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Powers: Healing Factor
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A healing factor is defined as the presence of a series of enzymes and hormones in a mutant's physiology that increase the speed of cellular regeneration.

Effects of a healing factor

Mutants with healing factors are often metamorphs or ferals, although the ability is not restricted to any particular type of mutation. Regardless of source, a healing factor can have various levels of intensity, from minor (quick blood clotting) to extreme (regrowing limbs and organs).

It is theorized that in individuals with a properly functioning healing factor, each cell 'remembers' a default state that the body will attempt to return to. This prevents cells from over-regenerating and becoming potentially cancerous tumors. In addition to cellular regeneration, the presence of a healing factor has also aided in prevention of heavy metal poisoning (from Logan's adamantium skeleton), and possible age-suppression. Many mutants with a healing factor look younger than their actual age, though this is not always the case.

Mutants in X-Project with healing factors

Phase 1

Phase 2