Operation: Bat Country

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Bat Country
Dates run: January 12, 2023-March 1, 2023
Run By: Frito
Read the logs: Operation: Bat Country

Quote from the plot

A captured contact means X-Force has to go low-tech in their investigations into mutant organ trafficking at Burning Man. Road trip anyone?


Amanda Sefton, Artie Maddicks, Darcy Lewis, Doug Ramsey, Felicia Hardy, Gabriel Cohuelo, Jubilation Lee, Kevin Sydney, Marie-Ange Colbert, Natasha Romanoff, Sarah Rushman, Topaz, Wanda Maximoff

Stacy X, Jasmine Destine

John Sublime


January 12, 2023-March 1, 2023

Plot Summary

Note: This is a temporary summary only, based on the monthly posts. Edits are required to make it conform to the Wiki narrative standard for plot summaries.

Jan 9 - X-Force has its Monday meeting, and the recent uptick in organ thefts comes up.

Feb 11' - Darcy posts about a call from U-Clinic; Marie-Ange and Kevin discuss the news from U-Clinic, and desperate plans are made; Marie-Ange recalls everyone back to the mansion, where their laptops and phones will be confiscated.

Feb 12 - X-Force gathers to discuss their next move, which will be a road trip to Nevada; Marie-Ange and Jubilee talk transportation.

Feb 13 - Topaz leaves a note on the library door for Alani, and Darcy also leaves a note for Matt on his door to let them know they’ll be absent.

Feb 15 - Jubilee checks in on vehicles with Artie and Sarah; Doug, Darcy and Nat have a quick meeting to go over low tech options; on the road, Kevin and Sarah talk about her job and Kevin breaks out the CB speak; Darcy and Topaz experiment with her magic bag and feed it coffee; Doug later explains Burning Man to Topaz, with a story of his own; later that night Marie-Ange and Amanda snuggle in the tight confines of the RV.

Feb 16 - Driving late, Artie and Darcy swap thoughts on small town living; in the RV, Topaz and Felicia get a chance to relax; Artie keeps collecting bikes, how many can he strap to the back of the RV? Jubilee meanwhile throws herself into the tourist vibe, bringing Amanda along for the ride.

Feb 17 - Namor is sent a postcard by Gabe; Kevin, who apparently never sleeps, is putting Darcy, who has had all the caffeine in the world, to bed; Amanda and Topaz talk about the Destines; Marie-Ange and Kevin discuss why so much of Kansas is filled with corn; Felicia and Kevin stop at a McDonald’s drive-in in the middle of nowhere.

Feb 18 - Doug and Amanda buy all the fruit; Marie-Ange and Doug dig a couple of very old identities when playing bait for speed trap cops; Jubilee is Jubilee. Kevin is… Kevin; and there’s talk of caffeine and music.

Feb 19 - Gabe sends Quentin a postcard from the Texas-Oklahoma border; on a break from driving, Jubilee and Gabe talk for a little on the RV roof.

Feb 20 - Gabe passes Felicia a note begging not to make him sit next to Jubilee for the remainder of the trip; Quentin texts Gabe to ask what’s up with the postcard; Darcy and Kevin re-enact one of the classic road trip movies; on the last leg, Darcy gets whimsical about the RV’s CB call sign, Doug explains the joke about Thor’s hammer, and they discover a new way to eat Girl Scout cookies; it’s dawn when they reach their destination - the mutant brothel known as the X-Ranch; Stacy X follows up with Gabriel after his abrupt departure from the group welcome; Amanda goes out for a smoke break and finds Stacy out on the deck, where they chat about what else - Kevin; The Vegas crew (minus Gabriel, plus Marie-Ange) meet up with Stacy for intel and make a plan almost immediately after arriving at the X-Ranch; X-Force arrives at Burning Man and set up camp.

Feb 21 - Kevin, Felicia, and Topaz discuss how they’re going to get him into the clinic; while the diner crew gets Kevin into the clinic, Gabriel & Darcy get lunch and do some watching, only losing a little of their appetites; Marie-Ange catches up with Natasha, who gives her info on how the richer half - and especially John Sublime - do Burning Man.

Feb 22 - Doug and Jubilee visit the U-Camp to set up the data tap; Amanda, Sarah and Artie work the crowds and gather info on the “health clinic” van while getting in the way of anyone going in; Felicia and Gabriel infiltrate the clinic and rescue Jasmine Destine; Later that evening, Topaz and Darcy break into the clinic to rescue Kevin and get the data; the job finished, Darcy takes Kevin for some much-needed fuel to repair the damage done at the clinic.

Feb 23 - Darcy texts Marie-Ange a cryptic message; X-Force makes its move - Marie-Ange deploys the distraction and van teams; Amanda and Wanda set up the distraction and the fireworks begin; While the distraction is going on, Jubilee, Doug and Nat take the opportunity to raid John Sublime’s personal tent and wipe all information he might have about X-Force and Jasmine Destine; With the staff distracted, Artie and Sarah raid the U-Clinic van.

Feb 24 - Operation: Bat Country: Kevin and Darcy opt to stay at the X-Ranch while the Burning Man crew finishes up, and Darcy ends up taking on her first network, with details of the particulars TBD.

Mar 1 - Marie-Ange reports on the repercussions of their Vegas/Burning Man mission; Darcy lets Matt know she and Doug have their phones back; Gabriel updates Felicia on his downtime in Vegas.

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Hints for this plot were being laid as early as September 2022 with Marie-Ange asking Gabriel to look into organ theft in the Southern states.


Plotrunner: Frito