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It was a tempestuous month for the students. While Tatiana coped with Nathan's coma, a group of the Red X students took a trip to Sri Lanka and found themselves witnessing genocide. No-one was harmed, but those who went had difficulty dealing with what they had witnessed. The group had barely returned when Julio found himself the instrument of vengeance via a were-jaguar curse during an Elpis trip to Guatamala and Angel had a bizarre encounter with a man claiming to be her husband from a future alternative universe. Ben Russell was returned to his own universe with a version of the Neutralizer which would save his wife and millions of other people. Another Elpis trip followed to Kosovo, with Yvette taking along some of her friends.

X-Force launched a response to the Sri Lankan genocide, assassinating three members of the Imperial Guard.

Jay's illness became life-threatening, until the cause was discovered to be a genetic implant from Dr. Joseph Skrul, who was using his powers to steal those of other mutants. A team defeated him, and on Muir Island Research Facility, Nathaniel Essex saved Jay's life. Nathan also resumed consciousness after the failed mission, and it was revealed that Tara Trask and Gideon Faraday had known each other in the past. Snow Valley also uncovered a connection between John Lense and the Hellfire Club. Adrienne accepted a deal with the FBI that would keep her out of jail for arranging the murder of her husband, but would make her talents available to cases as assigned by Fred Duncan.

And with the new school year approaching, a number of people returned from vacation, room assignments were shifted and former student Catseye came back to the mansion to resume her education, much to the delight of her former friends.


Aug 1 - Tatiana helps Angelo take care of Rachel, and finds some comfort herself.

Aug 2 - Jan sends Julio a link to a YouTube video. Amanda meets Callie on the bus run.

Aug 3 - Kyle is caught in a summer storm and takes shelter at the brownstone, experiencing Amanda's idea of lunch.

Aug 4 - Sulaco: Having dinner with Kyle, it's clear Jay is not well and he reluctantly returns to medlab, where Amelia reads him the riot act; Jean announces Jay's healing factor is compromised and that he's in quarantine. Scott and Alex's grandfather has a heart attack and they, with Jean, go to Alaska. Adrienne needs distraction from waiting to hear from the NYPD and Morgan, Jan and Crystal snark in the ensuing thread; Morgan and her Ducati motorcycle come to the rescue.

Aug 5 - Laurie and Yvette have a farewell of sorts as Laurie moves into a senior suite with Morgan. Adrienne asks Morgan for a place to stay overnight on Terry's birthday. Terry's internship remains full of paperwork and filing. Crystal asks Pete about his dislike of Morgan. Garrison, Cain Marko| Cain and Amanda unwind at Harry's Hideaway.

Aug 6 - Seven Minutes In Heaven: Nate's psimitar arrives by courier, sent by Trask who took it back from Ilyas Saidullayev; Forge is less than impressed; Pete is even less impressed when he discovers Lense is now working for the Hellfire Club and smashes his laptop, to the consternation of his staff. Crystal wishes Terry an early happy birthday; Adrienne gives Terry an extra-special present. Sulaco: Amelia discovers the pills Jay has been taking as part of the drug trial and notifies Sam as Jay's family.

Aug 7 - Seven Minutes In Heaven: Pete reports back to the Snow Valley team and sets them to work on subtle ways of getting at Lense since direct action is too dangerous. Yvette wishes Forge a happy birthday. Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: Under-Minister Robert Gordon MacDonald sends the mansion's Red X volunteers and invitation to Sri Lanka to help with a Red Cross water purification system in a refugee camp. Doug eats a burrito the size of his arm after pulling an all-nighter. Crystal and Forge have dinner to celebrate his birthday, but talk turns serious as he dwells on his mortality.

Aug 8 - Forge and various other people wish Yvette a happy birthday. Terry announces her birthday surprise was a visit from Bobby. In Alaska, Jean and Deborah discuss Jean's desire to have children.

Aug 9 - Doug points out to Clarice the US women's fencing team won a gold medal. Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: Yvette asks Callisto to help with the water purification system. Amanda visits Nathan and finds Manuel there as well; a difficult conversation ensues.

Aug 10 - Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: James Hudson contacts the Red X team with news the technicians who were supposed to go with them are unavailable; Callisto stands in so the trip can go ahead.

Aug 11 - Callie announces she's going on a hiking trip with friends. Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: The Red X group arrives in Sri Lanka. Jennie announces Terry needs a bachelorette party to make up for not having one for either wedding. Sulaco: Paige asks Amanda to look into the clinic Jay went to after discovering many of the patients are dead; Amanda discovers links to Strucker's companies and the alarm is raised.

