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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

John Allerdyce
Portrayed by Hayden Christensen
Codename: None
Affiliations: X-Corps, Xavier Institute - graduate student
Birthdate: August 31, 1985
Journal: xp_pyro
Player: Available for Applications

Resident bad boy, John spent some months with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants before being reluctantly rescued by the X-Men and returned to the one place he has begun to acknowledge feels like home of a sort. Following the events of The Dark Phoenix Saga, he found himself living back at the mansion and still working for X-Corps.


Character Journal: xp_pyro

Real Name: St. John Allerdyce

Codename: Pyro

Aliases: John Allerdyce

First Appearance: May 8, 2003

Date of Birth: August 31, 1985

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Citizenship: US

Relatives: Father (deceased), mother, stepfather, five younger siblings

Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Westchester College - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Political Science and Philosophy) [2009], Columbia University (Department of Political Science) - M.A in Politics [2010-2012]

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: X-Corps employee

Team Affiliation: Formerly of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Formerly Elpis, X-Corps



St. John - or John, as he insists on being called - was born the eldest of five children to a working class Catholic family in Chicago. His father died shortly after the birth of John's youngest brother, leaving the family to fend for themselves. John became the 'man of the house' at a young age, caring for his siblings whilst his mother worked long hours to support them.

When John was fourteen, an accident whilst cooking dinner for his siblings resulted in a kitchen fire. Frustrated and afraid for his family, John told the fire to stop - it did. After that, he continued to practice his powers in secret, discovering that he had the ability to manipulate fire but not generate it. At the same time, he was also running with a gang of like-minded toughs. There was an incident involving a rival gang and John used his powers, resulting in a backlash from his own gang as well as the police. He was sent to Xavier's shortly after his fifteenth birthday as a condition of his parole.

Phase 1

X2 and the Brotherhood of Mutants

By the time Marie D'Ancato arrived at the school, John had been there for a year. A sullen, unfriendly sort of boy, he regardless had made some friends among the student population, namely Kitty Pryde and Bobby Drake. With Marie's arrival, that small group expanded by one, she, Bobby and John becoming a close unit; however, when Marie and Bobby started dating, John became jealous and angry, due to his own unresolved feelings for Bobby and the sense of exclusion he felt. A strong believer in using his powers to further himself, John frequently got into trouble - the incident at the museum was just one example of his increasing personality issues.

The invasion of the mansion and the betrayal of them by Bobby's younger brother, plus his 'hopeless' love for Bobby himself were the breaking points for John. Unwilling to be a target any more for what he saw as inferiors and tired of being treated like a social problem, he lashed out, first at the police that tried to capture them and then by joining Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants during the events at Alkali Lake. He maintained contact with the school via the journals and instant messaging, however, indicating that perhaps his new life wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

There was a more direct encounter with the X-Men in June 2003, when the team sent to retrieve a potential new student discovered Magneto and John already there. Later, Cyclops received intelligence that Magneto planned to use John and the new boy, Stanley in a suicide mission against a military research complex. The X-Men intervened and an unconscious John was returned to the school, much to his displeasure upon awakening.

The Prodigal Returns

Upon his return, John became something of a loner, known to the new students as the boy who'd joined Magneto willingly. His abrasive attitude and extremist politics didn't help. However, he was able to reconcile his friendship with Marie and reach an uncomfortable truce with Bobby, as well as engaging some of the new students in not-always-unfriendly debate about his beliefs. There was a brief physical relationship with Angelo Espinosa that ended as suddenly as it started. When the mansion was invaded a second time, John was knocked out in the process of controlling a fire, and Angelo was severely burned trying to rescue him. He also had something of a crush on Scott Summers, which Mystique took advantage of, while in the mansion posing as Bobby, to play with John's mind. John then developed a crush on Jean-Paul Beaubier, which was left unresolved when the teacher returned to Canada.

In July 2004, John was accepted into Westchester College, much to his surprise. He enrolled in a number of humanities subjects, including Politics, and became active in mutant-rights group on campus. College life suited John and he began to spend more and more time with his new friends there. Eventually he moved out of the suite he shared with Manuel de la Rocha to share a house with several friends in Salem Center.

The Step Forward

John returned to Xavier's again in April 2007. While pursuing a political science degree, John kept a low profile at the mansion, finding work with Elpis and helping out with various humanitarian missions with Red X.

His work with Elpis would take John around the world, from Tanzania to Guatemala, as well as being involved in various humanitarian actions in Afghanistan, Canada, Kosovo, and even at home in Westchester after a train wreck, where his powers came in useful to cleanse an area of harmful propane gas.

Although never showing interest in joining the X-Men, John could not totally avoid the chaotic and dangerous lifestyle. As part of a vacation to Las Vegas, John and his peers ran afoul of Arcade's men, and in May 2008, he was among various pyrokinetics kidnapped by Baron Zemo to fuel his Thermal Gigantinator.

