dark was freed and repossessed Tandy Bowen and X-Factor Investigations were called in to locate Cain Marko, who had been exposed to a mysterious Asgardian artifact during the time he was missing. The job culminated in a drawn-out knock-down battle in District X between Marko, calling himself Kuurth and wielding a hammer and a mixed group of X-Factor and X-Men.

Other strange events, unconnected with the Dweller's plot, also hit the radar, such as a series of supernatural incidents at Denver International Airport. The Church of Humanity also reappeared, setting up a chapter in Salem Center, much to the consternation of the mansionites, especially Angelo Espinosa who had had dealings with the group's previous incarnation.

In less dramatic news, Garrison Kane let Sharon Friedlander know he had no leads on the Iranian mutant terrorist she was looking for; Clinton Barton had Natasha Romanoff come get him out of a spot of trouble during a job; Quentin Quire and Jean Grey were disconcerted with some strange events during a psychic training with Betsy Braddock on the astral plane; Artie Maddicks returned from an extended mission in Europe; and new arrival Theresa Cassidy began establishing herself with the Mutant Underground with the help of Sooraya Qadir and Jean Grey, as well as starting to get to know Kyle Gibney.

Finally, Amanda Sefton and Marie-Ange Colbert, realising that Adam Destine would strike again, decided to put a tracking and protection spell on Topaz without telling her about it.


May 1 - Terry texts Kyle to let him know she's brought him food. Clint texts Natasha to let her know he's gotten into a spot of trouble. Garrison emails Sharon tell her his sources have found nothing on Qunbula.

May 2 - Sooraya emails Terry to see if she'd like accompany her on some Underground home visits. Terry texts Jean asking if she wants to join them.

May 3 - Kurt fetches Topaz from Avalon, which uses a lost voice to affect him.

May 4 - Natasha texts Clint to update him on her stake out. Jean-Paul posts about being finished with classes for a week. Betsy, Hope A., and Topaz attend a gala, with all parties coming away with something.

May 5 - Fear in the Dark: Those wishing to bring the Dweller to Earth place him in his Avatar - Tandy - despite her efforts to resist; Julian discovers an unconscious Tandy who, upon waking, waves off his concern before returning to the penthouse; D'Spayre informs the Dweller that they've found "the Asgardian"; the Dweller texts Julian to let him know Tandy will be busy prepping for a summit. Alani finds an out of sorts Topaz in the library.

May 6 - Fear in the Dark: Dweller!Tandy makes a discovery; Marie-Ange posts about the Met Gala and finding feathers on her shoe rack. Clint texts Felicia with an… interesting “would you rather”.

May 7 - Alani posts about having a lazy day with nuggets and a bath. Jean texts Haller to say happy birthday and invite him out for dinner. Doug sleeps through his own birthday.

May 8 - Alani and Alex go to the beach and chat about surfing and Lorna.

May 9 - Terry emails Maya and Hope A. to offer them jobs. Hope A. emails Emma about Betsy's ambitions. A number of odd things happen when Quentin and Jean train on the astral plane with Betsy.

May 10 - Fear in the Dark: A news report goes up about three people going missing in 72 hours; Lorna emails XFI about the missing people and pulling overtime. Clint posts about team building with eXcalibur.

May 11 - Fear in the Dark: Alex, Arthur, and Bobbi talk to a distraught woman worried about her missing boyfriend; Lorna recognizes the boyfriend's name - Cain Marko - and emails Scott and Garrison about it.

May 12 - Jubilee posts about binging Lucifer, and posts a song.

May 13 - Fear in the Dark: Marie-Ange is continuing to have issues with random ravens.

May 14 -

May 15 - Doug posts about a hoaxed claim to have translated the Voynich manuscript.

May 16 - Artie emails Marie-Ange to let her know he’s returning from an extended time in Europe.

May 17 -

May 18 - Betsy is horrified to find it’s the Eurovision Song Contest finals.

May 19 - An Eye for an Eye: After a series of card readings pointing at upcoming trouble for Topaz, Marie-Ange and Amanda decide to take action without letting Topaz know.

May 20 -

May 21 - An Eye For an Eye: Various Twitter accounts post about the gargoyle at the Denver International Airport moving.

May 22 -

May 23 - An Eye for an Eye: Maya makes a journal post about the gargoyles moving in Denver. Fear in the Dark: XFI is having a quick morning meeting to go over any leads of the many cases that have entered when chaos starts outside; Garrison emails the X-Men team about the mayhem in District X; Warren, Quentin, and Arthur help the people; Bobbi, Maya, and Hope A. help a family in need; Lorna, Alex, Callisto, and Sue keep the not-but-really Juggernaut from destroying more of the city; the first team of X-Men - Dominion, Rogue, Dust and Bevatron - head off against Kuuth; the second team of X-Men - Nightcrawler and Cyclops with Julian - go against Kuuth; the last team of X-Men - Marvel Girl, Wolverine, Blink, and Dagger - face off against Kuuth and deal the final blow; with Kuuth down, the worst is over, until they realize this may only be the beginning when Kuurth is teleported away by a mysterious woman.

May 24 - Fear in the Dark: Lorna makes a journal entry inquiring what the fuck? about the previous day's events; Marie-Ange makes a journal entry about ruinous commutes, flocks of ravens, and predictions.

May 25 - Fear in the Dark: Logan posts to xp_teams updating everyone on what happened in District X, asking for more intel.

May 26 -

May 27 -

May 28 - Alani posts to wonder if anyone wants to do anything on Friday, Alex tries to convince her to do something a little more life-threatening than what she's chosen.

May 29 -

May 30 -

May 31 - Take Me to Church: A news article goes up about the Church of Humanity planning to picket a mutant’s funeral.


Fear in the Dark

An Eye for an Eye

Case File: Take Me to Church

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