Publish or Perish

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Publish or Perish
Dates run: June 13th, 2006
Run By: Nute
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"What do you want?" he managed to ask in a level voice.

There was a wet-sounding snort, and the eyebrows of the face shot up over the sunglasses, as if the person behind the image inducer was surprised. Or scared. "Just to thank you for writing this book..." he hissed, in a low whisper. "And to warn you. He doesn't like traitors, John Henry Forge."

Forge's biography of Magneto is published, and two members of the Brotherhood of Mutants decide to pay a visit to the book signing.


PCS: Forge, Nathan, Kyle, Jennie, Lorna

NPCs: Mystique, Toad


June 13th, 2006

Plot Summary

When Forge's book, Polarity: the biography of Erik Lehnsherr is released, his publisher arranges a book signing at a local bookstore in New York City. Lorna, Nathan, Jennie, and Kyle all come along for moral support.

The event is boring and repetitive until Toad, disguised with an image inducer, shows up to quietly taunt Forge. Kyle, recognizing Toad's smell and body language, informs Nathan, and the two X-Men present steady themselves for action.

Rather than resort to violence, however, Forge manages to talk Toad into leaving without incident, then signs a book and hands it to a disguised Mystique, who had been watching from the sidelines. After the Brotherhood members depart, Forge finishes the book signing, then proceeds to have a small quiet breakdown.

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This plot takes place before The Rictor Effect, after which sales of Forge's book plummet drastically, and many bookstore chains refuse to carry it.


Plotrunner: Nute