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Raven Darkholme - Modsock
Portrayed by Rebecca Romijn
Known Aliases: Mystique
Affiliations: Brotherhood of Mutants
Socked By: Erin** - all logs must be cleared by the mods before posting.
Introduction: X-Men

A shapeshifter, Mystique delights in using her powers to psychologically torment people, as well as inflict physical pain.


Name: Raven Darkholme.

Aliases: Mystique

Affiliation: Brotherhood of Mutants

First appearance: X-Men

Family: Kurt Wagner (son); Marie D'Ancato (daughter)


Mystique's background, her true name, and even her age are a mystery. It is known that in the mid-seventies, she became pregnant and left her son with a Romani clan by the name of Szardos. It has also come to light through Irene Adler's diaries that Mystique has fathered another X-Man - Rogue.

A firm believer in Magneto's ideology, it has been presumed that at some point in her life Mystique had an encounter or series of encounters that motivated her undying contempt and hatred for homo sapiens. The nature of these encounters, like the rest of her history and even her "human" name, remain unknown. It is believed that she may have attended the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters during its early years, posing as a teenaged mutant, who then left with Erik after his falling-out with Charles Xavier. She became a founding member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and associated at times with at least two of his children, although not in her natural shape.

Phase 1

On many occasions, Mystique has used her powers of shapeshifting for the benefit of Magneto and the Brotherhood, but her power coupled with a devious mind and intractable feminine wiles are her greatest asset. On numerous occasions, including breaking Magneto out of prison, she has relied on subtlety and seduction instead of violence and intimidation.

Since he became aware of their relationship, there have been several meetings with her son, Kurt, over the years. Kurt, believing that there had to be some kind of underlying good in his mother has sought her out, the first time travelling with her in secret, while neither revealed the other's presence to their teammates. In another incident, when Kurt saved her from a hit and run and was taken by Magneto, it seems she leaked the information that would result in him being rescued, muddying her motivations.

When she next resurfaced, she seemed to have overplayed her hand, however. Her attempt to manipulate Kurt into kidnapping the child of an anti-mutant politician failed and resulted in Kurt making the decision to cut her off entirely. In subsequent confrontations, Mystique has chosen to retreat rather than injure her son.

During the attack on Muir, Mystique found herself confronted by her daughter, Rogue, for the first time and the two fought a pitched battle, with Mystique choosing to retreat in the end. She is presumed to have survived the destruction of Muir Island.

Phase 2

In August 2015, Mystique resurfaced, involved in a scheme to lure Lorna Dane back to her father by abducting her boyfriend Alex Summers. More recently (2018), the Brotherhood were involved in a number of attacks on blood banks and research hospitals following a ban on mutant donations. Strangely, Magneto was not seen during these attacks, which appeared to be led instead by Mystique instead.

Then in 2021 the Brotherhood struck again, this time attacking a DARPA research facility. The X-Men were requested to assist by SHIELD as the Avengers were unable to attend. The engagement went badly for the X-Men, with Mystique defeating her son, Nightcrawler. When the two groups faced each other again in January 2022, Mystique escaped with the majority of the Brotherhood using Zero's teleporting ability.


Mystique is a shapeshifter with complete control over her physical form. She can adopt any humanoid form, complete with perfect physical, behavioral, and vocal mimcry that has fooled experts. She does, however, retain her own smell which can be discerned by those with enhanced senses. Although her mind and thoughts remain her own when she mimics someone, she has had training in fooling telepaths, and this skill makes her possibly the most effective impersonator on the planet.

Mystique's shapeshifting allows her a very limited healing factor, although she has been known to retain scars from former severe injuries, such as when Wolverine stabbed her. Whether this is a natural phenomenon or simply force of habit is unknown.


Phase 1


X-Men Mission: Lowenstein

Hand Me Down (flashback only)

With Malice Aforethought

Publish or Perish

Mommy Dearest Redux

The Gates

X-Men Mission: The Rose


Thirteen Days

X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith

Third Strike

Scorpion and Fox

Tropic of Capricorn

A Touch Of Brimstone

Phase 2

The Caged Bird

X-Men Mission: Type X Negative

X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel

Exorcism Robotica


Socked by: Erin - all logs must be cleared by the mods before posting.

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PB: Rebecca Romijn