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Abbott family
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Portrayed by See below
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Hope Abbott
Socked By: Jeff (Jason Abbott) & Jo (Catherine Abbott)
Introduction: June 21, 2012

The Abbotts are the immediate family of Hope Abbott. They sent her to Xavier's to cure her from her mutation or at least gain enough control so she could hide she is a mutant.


First appearance:

P1: June 21, 2012 P2: January 31, 2017

Jason Abbott
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Hope’s father is a CPA who climbed up to a VP of Finance in a import/export company who’s most important role in their little family is his role as breadwinner and head of the house. He works long hours to bring in enough income for the lifestyle they want to afford themselves. He is a traditional man, silent and keeping his feelings inside. He believes in ‘The Traditional Family’ and ‘The American Dream’. He comes from a modest upbringing, living in a small town for most his life until he got lucky enough to get a scholarship to college so he could study accounting.

PB: Ricardo Chivara

Catherine Abbott
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As a stay-at-home mom she devoted much of her time to Hope, instilling her with the values and view of how the world was important. Much like her husband, Catherine comes from modest, small town beginnings. Her start was very different though. She fled from home from her traditional upbringing to the city, lived in poverty in small jobs, till she met Jason just after he finished college. They fell in love and married soon after and her life improved. Her experiences with leaving home and the familiar expectations Jason placed on her and the success that came from it, made her reconsider her parent’s idea’s and became determined to raise her daughter in a similar way. Besides the time she spends at home and with her daughter, Catherine is active on the board of two charities and paints as a hobby.

PB: Amy Pietz

Hannah Abbott
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Hannah Abbott is Jason Abbott’s mother. She lived her whole life in the same small town, being born there and marrying Neville Abbott when she was nineteen years old. She was not exactly happy in her marriage, as she had wanted to become a nurse, but it was how things went in those times and she did what was expected from her. She bore three children, two girls and a boy. She was a devoted mother to them, raising them with the same values she was raised with. Yet deep down she was still not completely content. When her children were grown, she became only more and more discontent, having seen too much sadness that came from her way of life, like a friend being beaten by her husband, but she didn’t dare to leave him or a woman being forced to bear child after child without regard for her personal health. Her husband Neville died when Hope was eleven and Hannah took the chance to unfold her wings. She moved closer to her son and did charity work for the sick, becoming an hospital volunteer. She also started to quietly try to convince her son and daughter-in-law to choose a different way of raising their daughter Hope, as her own two daughters had already done. While her parents refuse to see what Hope is and what her potential will be, Grandma Hannah will be in her corner.

PB: Jenny Agutter.

Other family members: None


Phase 1

Raised in a very traditional way by her parents, Hope was groomed from childhood to be the wife to a powerful man. Hope's manifestation threw that path off course. Her parents sent her to Xavier's, first to be cured, but when they realized this was not possible to learn to hide her powers from the world. Having Hope away at boarding school also serves to hide her identity as a mutant. They stay in contact with Hope by letters and phonecalls, working on having her stay on their path from a distance. Her grandmother disagrees with this course of action though and supports Hope in finding her own path, both as a woman and a mutant. Following the events of Hope's visit home in August 2013, her parents began to back off a bit, especially her mother, who was unhappy with the way Hope revealed herself as a mutant, effectively shattering the illusion Catherine had been trying to put out for the rest of the world.

Phase 2


Phase 1

No Way Back

Phase 2


Socked by: Jeff (Jason Abbott) & Jo (Catherine Abbott)