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The new librarian Xi'an "Karma" Coy Manh and her two younger siblings Leong and Nga arrived at the school. The newest resident, Cecilia Reyes, suffered several shocks as she was introduced to the mansion's particular weirdness. Sarah Morlocke's status in particular bothered her, prompting several discussions with mansion residents. Madelyn Bartlet also talked with Cecilia, about her medical career and continuing her degree. Nathan Dayspring revealed his intention to propose to Moira MacTaggart and asked for assistance.

The school was thrown into upheaval with the kidnapping of the bulk of the students, plus Alison Blaire and Frank the Lizard to Asgard by Loki. Time moved differently there, with several months passing and the students having various adventures as they searched for each other after being scattered. Back on Earth, only a week passed; many parents attended the school in response to the disappearances. The students returned abruptly one night, to a very relieved welcome and various repercussions to relationships.

Using Moira as bait, Mistra managed to get Nathan back and re-condition him. His first task as a returned operative was to kill Charles Xavier during an art exhibition, but Pete Wisdom and Amanda Sefton were there to take him down. Nathan's conditioning was broken for the second time and Charles put in some temporary psychic triggers that caused him to fall asleep when stressed. Domino came to the school to check on him until she was recalled to the Pack.

The Red X crew and the X-Men attended to relief efforts during Hurricane Charley in Florida. The experience aroused memories for Jamie of Skippy.

Manuel de la Rocha and Amanda continued their rocky relationship, until Manuel overheard Angelo Espinosa telling Amanda he loved her and sensing Amanda's feelings for Angelo went beyond siblingship (but were never acted on). To prevent further trouble to Amanda, Angelo ended the friendship, but the damage had been done. Amanda began using again, Manuel slept with Jubilation Lee, letting Amanda feel the experience through the link, and the two girls got into a physical and powers fight. Amanda eventually asked Moira and Pete for help with the addiction again.

Shiro Yoshida was cast out by his cousin Keniuchio Harada and he, his little sister Leyu and Alex Summers barely escaped Japan with their lives. Unable to cope with the loss of face and family and blaming his mutation, Shiro tried to burn out his powers, but was rescued by the X-Men, despite the radiation making several of them ill.


Aug. 1 - Jean-Paul trains with Paige in the gym and makes a few suggestions. Nate and Angelo talk about Columbia.

Aug. 2 - Illyana tells Cecilia about Sarah, the resident murderer, and Cecilia is outraged. Shinobi emails the staff about his concerns about Sarah and her lack of progress.

Aug. 3 - Nathan tells Alison he plans to propose to Moira. Clarice and Cecilia argue about Sarah and Hank has to calm things down; Cecilia talks to Alison and Hank about the Sarah situation; Shinobi tells Nathan how things are from Sarah's point of view.

Aug. 4 - Asgard: a group of students vanishes during a softball game and find themselves in another dimension; Marie-Ange winds up with Odin and is trained by Sif; Jamie rescues a dwarf maiden; Amanda and Alison are rescued by the Enchantress; Alison is rendered mute and banished by Enchantress.

Aug. 5 - Asgard: Those left at home try to cope; Shiro meets the Norns and becomes their champion; Doug becomes a bard's apprentice; Illyana Rasputin winds up in Hel's service; Angelo saves and elven prince's life and becomes their champion; Rahne joins Hrimhari's wolf pack; Amanda is brainwashed by the Enchantress into believing herself to be her daughter; Paige becomes a Valkyrie.

Aug. 6 - Moira's stomach aches grow worse. Asgard: Alison is nearly burned as a witch; Manuel is taken in by Loki; Jubilee is pixified and ends up as pet to a Dark Elf.

Aug. 7 - Asgard: The dwarves and Jamie encounter a dragon, and Jamie wins a pun contest with it; Fyrlaf the dragon gives Jamie a shiny thing; Angelo's elven friends attack the dark elves and Angelo is captured; Angelo discovers Jubilee is a pixie and a prisoner of the dark elves; Manuel is trained by Loki and foils a plot to kill his master; Marie-Ange and Shiro encounter each other and realise they aren't alone; Doug plays for the Enchantress and realises Amanda doesn't know who she is; Strange discovers the students were taken to Asgard but can't get them back; various parents arrive in response; the Askani show themselves to Manuel's father.

