Cul Bor'son and The Worthy

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Cul Bor'son and his Worthy
Portrayed by various
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Cul, Skadi, Kuurth, Skirn, Mokk, Griethoth, Angrir, Nul
Socked By: various
Introduction: Fear in the Dark

It is time to reclaim my throne. This realm has been left alone for far too long. Let us go.

Former ruler of Asgard, Cul Bor'son was imprisoned on Earth and the spirits of his followers, the Worthy, were imbued in their hammers and scattered across Midgard. Until the Society of Thule decided to bring them back.


Cul Bor'son
God of Fear
Exiled former king of Asgard, Cul was the older brother of Odin. As a God of Fear, he was too powerful and destructive to remain king and Odin usurped him, eventually imprisoning him on Earth. In May 2019, he was freed by a former ally, The Dweller in the Dark and members of the Society of Thule. It was one of the latter, Cullen Zaher a mutant with a healing factor, who because his avatar on Earth. Cul came close to achieving his goal of conquering Earth, but was defeated by the X-Men and Tandy Bowen. He was beheaded by Doug Ramsey.

Powers: Cul was granted the power of most Asgardian gods and goddesses. However, as he was Bor’son and Odin's older brother, his power was more formidable. He was stronger than other Asgardians and healed faster - making it very hard to take him down. Cul also had an innate ability for magic, which included teleportation within his own dimension. Unlike other gods he was also capable of feeding on fear, thus making him a more dangerous foe. Due to his almost unlimited powers, Odin was only able to banish him or keep him away, not kill him.

His powers were greatly diminished during his imprisonment, but gradually grew as each hammer was united with a chosen Worthy. Initially, Cullen’s (see Society of Thule) own healing powers only barely kept his human body alive as the avatar of a god was too strong for it. When Cul’s own healing kicked in after the awakening of Skirn, he needed less protection. With all the Worthy awakened, Cul was so powerful that it took everything to bring him down. However, Tandy’s light was able to cause a major damage to him as her powers didn’t need to pierce to the skin in order to kill someone. Her power could reach his life energy and drain it. In this state, the Odinsword was be able to behead Cul and bring an end to his reign of terror.

PB: Rami Malek, socked by. Zoila

Goddess of Winter
Daughter of Cul and the Goddess of winter. She was the first to be awakened, her Hammer being found on Cul's 'tomb' and calling to Cindy O'Neal, a member of the Society of Thule. On her arm there were seven runes in gold, signifying the names of the the other Worthies. As each Worthy awakened, their rune turned black. Upon the defeat of Cul, Skadi's hammer disintegrated and Skadi's spirit 'died'. Her human avatar survived and escaped capture. Her status is unknown.

Powers: As well as the usual strength and ability to summon lightning bestowed by her hammer, Skadi could also control winter weather conditions. Initially, she was extremely powerful, but as each Worthy was awakened her power levels dropped until she was on par with the other Worthy. Cindy is baseline human and has no powers of her own.

PB: Milla Jokovich, socked by Zippit.

Breaker of Stone
One of Cul's loyal warriors, Kuurth possessed the body of Cain Marko (see individual's page for details), who was abducted by Skadi and D’spayre to Greenland where the Hammer of Kuurth called to him. Kuurth was an Asgardian warrior and not a god of a particular thing. His soul was released to the afterlife when the Hammers disintegrated. Cain was detained by SHIELD in the aftermath and struck a deal for his release, becoming a double agent within the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Powers: On top of Cain's own strength and size, Kuurth's spirit add more strength, plus the ability to call lightning with the Hammer.

PB: Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock", socked by Frito.

Breaker of Oceans
Raymond Goud is an Alaskan fisherman who came from a semi-wealthy family but was ran away from home when he was outed as a mutant in his late teens. He traveled a bit and ended up in Alaska in his mid 20s, where he is a seasonal fisherman. He has been living in peace for the last 6 years. This changed when his boat hauled up one of the Worthy Hammers in its net and he was possessed by the spirit of Nerkkod, an Asgardian warrior and god of the deep water. When the hammers disintegrated, Gould was taken into SHIELD custody for debriefing, before being released - he was, however, placed on the SHIELD watchlist.

Powers: Ray has gills behind his ears and webbed fingers and feet that emerge when wet; he usually keeps them covered with boots, hats, and gloves. Nerkkod had the 'standard' Worthy abilities, but was also able to create waterspouts and floods with the hammer.

PB: Jason Moama, socked by Jeff.

Breaker of Men
Skirn was released when Susan Storm took up the hammer in which the Worthy's spirit was imprisoned. Skirn and the possessed Tandy Bowen fought their way out of the mansion and were teleported away by Cul. Following the defeat of Cul and her return to herself, Sue was whisked out of sight and back to the mansion, to avoid damage to her public reputation as a scientist with her father's company.

Powers: Along with Sue's invisibility and force fields, Skirn had Asgardian strength and invulnerability, and the ability to summon and control lightning.

PB: Gabriella Wilde, socked by AJ.

