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Back from their mission in Nevada, Marie-Ange Colbert updated X-Force on the results of their mission, which included a downturn in the fortunes of John Sublime. eXcalibur and X-Factor both got new members - Illyana Rasputin and Inez Temple respectively - and Madin and Match began to settle into life at the mansion, Match rather more successfully than the ever-suspicious Madin. Everything was turned upside-down, however, when an eXcalibur mission resulted in a viral infection that infected the majority of the mansion residents and caused the Great Powers Swap, with people's powers randomly jumbling. Chaos ensued, but luckily it ended after 24 hours.


Mar 1 - Operation: Bat Country: Marie-Ange reports on the repercussions of their Vegas/Burning Man mission; Darcy lets Matt know she and Doug have their phones back; Gabriel updates Felicia on his downtime in Vegas.

Mar 2 - Maya is impressed by this video. Quentin comes across Clint training at the archery range and gets a free lesson with a bit extra. Alani asks Clarice to sign her up for more first aid skills. Clint and Garrison meet at Harry’s and talk shop before the hockey begins.

Mar 3 - Nica meets Madin and discovers it’s hard to welcome someone who really doesn’t want to be there and trusts no-one. Madin has a check-in with Sooraya.

Mar 4

Mar 5 - April and Madin meet, and it doesn't go completely terrible?

Mar 6 - Madin introduces themselves on the journals in typical fashion and it’s revealed that Maya was trolling them. Maya emails Darcy about the “new kid” seeming familiar and Darcy reads her the riot act for the trolling.

Mar 7 - Clint and Quentin’s casual thing gets complicated by Clint’s inability to shut his brain up. Matt posts about brownies in the kitchen. Forge tries an experiment with eating super spicy food and mints at the same time; it does not go well.

Mar 8 -

Mar 9 - Clint and Felicia meet for drinks and get philosophically deep. Illyana posts a video about American girls flirting. Clint asks Illyana if she wants a job. Quentin gets a shooting lesson from Kevin. April goes to Kevin for help with shifting, but doesn't get far.

Mar 10 - A trip into District X has Arthur playing passenger to Madin's very interesting driving while Match swears like a sailor.

Mar 11 - America emails some people about kidnapping Topaz for a birthday brunch. Terry texts Alison to reschedule their voice lessons.

Mar 12 - Clint leaves Felicia a nice pair of shoes as a thank you for their drink and gab session.

Mar 13 - Sooraya meets with Ben, calling himself Match, to check in on how he's settling into the mansion.

Mar 14 - Quentin helps Arthur with some financial planning and gets a glimpse of the wizard behind the curtain.

Mar 15 - Gabe posts about hating the weather and hoping summer comes quickly. Darcy requests Kevin’s presence on a boat on Saturday to celebrate his continued rotation around the sun.

Mar 16 -

Mar 17 - Amanda posts about St Patrick’s Day and invites people to Finnegans. Clint and Quentin Sext. Illyana asks what is up with all the green beer.

Mar 18 - Chimera Contagion: Clint flags a large anomaly in the wormhole to all teams. Gabe posts about hating St Patrick’s Day, especially as a bartender. Terry posts about post St Pat’s Day dinner and BBQ courtesy of herself and Kyle. Amanda talks about post St Pat’s Day headache from New York.

Mar 19 - Chimera Contagion: Clint warns the eXcalibur team about the anomaly in the wormhole and asks them to muster. Molly sends a drone report several hours later of a reality with super advanced technology; Molly then follows with a warning that something has happened to one of the drones; Clint warns all teams of the issue with the drone and that they’ll be going in tomorrow. Illyana steals frosting Terry made for Kyle's birthday cake.

Mar 20 - In District X, Match meets with Angelo to get legal advice. Chimera Contagion: Alani gets eXcalibur up to date before their mission; in the other universe, Meggan shares her field report of the situation, along with the realization that people are gaining powers; Clint updates the team and plans their infiltration to the lab that is causing the anomaly; Forge announces that the Chapel is on lockdown for unauthorized personnel; Illyana chimes in with her observations of the mission and shares that these Chimeras do not mind harming children; Clint calls Forge to get outside help in stalling pursuers on the mission; Namor contacts Forge to inform him that Meggan has been injured and they’d be coming in hot; Alani texts Amanda and Kurt to update them on Meggan’s situation.

