No Way Back

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No Way Back
Dates run: August 17-31, 2013
Run By: Eva
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"As far as everyone's concerned you've been at finishing school, so you can act like it."

Hope Abbott helps a friend, and has to choose between what is right and what is proper.


Hope Abbott, Jean Grey

Jason Abbott, Catherine Abbott, Amy Wright, Mrs. Wright, Ed the Park Ranger


August 17-31, 2013

Plot Summary

When Hope returns home to visit her family for a few weeks, her plans for a quiet visit are dashed, first by her clashes with her mother (who is unhappy about the path her "proper" daughter seems to be forging for herself), and then by rumors she hears about old friend Amy Wright. Apparently, not long after Hope's departure, Amy was pulled out of school with no explanation, and has not been seen much in public since. The rumors as to why range from pregnancy to drugs to the possibility that Amy is a mutant. Curious, Hope goes to see Amy and finds that it's true - Amy's eyes, which were once normal, now resemble eagle eyes. Hope tries to talk to Amy about the possibility of finding someone to help her out of her home situation, but the otherteen is less than receptive.

A few days later, Hope hears about a young girl who has gone missing at Bald Mountain Recreation Area. She tries to sneak out to help, only to be caught by her father, who agrees to accompany her when he realizes she won't be talked out of it. They pick up a rather unwilling Amy, and join the search party. The girls attempt to discreetly use their mutations to help find the child, but when they discover a clue and are ignored, they're forced to reveal themselves in order to make the group leader listen to them.

The girl is recovered, but all is not well for Hope. Following the revelation that she is a mutant, her family becomes a target of the Friends of Humanity, who vandalize the Abbott house and leave anti-mutant rhetoric in their mailbox. On top of that, a furious Catherine Abbott traps Hope in the house, refusing to let her return to Xavier's. Hope reaches out to Professor Xavier, who sends Jean to sort things out with Hope's parents, finally letting her go back to Xavier's.

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Hope's relationship with her parents, especially her mother, suffered as a result of this plot.


Plotrunner: Eva