Breaker of Faith
Mokk's avatar was Dr. Paul Duval, scientist and associate of Reed Richards, whom he met in college. Paul grew up as an awkward kid who would rather play with his chemistry set than playing with the other kids. After college, Paul returned to his home country of France and received a job at a governments laboratories. He came across the hammer during his research and was possessed by the spirit of Mokk, an Asgardian warrior, with the "standard" Asgardian powers as well as the ability to summon and control lightning provided by his hammer. He is allergic to peanuts, a fact used to defeat Mokk and free Paul from the Worthy's influence.

Powers: While Paul had the x-gene, his powers didn't manifest until he picked up the hammer of Mokk. is mutant powers are the ability to transmute living and nonliving things into stone. The change is not permanent, things that have turned into stone revert back to normal with 1 to 2 hours. There is no ill effects of the change, only that it causes some dizziness and some stiffness. However, the stone can become damaged and break - if this does happen people die. After he was freed from Mokk, Paul arranged for training in his powers via the Xavier Institute's distance learning program.

PB: Hugo Becker, socked by Rossi.

Breaker of Wills
Harotu Tanaka is he oldest son of the Tanaka Family (a respected family whose business in antiquities has been running for two generations) and always had extreme pressure on him to succeed. He was sent to an all boy prestige school when he was young and hardly ever saw his father or mother, except when he was home for the holidays. Even then it was rare to see his father. He encountered the Hammer of Griethoth at his father's auction house in Tokyo and became the Worthy's avatar. Following Griethoth's demise, Harotu went into therapy in order to deal with the mental and emotional manipulation used to defeat the human within the Worthy.

Powers: Griethoth was an Asgardian warrior with the usual Asgardian strength and invulnerability, as well as having the lightning powers provided by the hammer. Harotu is baseline human and has no powers.

PB: Shun Oguri, socked by Amanda.

Breaker of Souls
Craig Hollis was famous within the Underground Mutant Fighting ring and was hailed as THE Champion 20 years ago when it first started. There isn’t a mutant that has yet to beat him. Usually his matches brings in a large crowd as people don’t often challenge him because he is undefeated. During his last match, where the prize offered was "the power of a god" (aka the Hammer of a Worthy), he fought the X-Man Nightcrawler and during the fight the box containing the hammer was broken. Craig was summoned to pick up the hammer and became Angrir, an Asgardian god of vengeance. As a result of being "eaten" by Tyrone Johnson, Craig suffered a total mental and emotional breakdown and since the defeat of Cul and his Worthy, has been in a SHIELD facility receiving treatment.

Powers: Craig is more or less, immortal. If he dies, he resurrects almost immediately, as well as healing from any injury. As he resurrects, Craig experiences the full pain and trauma of dying, and takes about ten minutes to regain his mind and equilibrium. If he is injured in a non-life threatening way, he heals as a normal human would. Angrir had the powers of an Asgardian warrior, as well as a superhuman drive to destroy his enemies.

PB: Pablo Schreiber, socked by Isaura.

Breaker of Worlds
The Hulk was possessed by the spirit of Nul during a pitched battle between the seven awakened Worthies and the Dweller against the Avengers, SHIELD and the X-Men when the hammer he was defending called to him in the midst of everything. Fortunately, he was teleported away by Cul, along with the rest of the Worthies, before he could single-handedly destroy the Triskelion. Nul appeared again during the endgame of Cul's plot and was defeated by a combination of empathic leeching by Topaz and mental soothing by Jean Grey.

Powers: Hulk with Asgardian strength and a hammer.

PB: Mark Ruffalo, socked by AJ.


Cul was the oldest of son of Bor, groomed to be the next King of Asgard and the Nine Realms. However, Cul was different than other Asgardians as he was a fear eater - gaining power and strength from other people’s fear. He took great pleasure of bending people to his will by doing this. Odin, seeing that his brother would not only destroy the people of Asgard but his hunger wouldn’t end there, fought Cul for the right to be the next heir. Odin created a sword that was able to strike down his brother. He then exiled his brother and those that followed him. The sword, called the Odinsword, remained in Odin’s vault. Powerless and angry that his brother, Odin, would banish him - the rightful king of Asgard - Cul swore revenge. It was on his travels through Midgard to regain his lost power that he met The Dweller in the Dark, a demon who generated fear. Dweller offered Cul a deal, Dweller would give Cul power that he craved and in return, Dweller would get Midgard.

Cul saw this as a means for his revenge and set in motion their plans. Dweller suggested weapons that could rival even the gods. The hammers were created out of cold iron, the blood of his Worthy as well as his own, and sealed with powerful magical runes. With the Dweller generating the fear from the humans and turning them into Shades, Cul’s power grew until Odin, fearing that his brother’s power was stronger than before, struck him down and sealed Cul’s spirit in a tomb on a lost island. However, the Odinsword was shattered in the process. Their king sealed, the Worthies' essences were sealed in the hammers and scattered across the world.

Two thousand years later, the Society of Thule freed the Dweller, who in turn freed Cul, and the plan began again, only to be eventually thwarted by The Avengers and the various mutants of the Xavier Institute. Cul was killed when he was beheaded with the re-forged Odinsword, brought from Asgard by Thor.


Fear in the Dark


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