Reality 03: Chimera Contagion

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Reality 03: Chimera Contagion
Dates run: March 20-24, 2023
Run By: Frito and Rossi; eXcal mission - Walks
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From our readings we’ve observed a number of super-powered individuals whose power progression makes no sense to how we understand them to work.

The team encounters a high-tech dimension where mutant experimentation has been ongoing and powers are "stacked" by something called the Chimera Virus. They bring it back to the mansion with them.


Communications: Daniel Lone Eagle

Overwatch: Clinton Barton

Field Team: Alani Ryan, Molly Hayes, Namor, Meggan Szardos, Matt Murdock , Illyana Rasputin


August 23-30, 2004

Plot Summary

Clint posts to the team channel about a weirdly anomalous reality. Molly sends the drones in to investigate and posts results. Molly follows investigation reporting with a note that they've lost one of the drones. Clint posts on the next day about the mission being a go.

Alani mobilizes the field team.

Initial investigation of the landing party notes a very different vibe than the drones could capture. Meggan submits a field report detailing the state of paranoia the regular people are facing due to Chimeras. Meggan and Molly interview the huddled civilians as Molly rescues the fallen drone and makes field repairs to hack the system. Namor pretends to be one of these influencers, finding them inexperienced and arrogant.

Illyana, Clint, and Namor intervene to stop a Chimera from hurting civilians.

This allows the team to capture and interrogate the Chimera, which yields a story of unethical science involving this world's version of Hank McCoy.

The team plans to attack McCoy's corporate headquarters to deal with the threat of powers experimentation. The team steals some hazmat precautions to infiltrate and is able to successfully neutralize the Chimera Protocol.

During the mission, however, Meggan's suit is compromised. Meggan is transported from the chapel to Medical.

This causes complicates for the rest of the mansion when the Chimera virus goes airborne.

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Clint details plans to ensure that an unusual virus coming into our reality is protected against next time.

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No specific tag as this was an event prelude.

Trivia and Meta


The Chimera Virus is based on the concept of Chimeras from the comics.


Event Runner: Frito, Rossi and Walks

Technically this was an Event, rather than a plot, with the eXcal mission providing the reasoning for the powers swap.