Mar 21 - Madin informs the mansion that they’ve taken a car and will be out of the building for a few days. The Great Powers Swap: Sooraya emails Terry about a project; Nica realizes that something with her powers isn’t right; Clint wakes up to his vision being off and immediately turns to Darcy and Matt, who finds he’s truly blind for the first time in years; Alani texts Clint that her facial symbols are gone; Amanda posts apologizing for her and Kurt’s reactions and informs the mansion her brother is currently not blue; Alani ventures down to see Meggan and finds her different than before; Namor messages Clint and Alani about his lack of wings and demands to be allowed into the other universe to right this wrong; Illyana finds she’s gained super-senses, which is not as fun as one might imagine; Alani goes to Namor to speak with the king and touch his trident; Quentin questions the mansion on what’s happened to his ability to speak; Kyle has grown a pair of ankle-wings and realizes he is sick; Garrison, unaware of what is going on, dispenses Canadian wisdom at Harry’s to a handful of other residents; Clarice announces that the mansion is on lockdown; Doug has missed the madness in the mansion and offers his services – and drones; Arthur texts Felicia about his cracked phone, which may have been caused by the universe breaking up with him; Alex announces that he’s out of the mansion, uninfected, and willing to send things from the city back via the drones; Match texts Alex to ask what this all means; Terry checks in on the mansion and makes sure no one’s eaten the cake she made for Kyle; Following the announcement that the mansion is officially under lockdown, Alex and Match have a little talk about the mansion's wild times. Marie-Ange has begun to connect the dots on who got whose powers; Alani texts Fi to update her on the situation inside the mansion and make a request; Arthur realizes he’s got spidey powers; Darcy texts Kevin to request the use of his suite; Forge makes his way to the MedLab and with the help of Marie-Ange finds out whose power he’s received; Clint texts Namor to apologize and inform him of who has his wings; Felicia reaches out to North to check in on him; Clint texts Felicia to ask for advice; Doug messages Darcy to make sure she’s okay and see if she needs anything. April texts Forge to tell him about the power she has; Inez updates the mansion on her state of experiencing more than herself.

Mar 22 - The Great Powers Swap: The universe ensures Garrison survives his potential drowning in a chaotic and furry fashion; Hope A. lets Sue know that she accidentally broke her laptop; Topaz texts America to ask if she’d gotten caught up in the mansion's newest mess; Terry messages Jean to check in on her and remind her of food in her freezer; Terry texts Darcy after realizing her friend has a concussion; Meggan reaches out to Forge after finding out that he has her powers to offer advice; Artie finds himself more staticky than before and informs the mansion that no, he still cannot speak; April's positive energy brightens Forge's day; Namor informs Illyana that he is keeping her powers safe for her; Amanda and Meggan check in on Kurt, whose current powers are proving difficult; Clint asks the mansion if anyone’s seen Molly; Marie-Ange updates others on the chart of swapped powers; now aware that she has Arthur's powers, Alani checks in on Kurt, who is not having the time of his life like she is; Alani meets with Arthur once she realizes he's the person who's power...s she took possession of; with their powers swapped, Molly and Quentin have the brilliant idea to engage in amateur body modifications following drinks; Gabriel complains that the world is slow; Inez and Alani go exploring New York once cleared as non-contagious and Inez enjoys Amanda's powers.

Mar 23 - The Great Powers Swap: Clarice announces that the quarantine has ended. Forge emails Maya to ask her to meet him in the Danger Room. Terry texts Darcy wondering where she is.

Mar 24 - Amanda laments her lack of abs. Alani makes a journal entry celebrating the return of her symbols. When Kevin gets back from Paris, Darcy's still hiding out in his room, where they have a quick catch up, and news of the concussion leads to Darcy being relegated to very light office work until she's cleared by medical. Clarice makes a journal post threatening everyone to stay in one piece while she takes a much needed break. Meggan texts Forge to check in him with the power swaps wearing off. Powers are reverting back, which means Forge and April wake up in the early hours because his math is back and his limbs are going, and she helps with the cleanup.

Mar 25 - Clint texts Nat about the recent shenanigans at the mansion and how disappointed he is she wasn’t there. Namor posts to eXcalibur about plans to prevent such an outbreak from reoccurring. Meggan talks to Namor about his experience in the Chimera universe, wanting to do an ethnographic survey of the various dimensions they visit; they get a little off-track.

Mar 26 -

Mar 27 - Clint posts to x-teams to update everyone on the Chimera virus and eXcalibur’s plans to renovate and increase security. Quentin steps out to satisfy the munchies and ends up giving an impromptu interview to Inez. Arthur posts an entry to all XFI minus Quentin after the latter walks in with a big cake.

Mar 28 - Madin makes a journal entry about returning the car and asking what’s happened while they were away. Terry drops in to watch Kyle fight and makes some unsettling discoveries... discussions are had. Quentin and Gabriel catch up on the roof after the powers swap and possibly share more than they intended. In New York, Alex takes Madin out for a meal and Madin starts to think staying at the mansion may not be entirely terrible.

Mar 29 - Clint e-mails all team leads and security personnel regarding the security breach from yesterday and how it’s being handled. Terry texts Kyle to check in on him before coming over. Quentin posts to XFi to let them know he’s hired Inez to the team. Quentin texts Clint about needing a position filled. Pyotr takes advantage of a pleasant spring day to sit out over the water and think, where he invites his sister to join him and they start to try to understand one another, with a side-trip to Limbo.

Mar 30 - Maya made a journal entry asking how much you’re allowed to change the suite rooms. Kevin posted to X-Force to let them know he’s ordered new outfits for the ladies. Clint posted to eXcalibur to ask for their preferred DR day/time requests.

Mar 31 - Artie asks Forge to repair the synthesiser that was broken during the powers swap. Terry texts Darcy to check in and update her on helping Kyle to call his therapist.


Operation: Bat Country

Reality 03: Chimera Contagion

Event: The Great Powers Swap

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