Society of Thule

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The Society of Thule
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Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Cullen Zaphere (deceased), Dr. Cindy O'Neal
Socked By: Zoila and Zippit
Introduction: Fear in the Dark

I would also refrain from destroying these cultists...they are allies after all.'

A powerful magical society who has operated in the background for centuries and whose connections run beyond what most realise.

First Appearance

May 5, 2019


Cullen Zaher
Human host/avatar of Cul Bor'son. He was born in Cairo, Egypt to an English mother and an Egyptian father. Both parents are archaeologists so it wasn’t a surprise that Cullen would follow in their footsteps. At a young age, Cullen manifested as a mutant, with a healing factor. He went to study abroad and became fascinated with the old writings that gods/goddess/demons/other entities would frequently visit earth. He knew that it was still the case once he had heard about the Avengers and specifically Thor. Later on, he discovered that gods that were actually imprisoned in earth and was approached by the Society of Thule and became a member - dedicating most of his time and resources to locating such entities. His fate following the death of Cul is unknown, but he is presumed to have died when his avatar did.

PB: Rami Malek, socked by. Zoila

Dr. Cindy O'Neal
Human host/avatar of Skadi. Dr. O’Neal became fascinated with genetics at an early age. She graduated at an Ivy School studying medicine with an emphasis on genetics. Though she holds no powers of her own, she finds mutants to be fascinating, her older brother manifested when she was still young. It was what sparked her career path. Her work caught the attention of the Society of Thule, which she joined. There she had her first encounter with a demonic entity and became interested in how a demon finds their avatars, or why some don’t need one. She came across an old text regarding about The Dweller in the Dark and the ancient connection to a god and formed the plan to free the Dweller in order to free Cul. With the death of Cul and the destruction of the Hammer of Skadi, Cindy managed to escape. Her whereabouts are unknown.

PB: Milla Jokovich, socked by Zippit.


One of the factions of the Winding Way that lean towards the dark or bad side. They are a group primarily made up of scientists as well as magic users. Their interests can vary within the group but their main focus is always the same - power, no matter the form. If it gives them control over others they want it.

The society has lasted for centuries, at least dating back to the the 5th century. Most members usually have some type of branding located somewhere on their persons - hidden by a combination of science and magic. The total number of how many members is currently unknown.

Many aspects of history, politics, science, magic and faith has been influenced by them and their many "tentacles", and the very art of alchemy was a by-product of their Infinitas agenda. The society may or may not have connections with HYDRA - certainly their methods and aims are similar.

The Society came to light in May 2019 when they orchestrated the release of the Dweller in the Dark and the subsequent awakening of the Worthy and the release of exiled Asgardian king, Cul.


Fear in the Dark


While this version of the Society of Thule is based on Marvel's interpretation, the Society also existed in real life, trying to bridge the gap between science and magic in an attempt to increase Germany's power.

Socked by: Zoila and Zippit