John has led a somewhat quiet social life since returning to the mansion, rooming with Angelo Espinosa, but has been a subtle catalyst in various Prom Drama, including taking Angelica Jones to her Prom as a platonic date in 2009, a night that eventually degraded into teen relationship drama.

Growing Pains

In early February 2010, John moved out of the mansion to live in the city, renting a two bedroom loft apartment with Angelo Espinosa. He lived the playboy life, having assignations with Jay Guthrie and his long-time crush, Jean-Paul Beaubier and flirting with Amara Aquilla. Then, after being summoned back home by his stepfather to celebrate his mother's birthday, John ended up losing his temper with his stepfather and ultimately revealed the secret kept by his mother: that of John being a mutant. A heated fight between the two men resulted in John being kicked out of the house and then disowned by his mother. Angelo came to the the rescue, but not after John had smashed his stepfather's car with a baseball bat and wound up with a broken nose.

With the offer of help and funding from Nathan Dayspring and an agreement to continue his work with Elpis, John decided to pursue his graduate education at Columbia University's Department of Political Science, enrolling in the two year Master's program beginning in August 2010. His work required him to regularly travel, often to third-world locations, something he proved to be good at despite picking up the odd obscure bug and being a total baby. In April 2010 John went to the India/Pakistan border with the rest of Elpis and found himself working with Jean-Paul to repair a railway line destroyed by the Imperial Guard to stop the transport of Pakistan refugees.

His living situation with Angelo often resembled a sit-com on the journals, with John doing his best to torment his easy-going roomie. Angelo, for his part, ignored most of John's quirks, although a guaranteed way to piss him off was to mess with his car. When John complained of having the urge to blow things up after a long stint of not using his powers, Angelo went as far a to buy him a used car lot, solely for his destructive needs.

2011 has seen John start dating Amara. It is an odd match, the obnoxious firebug and the quiet, restrained Nova Roman, but it works.


2012 was a year of changes. It started with a group of Xavierites and Xavier associates (including Angelo) being kidnapped from a rally at the Genoshan embassy. John joined a rescue team in Genosha to save them, and when the rescue fell apart he escaped with a few others into the Genoshan wilderness, where they worked together to plan their next move. They managed to to escape, but the consequences of the conflict followed them home when Angelo was fired from Elpis for being a terrorist. John, along with most of the other Xavier workers, followed Angelo out, and joined his roommate when he, with the help of Charles Xavier, created X-Corps. The team had its first mission in October 2012, investigating the disappearance of mutant children, which went about as well as could expected, though it did end with Angelo almost being burned alive.

For the most part, John's life continued to be quiet. Amara left for Nova Roma in March 2014, which was the end of their relationship, but other than that small blip all was mostly good.

The End of The World

January 2015 came with more changes. It started when John went to Muir Island, where he and Marius Laverne witnessed the Brotherhood of Mutants invading. Both were injured in the attack and transferred back to the mansion med lab to recover. Following the destruction of the mansion by an alternate version of Jean Grey known as the Dark Phoenix, he set out with the other injured mutants to try and rescue survivors out of the rubble. When the Dark Phoenix's meddling with reality caused it to fracture and Xorn created another world for everyone, he woke up on the lawn of the mansion in the new universe with the other survivors.

Phase 2

Navigating the new world

John went mostly quiet for the first part of 2015, trying to readjust in the new world. X-Corps going defunct and leaving him with nothing to do, he mostly flew under the radar. He finally resurfaced in July to try and begin dealing with mansion life. In October, he made a trip to his cabin in the woods but returned shortly after, then headed to Chicago in July of 2016 to spend time with family. He eventually returned, and in May 2017 asked other residents for some help in rebuilding his cabin, which had accidentally burned down.

In May 2018 New York caught on fire, and John worked with Johnny and Angel in concert with Bobby, Ty, and Clea to successfully control them. He went quiet again after that, finally revealing in late 2019 that he'd forgotten his password and been locked out of the journaling system. Password restored, he started occasionally posting again. 2020 was quiet until the end of the year, when John teamed up with Blink to contain Other Topaz's shadow creatures in Time Stand Still. In May of 2021 Sooraya announced that John had left to work with various past X-Corps projects, and that he could be reached through her or Angelo.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 1½"

Weight: 164 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Tribal tattoo on right arm.


John is a pyrokinetic. However, he is unusual in that he is unable to generate fire, merely control and manipulate its size and intensity, enabling it to take on any form that he can imagine. To this end, he carries with him a means of creating fire at all times. John's control over his powers is very good, but his anger management issues tend to result in him losing that control when angry. During his time with Magneto, he learned more destructive applications.


Old-fashioned silver Zippo lighter that he carries everywhere and frequently fiddles with.



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Player: Available for Applications


Player Icon Base: Hayden Christensen

Meta Trivia

John was first played by David, then temporarily socked by Rossi and was picked up by Da'mien in March 2007. His PB was Aaron Stanford from the X-Men movie until it was changed in 2010 to Hayden Christensen. After many years playing John, Da'mien left X-Project in April 2021.