Aug. 8 - Cecilia talks to Scott about the X-Men. Betsy and Scott make the first moves towards re-establishing their relationship. Moira is diagnosed with an ulcer. Shinobi tells Nathan the Askani showing themselves to Alphonso was a bad tactical move. Asgard: A mute Alison meets a dragonfied Frank the Lizard; Jamie finds Miles in a neighbouring dwarf-clan's mines; Jamie and Miles find Marie-Ange and Shiro in Asgard City; Doug is found in the meadhall by Jamie's group; Alison finds Illyana acting as Hel's enforcer.

Aug. 9 - Madelyn growls at Nathan for checking himself out of the lab after Columbia. Alphonso and Romany meet and things get nasty.

Aug. 10 - Madelyn and Cecilia discuss Cecilia's future. Asgard: Manuel is sent to cause trouble with the Enchantress and finds Amanda; Manuel breaks the Enchantress's spell, but she returns before they can flee and Amanda has to bind him magically to save him; Jamie runs into Rahne and the wolf pack whilst gathering wood; Illyana and Alison get Paige from the Valkyries; Jamie's group rescue Angelo and Jubilee from the dark elves; the Enchantress steals Miles and everyone goes to rescue him; Amanda does a general de-cursing and frees Alison, Manuel and Jubilee from their respective curses as well as breaking the Enchantress' wards; free of the Enchantress, Amanda gives Doug the power to teleport them home; Strange uses the remnant of Asgard's power left to let Doug fly.

Aug. 11 - Paige drags Shinobi down with her to see Scott about becoming an X-Man, having turned eighteen in Asgard. Jubilee asks Manuel out on a date.

Aug. 12 - Marie-Ange talks with Nathan about the changes Odin made to her pre-cog. Manuel discusses his relationship woes with Shinobi. Amanda tries to repay her 'debt' to Manuel but he returns the money and asks for some time to think. Betsy buys Eleanor, her sports car. Blaze Of Glory: Shiro and Alex go to Japan.

Aug. 13 - Nathan tests Manuel's powers progress; Manuel agrees that Alphonso knowing about the Askani is a bad thing.

Aug. 14 - Amanda spends the weekend at Bethany's house.

Aug. 15 - RedX - Hurricane Charley hits Florida and various team and RedX members help with the relief efforts. Jono reveals to Paige that his body is starting to break down due to his powers and goes with Emma to find a cure.

Aug. 16 - Trojan Horse: Mistra abduct Moira after an appointment with Strange; the X-Men retrieve her, but lose Nathan in the process. Manuel and Amanda make a start at reconciling, but it is interrupted by Amanda being called to medlab to deal with the Trojan Horse casualties.

Aug. 17 - Angelo returns from his mother's house. Trojan Horse: Amanda tries and fails to find Nathan with the location spell; Nathan manages to escape for a brief time and calls Moira; during the reconditioning, the Askani are shunted into Manuel and Moira.

Aug. 18 - Trojan Horse: Cable receives his first assignment.

Aug. 19 - Trojan Horse: Cable attacks Charles; Pete intercedes, but can't stop Cable without killing him and holding back nearly gets himself killed; Amanda uses her sleep spell and Charles' psychic masking to finish things; Cable is brought back to the mansion and things are locked down for security; MacInnis and his people explain about the Trojan Horse, a telepathic loophole in the conditioning designed to free all the Mistra operatives; when it's revealed the process would kill Nathan, MacInnis gives Charles the trigger and leaves. Nathan's situation reminds Jamie of Skippy. Amanda talks to Pete, who isn't dealing with what he had to do.