Aug 12 - Scott and Jean discuss family matters as well as Alex's training. Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: Cessily is having issues with being stared at and Crystal is reassuring.

Aug 13 - Sulaco: Garrison takes a small team to visit Joseph Skrul and ask about Jay; a battle ensues as they discover Skrul is somehow co-opting the powers of his test subjects to become a kind of all-powerful hybrid; Terry is upset that she was unable to go due to her internship. Inez Temple| Inez meets Kurt and is a trifle taken aback by his appearance. Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: Laurie learns a hard lesson whilst helping with triage at the gates with Crystal.

Aug 14 - Sulaco: Charles announces Jay is being taken to Muir as his condition is worsening. Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: The situation in the camp grows worse as a mutant terrorist attack on India sparks off military action by India against the Tamils, with the Sri Lankan government's co-operation; conditions are deemed too political delicate for the X-Men to become involved in an evacuation of the students.

Aug 15 - Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: Yvette talks to Laurie about the man she had to let die; Callisto attempts to save a refugee outside the camp, but winds up having leave a mortally-wouded Indian soldier and watch the refugee die; Laurie wants to try and stop the refugees outside the camp being taken, but Crystal steps in, reminding her of the Red Cross's neutrality and the repercussions for everyone; a Tamil boy brings water to each person on the team. Sulaco: Jay is saved by Nathaniel Essex.

Aug 16 - Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: Yvette and Angel encounter one of the Imperial Guard, an elite mutant force belonging to India.

Aug 17 - Nathan wakes up. Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: James Hudson notifies Charles the Red X team are on their way home.

Aug 18 - Red X: Shake Hands With The Devil: Angel and Yvette discuss the helplessness of the situation in Sri Lanka as they are being flown home; Yvette posts that they are back. Amanda wishes Marie-Ange a happy birthday. Xbalanque: Angelo asks Julio to go along on an Elpis trip to Guatemala; Angelo lets the rest of Elpis know about the addition; Terry asks to go along too. Wanda goes over to the mansion to check on Nathan.

Aug 19 - Callie and Sam discuss American history.

Aug 20 - Jennie can't wait for school and prospects of dating; a thread erupts about sex. Sulaco: Paige lets the mansion know Jay is recovering. Christopher Summers arrives in Alaska and he and Jean discuss things; later father and sons manage a conversation without actual blows. Tatiana visits Nathan and yells at him. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane complains of recurring deja vu since the incident with Jean-Phillipe's powers.

Aug 21 - Laurie complains about the sex thread in Jennie's journal and she and Kyle fight and Jennie physically hauls her down to see Samson while Kyle goes outside to cool off; talking to Samson, Laurie expresses her frustration at not being able to do more in Sri Lanka. Emma asks Wanda to go to Russia to look for a missing contact. Operation: Retribution: Remy sends Wanda, Amanda, Sarah, Jubilee and Marie-Ange to India to send the Imperial Guard and D. Ken a message following the genocide in Sri Lanka; Amanda emails Angelo to ask him to keep an eye on the kids who went to Sri Lanka. Xbalanque: Jane, Monet, Kevin, Terry, Julio, John and Nash arrive in Guatamala; arriving at the Mission, they run into the local eccentric, Doña Teresa, an old woman who takes a strong interest in Julio; the group gets rained in on Jaguar Hill; something attacks the mission and takes Dr. Mendez. Crystal and Medusa go out for lunch in Attilan and Medusa's pregnancy is accidentally revealed to the press; Crystal announces Medusa is visiting the mansion for the day and that she is pregnant. Adrienne makes a deal with Fred Duncan and agrees to help the FBI with bigger fish - the organised crime family her husband was associated with; she later calls for a celebration at Harry's. Angelo visits Nathan to find Rachel has snuck in first. Scott, Alex and Jean return from Alaska.

Aug 22 - Xbalanque: Nash and Julio speak to the local magistrate, who tries to convince them Dr. Mendez was killed by local terrorists and advises them to leave; that night, the creature returns to the Mission and during the confusion, Julio is attacked and bitten. Jean visits Nathan and is told about a repressed memory that surfaced about Gideon Faraday and Tara Trask several years before. Angel emails Scott for training with her new fire form.

