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Character(s): Inez Temple
Email: Jeffemail.png
Pronouns: he/him
Date joined: February 2011


Hailing from the far East coast of Canada (Newfoundland & Labrador to be specific), Jeff has been gaming off and on since the late 90's. His first exposure to role-playing came via IRC-based chatrooms, where members played both canon X-Men characters and were also allowed to make their own original characters. In fact, the Diamond part from his oft-used handle canadiandiamond comes from one of those very same OCs.

He eventually caught wind of journal role-playing through some friends he'd made in the good old IRC days and spent several years plugging away at them, mainly on the now-defunct Greatestjournal (RIP) and Insanejournal, before the oh so enticing world of MMOs got its hooks into him. Several rounds of WoW, SWG, and many other games came and went, with RP interspersed to varying degrees throughout.

Today he only dabbles in MMOs, playing Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter occasionally, and enjoys living with his lovely wife Sara (whom he met through an OC game on Greatestjournal, true story!) and their adorable cat!son, Simon, while trying to get back into writing and RPing a little by playing Sarah Vale and Sam Guthrie in X-Project. When the game relaunched, he killed off both characters to allow them to be applied for fresh, and took on the two Bobbies.

Life caught up with him in 2019 and he released Bobbi in order to be able to focus on Bobby. In 2022 he released Bobby as well, and in September 2022 he took on his first non-Bobby character, Inez Temple.

Phase 2


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Jason Abbott

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Malcolm Ord

Quentin Templeton

Gwendoline (deceased)


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