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Following a Serious Talk about their relationship, Susan Storm began to notice Madelyne Pryor was spending more and more time away from the mansion or was coming back exhausted, which Maddie blamed on her summer lifeguarding job. Angelo Espinosa, encountering a still-traumatised Frank Ludlum, tried to talk to him about the incident with Topaz, without much success. Hope Abbott returned to her parents' house for part of the summer, and finally managed to assert herself to her mother, as well as helping a former school friend adjust to her own mutant manifestation. Kyle Gibney told Doreen Green that he loved her, and it was absolutely no big deal at all. Laurie Collins broke up with Eamon.

Rachel Kinross-Dayspring finally tracked down Xorn and made a deal to save her originating dimension. To do so, she needed allies, and David Haller, Molly Hayes, Sam Guthrie, Wanda Maximoff, and Angelo found themselves transported to Rachel's world, a very dark and terrible place. Having fought through to their goal against various twisted versions of their friends and allies, the group discovered the entire mission was part of an elaborate set up - a plan by Nathaniel Essex to finally be able to resurrect his dead son, Adam. With Rachel's psonic gifts the last piece of the puzzle, Essex revealed that her "world" was nothing more than a bubble in the astral plane, where he had created a reality to foster the psionic talents of the young girl who had been "killed" on Genosha. The group were returned to reality, none the physically worse for wear, but dealing with memories of a world that did not exist. Rachel went to Muir Island, to talk to her parents about the fact she was their true daughter although no longer eight years old.


Aug. 1 - Wade posts about winning a thing. Lorna posts to the team comm updating everyone on what has been going on with her. Sue and Maddie discover how hard it is to get anything past the Storm family's matriarch and have a meaningful talk about their relationship.

Aug. 2 -

Aug. 3 - Age of Apocalypse - Rachel finally finds Xorn, though the conversation doesn't go exactly as she expected; Haller, Remy, Molly, Sam, Wanda, and Angelo are chosen to follow Rachel back to her world, and are psionically ripped from their minds, at which time the memories of what happened there are shoved into their minds; in the past, some of Xavier's students betray the school, and those who survive the invasion are forced to abandon the mansion; Billy and an addled Amanda track Topaz down in England, and recruit her to be a spy for their side; Adrienne invades the rebel "school" to capture Emma and blow up the camp, only to be caught by Tandy, whom she kills; the reunion between the Frost sisters is far from friendly; Molly and Wade, a mercenary duo, find Charles Xavier's body in the mansion, along with his murderer, a feral Logan, and are aided in the fight by a mysterious, redheaded psi; Fred goes on a search for traitors, and comes across a feral Catseye; Matt, a street preacher, finds Sue and tries to spread the Word; Hope A.'s brothel is invaded and taken over by Apocalypse's forces; at the West Coast Annex, Scott finds a traitor; Jennifer Walters finds Kyle, who has gone feral and was responsible for killing her cousin, Bruce Banner; Korvus faces off with Yvette, who helped to betray the mansion; Frank and Angelo bond as they're dying and Betsy tries to save them; Jennie kills Tabitha; back in the present, Haller, Remy, Molly, Sam, Wanda, and Angelo land on a very different of version of Muir Island, where Essex is in charge, and Rachel tells them everything; following the briefing, Remy, Wanda, and Haller discuss what is happening; Angelo and Rachel have a needed and overdue discussion; the next morning, the team is forced to abandon Muir as Apocalypse's forces invade; the group tries to get to Essex's old lab, but are held up by the arrival of Apocalypse's horsemen, and Essex and Rachel go ahead while the rest stay behind to hold the Horsemen off; Essex and Rachel make it to his lab, and Rachel is surprised by what is waiting for them; the Horsemen prepare for the fight; Angelo and Haller face off against Pestilence, and discover it is Doug Ramsey; Molly and Wanda fight Famine (Marius Laverne); Remy and Sam confront Death, Marie-Ange Colbert; as the battle continues, Doug asks for death, and Haller attempts to separate his consciousness from Pestilence; Wanda ends the fight with Famine; Pestilence takes back control of Doug and flees; the Horsemen regroup to discuss their targets; the team fights to retreat and find Rachel and Essex; in the lab, Rachel discovers that Essex has been using her the entire time, and that "her world" doesn't exist; the team returns to their bodies in the real world, and only seconds have passed since they left; back on the astral plane, Rachel appears to Xorn, and he offers her the choice to go back; down in the med lab, Molly receives a visit from Rachel, and they discuss what happened; Angelo goes to see Molly in the medlab and distracts them both with Rock Paper Scissors, Super Ultimate Edition; Rachel goes to see Angelo, and ends up having a breakdown on his couch. Tabitha texts Lorna about her car. Angel posts about Lorna running out of the suite and wondering what's going on.