Aug. 20 - Trojan Horse: Charles removes the conditioning completely and brings Nathan back; Domino arrives to make sure he's all right. Alison goes to Chicago to talk to Kitty's mother about letting her come back to the school. Angelo suggests to Shinobi that they pick a birthday for Sarah, who doesn't have one.

Aug. 21 - Jean-Paul Beaubier and Shinobi plan an HeliX benefit party. GW Bridge visits to check on Nathan. Angelo and Amanda have a Friend Moment; Manuel sees and misinterprets and the shit hits the fan; Shinobi tries to console a distraught Manuel. Angelo emails Amanda to tell her he doesn't think they should be friends any more.

Aug. 22 - Marie-Ange tries to reason with Manuel about the situation with Amanda. Haroun receives his unofficial welcome to the X-Men in the form of a Danger Room prank.

Aug. 23 - Marie-Ange and Amanda talk whilst Marie-Ange dyes Amanda's hair back to black. Manuel, Doug and Marie-Ange make arrangements for the Asgard party. Angelo tells Clarice what happened between him, Manuel and Amanda. Wanda Maximoff writes to Charles asking for help.

Aug. 24 - Amanda can't cope with the stress and starts using again. Madelyn tries to give Angelo advice about the situation. Nathan stops having quite so many psychic nacrolepsy fits. Blaze of Glory: Shiro is cast out of the family over his failure in securing Piotr months ago and his refusal to join the Yakuza; he and Alex are attacked at the airport as they try to take Shiro's little sister Leyu with them.

Aug. 25 - Cecilia has a small wiggins when Nathan answers an unspoken thought and Scott talks her down. Jean-Paul and Nathan go rock climbing. Madelyn talks over future medical career options with Clarice. Blaze of Glory: Shiro, Alex and Leyu return to the mansion and Shiro talks to Charles about letting Leyu stay now they are both disowned. Cain Marko|Cain finishes renovations to the residential wing.

Aug. 26 - Xi'an "Karma" Coy Manh and her two younger siblings Leong and Nga arrive at the mansion. Due to the renovations there's a mansion-wide reshuffle of living arrangements. Charles writes to Wanda, inviting her to come to the school. Strange emails Moira and tells her his office was bugged by Mistra.

Aug. 27 - Rahne tells Nathan about Hrimhari and missing Asgard. Blaze of Glory: Distraught about the loss of his family and his honour, Shiro tries to burn out his powers. Cecilia hits breaking point with the latest crisis and Domino is there to help.

Aug. 28 - Nathan and Haroun argue about the damage done to the Blackbird. Blaze of Glory:Paul is seriously ill from radiation poisoning. Emma takes Jono to another clinic to help him with his deteriorating condition. The students throw an Asgard theme party and Jubilee sleeps with Manuel. Clarice apologises to the doctors for her reaction to the news of Jean-Paul's illness and the ban on visitors to medlab.

Aug. 29 - Amanda encounters Jubilee in the main hall and the pair proceed to beat the crap out of each other, without and then with powers. Angelo tells Jubilee the truth of Amanda's scars when he finds out about what Patches told her. Jubilee decides to go off on her own little revenge mission against Patches and is stopped and brought back. Marie-Ange argues the ethics of what he did with Manuel.

Aug. 30 - Cecilia tells Xuân about why she came to the school. Nathan over-exerts his powers and confesses to Moira Mistra broke him. Marie-Ange confesses to Angelo she thinks Amanda might be using again. Amanda emails Manuel telling him to be with Jubilee and he tells her they need to meet to remove the link. Nathan finds Amanda on the flyer's platform and reassures her he doesn't hate her for the fight with Jubilee.

Aug. 31 - Manuel and Nathan have their first lesson since Trojan Horse and it goes phenomenally badly. Amanda confesses to Pete and Moira that she's using again and asks for help. Angelo talks to Jubilee about killing. Kitty returns from Chicago. Lorna arranges training with Nathan. Shiro apologises to Jean-Paul for making him sick. GW recalls Domino back to the Pack.


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Red X Mission: Hurricane Charley

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