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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Marrow (disambiguation).


Sarah Rushman
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Portrayed by Cristina Piccone
Codename: Marrow
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: July 10, 1993
Journal: xp_marrow
Player: Emily

I'm Sarah, though 'badass lady' is potentially the most fun thing I have been referred to this week.

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Character Journal: xp_marrow

Real Name: Sarah Rushman

Codename: Marrow

Aliases: Mafia Princess

First Appearance: February 8, 2022

Date of Birth: New York City

Place of Birth: July 10, 1993

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Frank Rushman (father), Sebastian Rushman (step-brother), Margaret Farris (aunt), Nico Farris (older cousin)

Education: BS in Psychology, but she was just in it for the paper and doesn't remember any of it. (Her dad really wanted her to go to college, so she did.)

Relationship Status: Too busy for relationships

Occupation: Officially, Sarah works for her father's company, a small gym that is almost never open, in recruiting and sales. Unofficially she is her father's chief persuasive weapon, recruiting new boxers and ensuring "investors" pay up.

Team Affiliation: X-Force



In 1979, Frank Rushman and his sister Margaret inherited their father's underground (only metaphorically!) boxing circuit. Bare-knuckle in style, matches are held all over the city in "borrowed" venues. The company cases potential sites (usually warehouses), and the night of the event security is bypassed, locks are picked, and cops are bribed (this only gives them a heads-up if the police are on their way--not immunity). Sometime in the nineties, they began using "Don't talk about fight club" as a code phrase with potential attendees, further covering their tracks. As far as anyone outside the circuit knows, the city has a group that does pop-up parties with a Fight Club theme. Due to their long-standing residence in the neighborhood, the Rushman family has become the de facto head, providing protection, financial support, and the occasional old school block party.

Sarah's mother died when she was very young, and Sarah was basically given free reign growing up. Her father loved her dearly, but had no idea how to raise a little girl on his own. Instead of having an after-school caretaker, Sarah was often looked after by members of her father's company who brought her along as they worked, and she observed everything from negotiation (and manipulation), to how to scale dumpsters and climb fire escapes to cover security cameras, to where to hit someone if you want them to go down FAST. By the time her father remarried, Sarah was a young teen and was uninterested in new rules from her step-mother. Her father was unwilling to put his foot down when it came to Sarah, she began spending more time away from the house and working with the company employees.

Shortly after Sarah turned 14, she developed what the family believed to be a severe skin condition. Her skin was flaky and irritated and eventually became incredibly painful during times of stress. When she began developing swelling underneath the skin, Sarah was taken to the hospital for testing. After two days of testing, Sarah was diagnosed with an M-gene,which was causing overactive bone growth in her body. The flaking and skin irritation was bone masses growing on the outside of the skin, the swelling was extra bone growth trying to push through. Luckily Sarah's father had worked with mutants in the past and was willing to support Sarah no matter what. Sarah however, did not take the diagnosis gracefully. This 14 year old who had grown up with little to no rules had now developed a mutation that was both painful and ugly at times and she became angry and isolated.

It was then that Sarah's father decided to let her learn to fight. She had picked up self-defense techniques over the years, but she had always been small and her father refused to let her even spar with anyone. Besides, the Rushmans didn't need to fight, they owned the whole organization. But with Sarah frustrated and angry by her new circumstances, her father hoped that letting her work out some aggression in the ring would be a positive outlet. Once a week, Sarah was allowed to spar with a different fighter. She was never allowed to spar the same fighter twice, in order to keep them from getting comfortable with each other and get careless in their fighting. Sarah later learned that each of her sparring partners had a one-on-one meeting with her father where they were threatened with extreme physical pain if they injured Sarah. But she didn't need the protection-- bruises seemingly faded overnight and her mutation left her more bloody than any of her sparring partners ever did.

The news of M-Day permanently shattered their family. While it didn't effect Sarah, soon after her Aunt Margaret became obsessed with the idea that Sarah was planning to murder her father and her aunt in order to take over the business. She even became convinced that Sarah wanted to make humans fight for the entertainment of mutants. Mr. Rushman tried tirelessly to convince his sister she had nothing to fear from mutants (and especially Sarah) but it was no use. He eventually forced Margaret to sell her portion of the family business to him and told her that he would not speak with her until she had come to her senses. Margaret took her family and set up in a nearby neighborhood but no one is certain what new business venture they are involved in. Margaret may not live in the neighborhood anymore, but Sarah worries that remaining close to her father is only endangering him in the long run.

Living At The X-Mansion

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Sarah's healing factor has left her with a strange absence of any scarring. You may not notice it at first, but it's disconcerting once you realize it. She also has no tattoos or piercings for that reason.


Sarah's mutation manifests as overactive bone growth. Bones generally grow in masses on the skin, or grow below the skin as a full bone and eventually push through. The process seems to be accelerated by stress or adrenaline. In addition to this, Sarah has a mid-level healing power that keeps her from bleeding to death every time a bone breaks through the skin. Sarah has mostly come to terms with this, although she is often self-conscious about what it looks like when she is interacting with people she doesn't know. She often wears dark colors and long sleeves. She is not above using her powers in a fight to intimidate or to gain the upper hand but it isn't her first choice. The bones are painful to pull and the bone masses on her skin take a while to go away.





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Operation: Black Hand

Operation: Kefauver

Operation: Apalachin


Player: Emily

Player Icon Base: Cristina Piccone

Meta Trivia

Emily was one of the first X-Project players, having first joined the game in May 2003 with Sarah Morlocke.