Aug. 4 - Wade texts Molly to find out how she's doing. Topaz and Meggan have their first "lesson." Age Of Apocalypse - A reluctant Rachel tells Haller how she survived and the two share a hug and some tense words before indulging in some random destruction in the quarry. Clint and Rachel meet in the kitchen, and discussion ensues.

Aug. 5 - Angelo and Frank have a conversation that does not end well.

Aug. 6 - Matt and Hope A. cook together in the kitchen and discuss about him getting a haircut. Matt crashes at Amanda's after aerial class and the two discuss their different teams, among other things, over Chinese food.

Aug. 7 - Jubliee texts Kurt about going to the zoo on the weekend. Molly's nervousness in the face of Marie-Ange forces her to talk with Marie-Ange and Wade about the identity of Death of Rachel's fake world.

Aug. 8 - Wade posts about his grocery lists being maimed. Angel witnesses Rachel murdering the punching bag, before dragging her off to the pool for a distraction. Rachel texts Haller from Angel’s phone about killing said punching bag.

Aug. 9 - Rachel leaves a note in the garage about borrowing a mansion car and that she should be back before ten. Matt runs into Rachel, his favorite insomnia buddy, and they hang out in the daylight. Rachel runs into Jean practicing her powers out in the courtyard; the two wind up meeting formally and wind up discussing Rachel's situation.

Aug. 10 - Matt and Rachel go out and have fun. David and Wade shop, mercenary-style.

Aug. 11 - Cammie posts about having a movie night featuring a movie she had found and that it should be watched by everyone. Rachel texts Remy stating that she is ready to see her parents.

Aug 12 - Clarice is enthused about the new Lady Gaga and David Bowie albums and asks if anyone is up for going clubbing at Silver.

Aug 13 -

Aug 14 - Marie-Ange texts Wade about making sure he is suitably dressed for his birthday. Sooraya emails Angelo and John about a location for the Malala’s Rose project in Afghanistan. Molly gives Wade a shirt for his birthday.

Aug 15 -

Aug 16 - Laurie texts Doug and Kyle looking for comfort after breaking up with Eamon. No Way Back: Hope A. announces she is going home to Michigan for two weeks.

Aug 17 - Callie announces on x_grads she and Yvette will be having a joint 21st birthday celebration at Harry’s. No Way Back: Hope A. has a tense dinner with her parents. As Dori massages Kyle’s back, he lets slip with the “L” word for the first time. Jubilee gives Marie-Ange an early birthday gift of crocheted minions.

Aug 18 - Angelo takes Sue for a driving lesson and lunch. No Way Back: Hope A. emails Matt about the dinner with her parents and what has gone on so far. Wade asks Marie-Ange if she can skip work on Monday.

Aug 19 - Jubilee posts a bunch of random thoughts late at night. Sooraya goes to see Rachel while she's at Muir, and they discuss getting to know each other. No Way Back: Hope A. calls Sue to update her on what's been happening at home.

Aug 20 - Topaz and Matt spend some time at the aerial gym, and Topaz shows off a bit of what she's learned. Clint visits Yvette's office to ask her about Red-X.

Aug 21 - Kyle made a journal post complaining that the cat shredded his lesson plans.

Aug 22 - Tandy texts Sue to advise she’s kidnapping her.

Aug 23 - No Way Back: Hope A. makes an interesting discovery about an old friend. Clint e-mails all the New Mutants inquiring whether they’re interested in the Red X program.

Aug 24 - Kurt and Matt chat after Matt’s aerial class performance.

Aug 25 - Scott posts to his journal to be a party pooper and to remind everybody school’s starting soon.

Aug 26 - Wade e-mails Matt and Molly to see if there’s anything they need before school starts. No Way Back: Hope A. makes a journal entry about her friend from home also being a mutant. Amanda e-mails Meggan about shopping for her books and having lunch together.

Aug 27 - No Way Back: Hope A.’s father catches her trying to sneak out of the house and agrees to go on a walk with her to rescue a lost girl; along with Amy, Hope A. and her father join the rescue party; Hope A.'s mother confronts her about what happened, and everything comes to a head.

Aug 28 - Angel reveals she’s interning at the New York Times.

Aug 29 - Maddie texts Sue suggesting they watch a movie since Maddie is exhausted. No Way Back: Hope A. sends Charles an e-mail asking for help since her parents want to withdraw her from the school; Hope A. texts her friends revealing that her family had been the target of the FOH pushing her parents to disown Hope A..

Aug 30 -

Aug 31 - No Way Back: Jean arrives at the Abbott residence to talk things out with Hope A.'s parents and convince them to let her return to Xavier's.


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