Mág Ealga

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Mág Ealga
Portrayed by none
Known Aliases: Many
Affiliations: Independent mercenaries
Socked By: Nichole, Cai
Introduction: May 2009

A mercenary group made up of humans and mutants, not unlike their former rivals, the Pack, Mág Ealga still operates in the more unsettled areas of the world, taking on whatever jobs are available.

First Appearance

February 2009 - Eamon Mac Lochlainn visited the school to see Morgan Lennox.


Former Members

Thom Sheehan:
Thom was born in a small village named Lahinch in County Clare, Ireland in 1957. He served in the UK Royal Marines for six years before putting in for Special Boat Service Selection. Thom spent the next ten years in the SBS before he retired from military service in 1993. For a time he took it easy and then he got restless. He spent a few years taking private security jobs and it was on one such job that he met Aleister. An acquaintance developed which then became a friendship. By 1995 the pair of men had formed Mág Ealga with one other and the trio was making a name for their crew in the mercenary world. Thom is the quiet, laid back one of the group. He tends to think things through and choose to act more slowly, a manner which sometimes draws good-hearted teasing from Mike on account of Thom's age. When he was younger he was a reigning boxing champion among the seamen with whom he served. He took the time to make sure the other members of the crew could pack a punch properly and took Vanessa under his wing when she joined to ensure the girl could fend for herself.

After Mág Ealga disbanded in April 2010 Thom settled down with his long time love, Rhiamon, on her farm in Gower, Wales northeast of Llangennith.

PB: John Slattery - socked by Cai

Eamon Mac Lochlainn
Born in Ireland in 1972, Eamon lived there until the age of twelve when his family moved to the States where his mam had been from. After high school and at the age of seventeen he joined up with US Navy SEALs. In 1999, at the age of 27, he chose not to re-enlist with the US military and instead became involve with Mág Ealga. An easy-going sort, Eamon is something of a flirt. In May 2009 he began a long-distance relationship with Laurie Collins, despite his own - and others' - misgivings.

On Valentines Day 2011 Eamon surprised Laurie with dinner and him having a protection/security job in the city for at least the next four months. In August 2013, for reasons unknown, Laurie broke up with him.

PB: Hans Matheson - socked by Nichole

Vanessa Carlysle
Brought into the group when she was just 17, Vanessa was quite literally purchased by the group's then leader, Aleister. The guys taught her to knife fight, box, shoot and various hand-to-hand techniques. She left active duty in the crew when her control over her powers became tenuous and she sought help regaining her control at Xavier's. After a time at the Xavier Institute, she wound up joining X-Force and left the crew permanently at that time. Later she founded X-Factor Investigations with Lucas Bishop, no longer content to play by X-Force's rules. For further information, see her individual page.

PB: Michelle Hunziker

Aleister - deceased
Former leader of the group, Aleister was a mutant with a healing factor. He was born in Limmerick, Ireland in 1961 and to this day none of the members of his crew have ever learnt his last name. Age the age of 34 he felt restless and frustrated with a tendency years in the Royal Army had instilled in him to shoot first and think later. He wasn't exactly suited for civilian life, but he wasn't really suited for military life either. He'd left the Army at 28 and took on mercenary jobs, some standard stuff in wars and some dirty jobs involving wetwork. He was killed during a job in 2007.

PB: None.

Stephen MacKenna - deceased
Founding member of the group. MacKenna was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968. At the time he was the youngest of the group and the least experienced among them. He'd done five years in the UK Royal Army before leaving the military. He drifted around for a couple years and met Thom Sheehan on a few security jobs. It was Thom who introduced him to Aleister and got him involved with the fledgling mercenary group. It was Stephen, however, who got himself killed late in 1998 while they were involved with a war in Africa.

PB: None.

Mike Fitzgerald - deceased
Born in 1980, Mike was another Irish-descended American like Vanessa, Mike joined up with the US Marines fresh out of high school but decided it wasn't really for him. It might have been that upright code of conduct the Marines stuck to. Mike liked the part where Marines were badass, but not the part where they were supposed to be boy scouts (or the part where most of them weren't). He did his requisite four years and then left military service. In 2002 he joined up with Mág Ealga and seemed to find his place in the greyscale morals of mercenary life. Willing to stand up for his friends and family, Mike is generally a decent guy. His good guy status becomes grossly marred, however, when he gets a bit of recreation time. Prostitutes are his vice of choice and Mike tends to like them as young as is legal in whatever country they're in. It's a point of contention between himself and his former crewmate, Vanessa. Mike was killed at the end of March 2010 by mercenaries with a contract for his life.

PB: None.


A mercenary group of the tenor of the Pack with whom they had a fierce rivalry during the 1990s, Mág Ealga do no deceive themselves about the nature of their work. They referred to themselves as Mág Ealga, in honor of the Irish heritage the founding members shared; the members were largely ex-military, with the exception of Vanessa. They stuck primarily to Africa, Eastern Europe and South America, and despite the widespread area the group worked within, their rivals were always there as well. Mág Ealga had a reputation for professionalism, details, and being creative when needed. They didn't fall down on or short change a contract and were known for not only being reliable, but always doing precisely what they've promised to do, nothing more or less. Because of Vanessa Carlysle they got a number of contracts that involved espionage. One such mission involved infiltrating the Pack, who was working for the rival to an employer of Mág Ealga's.

When the Pack retired, their main competitors for contracts was gone. Mág Ealga literally just picked which contracts they wanted, and of course always went with the highest paying ones unless it was unreasonably dangerous. No one was a fan of seeing the inside of a prison ever again and they'd all ended up in one at least once or twice by then. The next year was easy, or as easy as they got for a mercenary, until Aleister died on the job in 2007. Eamon stepped up to lead but many of their connections were specific to Aleister, and at the same time, Vanessa was having increasing trouble separating her mimics, which almost lead to another death within the team.

Since Vanessa's departure in May 2008, the group has continued as it did before, though they are reluctant to recruit others to replace their fallen leader and departed sister. They remain in touch with her, however, and sometimes provide information useful to X-Force. Eamon, one of the members, has also started a relationship with Vanessa's former roommate, the naive Laurie Collins. In March 2010 they were targeted by competing mercenaries, who succeeded in killing Mike Fitzgerald. The crew officially disbanded in April 2010. Eamon continued to work as a mercenary solo, Thom settled down in Wales, and Vanessa began her own investigations office.




Socked by: Nichole