Aug 23 - Time After Time: Scott and Angel are training in the Danger Room when a strange man drops through the ceiling; curious about the visitor who seems to know her, Angel goes to see him in the medlab and discovers he's her husband from a parallel world, seeking a cure for a disease; after talking to Ben, Angel goes to talk to Kyle, needing some normality. Xbalanque: Julio is too injured to move, so half the group goes for help; Terry discovers the body of their attacker from the night before, now in human form; later, when Jane and Monet are tending to Julio, they discover his eyes have changed colour and his wounds have healed faster than they should, but he is running a high fever; Nash, John and Kevin are arrested by the magistrate for the death of the jaguar-man; when night falls, Monet, Jane and Terry find themselves facing Julio, now transformed into a were-jaguar himself; the imprisoned Elpis people are released by a were-jaguar and two guards are killed in the process. Clarice is excited about going back to school. Forge encourages Paige to take the day off for her birthday. Tatiana visits Nathan again, and he makes her realise she doesn't have to do anything for him to care. Callie wishes Cessily a happy birthday. Jan and Bishop talk about their not-dating lives.

Aug 24 - Time After Time: Talking with Ben Russell, Jean has a hunch as to a solution to the genetic illness killing his wife; Scott lets the staff know Ben has been cleared by the telepaths as not a security risk but cautions them to keep an eye on Angel; Angel takes Ben to see Forge and convince him to recreate the Neutralizer; Crystal talks to Forge about his issues regarding the Neutralizer. Jan contacts Scott about rejoining the team. Xbalanque: The magistrate confronts the escapees back at the mission, but before he can arrest anyone, Julio and Doña Teresa arrive and reveal that the magistrate and his men slaughtered Doña Teresa's village twenty years before and received the were-jaguar curse himself; Julio and Duarte both transform and fight, Julio killing the magistrate before Doña Teresa returns him to his human self.

Aug 25 - Time After Time: Angel is on genius-feeding duty; Ben is nearly pulled back to his own world as the universe tries to reassert itself, but Angel somehow manages to use her powers to stop it; Forge is not impressed by the fire damage to his lab. Xbalanque: Julio awakens with no memory of the past two days and is disturbed by what Terry tells him happened; the group finally leaves, glad to forget the whole experience; Julio announces his experience on the journals upon arriving home. Karolina returns from LA, disgruntled and unhappy to be back at school; a new roommate does not make things better.

Aug 26 - Time After Time: Forge lets Angel know they're almost finished the Neutralizer, and that there may be a way to send Ben back without blowing up another star; Angel asks Shiro for help; between them, Angel and Shiro provide the power boost to send Ben on his way with the Neutralizer; Angel notifies the staff that Ben is gone. Marius returns from the West Coast Annex. Julio visits Nathan.

Aug 27 - Laurie takes Nathan his lunch and is generally snappish until Domino distracts her; Jean is worried about Laurie's stress levels and lack of ability to pace herself and tries to talk to her. Jean asks Callie to come in for her new student physical. Angelo reflects that it's been five years since he was found by Scott. Zanne and Scott break the Danger Room. Time After Time: Angel receives a message from Ben that everything worked out and she lets Forge know. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane asks Jean for a checkup, concerned about her deja vu and vague memories.

Aug 28 - Laurie talks to Cain about Sri Lanka and about being a soldier.

Aug 29 - Razor's Edge: Yvette invites Laurie, Angel and Kyle to come with her and an Elpis team to an Amnesty International conference in Kosovo. Operation: Retribution: Remy, Sarah, Marie-Ange, Wanda, Amanda and Jubilee assassinate three members of the Imperial Guard as a warning to the Indian government that incidents like Sri Lanka will not be tolerated. Adrienne is pleased to announce she's a full member of the staff.

Aug 30 - Operation: Retribution: Amanda announces her return. Catseye returns to the mansion to complete her schooling and meets a confused Callie; Kyle notices Catseye's return from her suitcase in the front hall; Catseye announces her return on the journals; when Forge fails to say hello, Catseye tracks him down and thwaps some sense into him. Amanda and Adrienne meet by the lake and talk about recent events. Adrienne visits Nathan for advice on shielding and extracts a promise for help when he's able.

Aug 31 - Jubilee announces her own return Razor's Edge: The Elpis group (and guests) arrive in Kosovo. Julio emails Amanda to ask for a magical check-up in light of his recent cursing. Marie-Ange gets back and Doug worries about her state of mind. Nathan gets a laptop in his infirmary bed.



Seven Minutes In Heaven

Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil


Time After Time

Operation: Retribution

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